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The Black Family

The family of Mr and Mrs Jones was in the average way of life having an only girl child named Tessy (Theresa Jones).

They were from the Christian background though her father was a traditional Christian.

Tessy grew up in the nurturing and training of the LORD with the zeal for GOD and also a clever child.

Whenever she goes to church for example been in children's church tends to be the first to stand up opens and reads the Bible before any child does.

Her ambition was to either be a doctor or lawyer in future.

As time went on she finished her secondary education wonderfully.

She proceeded to apply into the university to study law as a degree.

Meanwhile her dad tends to run a dry cleaning business and her mum owns a school both respectively both in the town.

Mr Albert Jones was not pleased with his family instead advises Mrs Felicia Jones to give up her career as the headmistress and at the same time owner of the school based on nursery and primary classes being the fact that the area allocated of the school was well-developed and distinct.

So one day Mr Jones having threatened Mrs Jones that fateful day obliged and quit.

Things began to fall apart then one day Mrs Jones decided to leave the house with Tessy as well as taking their luggages though Mrs Felicia friend had already agreed to take them both in having heard all that has transpired between her and the husband.

Tessy not willing to lose faith in GOD had an opportunity to learn some skills in various specializations like catering, soap-making, perfumery etc took this upon herself with encouragement to start-up something no money was forth coming even a little capital to begin.

GOD made a way later on for her to get admission into the university and she studied law having passion for it.

As time passed by, she excellently cleared all her papers and graduated with a first class upper.

Afterwards she also got scholarship to travel abroad for her masters.

There in the university she met a white guy who took interest in her.

The White Family

In this family, meet Mr and Mrs Thompson,and their children Becky(Rebekah) and Harry Thompson.

In the nick of time, Becky and Harry grew up gracefully.

Becky, was an accountant while Harry was an engineer.

Mr Greg Thompson was a business man who deals in property management and a minister of GOD.

Mrs Catherine Thompson was a fashion designer as well a minister of GOD too.

They both run a ministry together and their children followed by example as I. showing it in their lifestyle.

The family is being known especially for their philanthropic demeanor in both families, church, businesses and wherever they go, influencing lives.

Their daughter Becky was engaged to a minister in their church, she was in charge of the youth church, both were young people fervent in the LORD though he was from the black race.

Becky also help in assisting the children's church.

Harry being the younger one also helped in the teenage and youth church, he was very good in organizing programs for the teenagers and youths.

He was happy to have found Tessy who was devoted in the choir as a minister of GOD.

She sings beautifully whenever the opportunity arises mostly in special number list.

So, Tessy doing part-time course for her masters that is studying and working.

She determined within herself to start composing songs because she had passion for it and depends on the HOLYGHOST for guidance.

Later on, they both fixed a date for their wedding, when the day came both were do excited as well as both families and friends who attended.

It was a remarkable day indeed definitely from the church service to the reception service-What an exhilarating experience!


After some months rolled, Tessy was found to have a set of twins being confirmed by the (family's) doctor, for both of them visited the hospital, that is Harry and her(Tessy) together . Immediately, their respective families were informed-Their joy knew no bound.

So they prayed continually(Tessy and Harry Thompson) as well as their parents, even till the day she put to birth-She delivered her babies gracefully. The couple was overwhelmed with joy. The family of both of them being around, were glad too as informed.

They came over to see the babies as well as how their mother was doing and the father being with them. One after the other they each carried the babies, rocked them carefully and gave to them back to their mother.

She smiled and waved at them as they went back home while the babies' father stayed back to look after them(his wife and children).

However, the couple's respective families did keep in touch with them. They tried to make sure both of them (the couple) were comfortable, providing support, praying always for their well being and that of the children.

Harry and Tessy did not relent their efforts of the place of prayer as well. Encouraging themselves in the LORD even pray-reading of scriptures.

The babies were well taken care of(nurtured), in the way of the LORD.

They were identical twins-Both female, called Victoria and Helena.

These two lovelies seems inseparable, they both had a loving nature as tender.

The couple's friends from church, place of work/business reached out to them via phone calls, texts were placed through-They were so happy for them as they expressed their feelings.

Some of them came by to visit them, demonstrated affection, showered them with gifts. It was so appealing!

As time passed by, the children growing, were taken to church and school, training them In a Godly & moral way so they be GOD's Ambassadors. Their dad & mum will often talk to them in unison that 'You're going to be Ambassadors of GOD'!

The twin girls would nod their heads in unison.

Both of them(the twins) had their virtues exercised by the LORD, they were obedient, humble, kind-hearted, brilliant, wise, bold at heart, their beautiful countenance is not an exception too.

All things being equal for both of them, even time and chance. They helped each other as best friends. If find in a situation, one way or the other they would in turn find themselves out.

People find them to be emulative even for other children as they behave,well-mannered and comportive.

Their parents were happy for them as they got to see or know if them either a scenario that took place or be informed.

Victoria had a keen interest in the music aspect while Helena's was the writing aspect, as observed their parents.

And so they had them coached that is their parents as they could, one after the other of their time taught them especially their father how to play the piano, whereas their mother taught Helena especially who was keen on writing.

Helena developed interest also in music as Victoria to some extent, but did not play with her writing.

Victoria was interested too in writing tho not to the extent of Helena's.

In time, they admired, tried to support each other, moreover their parents were carried along.

Their family was a moral standard by example-In word, conversation, act, behaviour.

Years on, The twin girls improved of their lifestyle exemplary, growing, when they were either at home, church, school, wherever they be.

Victoria composed her first song as Victoria composed her first write-up. Wow! Incredible!

Harry and Tessy were joyous.

Becky, Harry's sister later got married to a minister from the church though not early enough as her brother. And was informed after some time too that she was found to be with a child. When the time came she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

The two families were joyous again on hearing the news.

Becky's family and that of Tessy's visited them, offered their support as they keep in touch with them. Their friends were also gladdened, sent them their affection even gave them gifts as well.

Becky's husband name was Thierry Peterson. And their baby's name Richard Peterson.

As both parents were ministers, they prayed, pray-read the Bible together, nurturing their child in the way of the LORD.

Richard was observed by his parents that he loved to sing, dance even with an instrument, especially, trained to play the guitar.

As time went by, Richard grew to be a child that feared GOD, humble, obedient, yielded only to the things of GOD, exemplary and courageous.

Being at home, school, church, wherever he is, He behaves as a child worthy of emulation.

He had interest in other areas aside music, like sports, computer technology etc.

He was intelligent, humourous, friendly.

That is particularly, In music, He sings, dances with his guitar when necessary, as well teaching others. In sports, when he participates, he kind of will emerge as a winner, gifted. In computer technology, He tries to develop softwares (network, game).

His parents always rejoice.

The two families (Black and White) had connection(Divine), then a captivating thing here of this story is that each character has a connection(Divine) which breeds 'memories'.

To cut the story, The LORD gives us 'connection'(His Divine). As He wills. May will not miss His Divine 'connection'. that help us inhibit 'memories'. Amen.

Greetings from Nigeria!


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