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I also love you sweet heart” Tonuj whispered before disconnecting the line. He felt the urgent need of smoking to release his tension. Alone in darkness, he sat for hours. Then suddenly he decided “enough is enough, I cannot lie forever”. He felt relaxed. He thought “Tomorrow I will disclose my real situation to Neha. I have to be brave”. But the very thought of revealing the truth made him shiver even on that summary night. Tonuj almost cried aloud, “Oh God, give me strength, please save me this time. I promise, I will never make such mistake again in my whole life”.

After many years he seemed to rely totally on the power of God.

Tonuj cursed the day when he was diverted from his path. He was such a happy person. How could he fall into such miserable situation? But now he cannot undo things that he dared to indulge in. He feels like slapping himself for such condition, but a few months ago Tonuj felt like a superhero.

Tonuj still remembers his first meeting with Neha. That moment still brings smile to his face. Tonuj went to Bangalore to attend a conference. He met, many of his old friends. He felt younger. Everyone praised him for maintaining his figure. His friend Mrinal especially teased him “Hey Tonuj, still maintaining the killer look! Commendable yaar. But only the figure or the mind?”

Tonuj laughed. As he knows Mrinal indicated his college days. Tonuj felt so light. After many years of monotony he again felt like college boy. He was just flooting. Maybe that night his raw of two pegs crossed the limit. Life seemed to be full of colours. The regular routine had killed the charm of life in his small town. He was in a new place and his mind started flying.

Mrinal took him to a corner and showed him the girl with blue attire. “Hey partner, look at that pretty thing. She seems to be interested in you!”

Shut up yaar” Tonuj did not pay much attention. But, he glanced at the beautiful girl. “Wow! Really pretty”. His voice reflected his thoughts. That evening he couldn’t hide his admiration for the girl as his eyes betrayed him and he found himself looking at her continuously.

Next few days passed with lots of enthusiasm. That girl was smart enough to introduce herself to him. During the stay that girl paid extra attention to Tonuj. Without knowing Tonuj found himself to be drawn by her presence in his life. He wanted to live everymoment of this newly found excitement. He smiled a lot, cracked a lot of jokes and sang his favourite songs after a long time. Life seemed so full of thrills. His friends teased him a lot.

Aare yaar, you are still charming to girls.” Niraj acted jealous. Tonuj felt proud.

“Why not? Do you think I have because dull?”

Honestly yaar, tell us the secret’. Though Tonuj tried to act natural, he couldn’t hide his pride. Without thinking deeply Tonuj spent most of his time with Neha. They became close enough to discuss every topic with each other. But Neha didn’t show any interest in Tonuj’s personal life. Tonuj also didn’t want to discuss his personal life with her. They enjoyed every moment of togetherness and paid no attention to the rest of the world. Sometimes Neha asked him. “Tonuj da, why don’t you shift to Bangalore?”

Why Neha? I am happy in my present condition. Why should I shift?”

Then, we will be always together”. Tonuj just laughed. But he felt happy. One month in her company made his trip memorable and full of fun. Without knowing they became closer and started sharing emotions. Tonuj didn’t want to become serious and when the parting time came he wasn’t sure what made him feel so restless. But Neha couldn’t hide her emotions and she made Tonuj promise that they would always be in touch.

Tonuj reached his place and life was different. He tried to forget everything. “After all man can make mistakes” he assured himself. “Everyone has the right to enjoy some moments of his life.”

But Neha kept calling. She couldn’t take things easily. She never thought that Tonuj would forget her so fast. His promise has made her believe in him. Tonuj now feels trapped. Here, Megha has become suspicious and there, Neha seems too curious to know every detail of his daily life.

Tonuj has started to avoid Neha’s calls.

Tonuj keeps telling himself that everything will be normal. Neha will surely forget him after a few months. He loves his wife Megha very much and his daughter is his life. Neha never asked him about his family and he also didn’t mention about his wife and daughter. Of course he thought Neha was a modern city girl who wanted to spend some carefree days with an attractive guy. He now feels guilty for Megha. But his intention was not to have a relationship with Neha. He only wanted to spend some nice time with her. Megha has started enquiring about the frequent calls to his mobile. His daughter is also complaining about his absent minded nature. And above all Neha’s day and night emotional outbursts.  Oh, hell! Life has become so unbearable,” Tonuj sighs.

Tonuj curses himself. Now if he tells the truth, Neha will do something drastic ….. So unpredictable that girl is!. And if he continues this way, his family life will be shattered. “Oh! God, help me” Tonuj has become the victim of his own enjoyment.

Tonuj has decided “enough is enough! I can’t take risk anymore,” He changed his sim card and smiled. “At last, I have taken a wise decision”. He consoled himself.

Tonuj feels relaxed. Last three days have gone without any tension. He has promised to himself that he will never act so carelessly again in his life. He has planned a holiday trip for Megha.

Tonuj feels relieved. He has planned that on this anniversary, he will give his wife a lovely gift. “My God, life can make you do so many nasty things.” Tonuj feels pain for the girl, but what can he do?

He suddenly remembers that he has to go home early. Today his wife Megha’s cousin will come to their house for the first time. He hasn’t met this cousin of Megha and Megha is very much thrilled for her visit. “Tanu, please be early, otherwise I will be very much hurt.”

 Tonuj has left his office whistling. After many days his mood is normal now. He has gone to the market and brought a fresh bunch of roses to welcome Megha’s cousin. Megha will be so happy.

Tonuj had reached home and heard the giggles of ladies. He smiled and opened the door. Megha shouted with happiness “Oh my God, You have come. Meet my lovely sister.”

Tonuj’s jaws dropped and his smile vanished as he extended his hand to welcome his wife’s cousin.

Oh! I am Neha.”

The girl offered her hand and looked deep into his eyes.

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