Where Is Victor? Photo of Victor.

Maureen H. Barnes

© Copyright 2000 by Maureen H. Barnes
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A True Story.

As a kitten, he was saved from the pound, taken home and lovingly named Victor. The house was his to explore from the master bedroom to the best seat in the living room - the one in front of the television. He was a house cat, never to go outside.

One day the front door was accidentally left open. Did Victor depart to explore the great outdoors?

For hours the house was in an uproar. Closets were emptied, cabinets thrown open, furniture moved around, every member of the family questioned. Nowhere was he to be found.

Noticably his favorite spot in the center of the bed remained empty. Was Victor history?

Everyone was sad but life goes on. There was laundry to do, groceries to put away and lunch to be prepared.

When the refrigerator was opened, the unexpected happened. With ears straight in the air and frost on his whiskers, Victor jumped out of the refrigerator to land on all four feet. Cocking his head to show he meant business, Victor sarcastically meowed as if to say, "What took you so long?"

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