The Story of Crazy Antler

Mason Sickle


Copyright 2018 by Mason Sickle


Photo of a deer with uneven antlers.

Their once was a boy named Mason, who loved to hunt. He was brought into this world with a bunch of land that will hold his dreams. Mason was a frequent hunter that would go after anything that was in season.

He had a very active grandpa that was very supportive of anything Mason wanted to do. He would help him get his first in everything from a duck to his record deer. The first time he saw his record deer was when he was 15. His grandpa set out game cameras one night and mason before school went to check out the camera. He was anticipating the season for 9 months for the chance to find a bigger deer than the year before.

His family which was full of hunters had competitions on who could get the biggest deer and Mason had never even gotten close to winning, but the future was different. He saw the deer which still was pretty small and wasn’t classified as a, “shooter”. Mason did notice that the deer had a smaller left side rack, but he didn’t think much about it and didn’t really give it any thought.

Mason went through that year and was very active with hunting and saw Crazy antler a couple of times while sitting in his stand and passed him every time.

A week later he shot a decent buck, but once again his deer was nothing compared to his uncle's giants. Another year went by and once again his grandpa had set trail cameras out in the same spot as last year. Mason went to the cameras and found a ton of nice bucks but there was no sign of crazy antler.

He was really concerned when after two weeks of hunting he had not seen what crazy antler looked like. He hunted twenty-four seven and spent a lot of time trying to make the best environmental for the future deer which was fueled by Crazy antler.

Mason was frantic about the fate of one of his biggest possessions and set game cameras everywhere and asking people if they have seen his specific smaller antler. As a result of asking everyone, the word spread throughout the area like nothing and soon the whole county was aware of a deer that had seemingly disappeared.

Mason was worried that his dear was dead or was already on someone’s wall. The hunting season went on and there was no sign. Mason noticed that all the surrounding areas that had never been hunted. were all taken up with new hunters that he had never seen before.

One morning after he was done hunting, he met one of the new hunters on their way out. He asked why he was hunting the new land and the man said that he had heard of a deer that had a massive right side and a small left side that had been seen around this area.

This made mason a little angry and made his confidence which was sky high drop to the ground, really hard. After a week mason stopped hunting.

He focused on school because this was his senior year and he was a star basketball player looking to get a scholarship. His season went great with him getting a full ride to Duke university.

The decision he made was very hard and meant that he was going to have to leave his grandpas deer filled land to pursue his dreams of becoming a NBA player. Mason played two years of college at Duke and played amazing and was arguably the best player in the nation and led Duke to a national championship.

He was drafted second to the falling Cavaliers who had just lost LeBron James in free agency once again. The season started and they played the Timberwolves in Minnesota, which was Mason home state and it was a coincidence because deer season had just started.

The Cavs lost and Mason was really down. He took an Uber From Minneapolis to his grandpa's farm. He got up in the morning and went straight to the stand. Mason was so tired after the long haul and waking up so early in the morning that he fell asleep in the stand. He dreamt about Crazy antler and him just running right to the middle of the field in range.

He was awoken to the sound of twigs snapping and brush moving as a blur of brown and grey wizzed past him into the field. Mason was so tired that he was still trying to comprehend what was going on and what had just happened.

He just sat there with his blurry vision staring right at his dream deer Crazy Antler. It took Mason just a couple of seconds to finally regain his vision and see the huge deer that was a mystery. He raised his gun at the old deer that had eluded him for so long.

While he was lining up at the deer he had a ton of flashbacks about the old pictures and struggle that led him to this point right here, right now. Finger on the trigger sight at the chest, he pulled the trigger and just as he did Crazy Antler gave Mason a look just before he dropped to his grave right where he stood.

Mason was ecstatic and shouted while he kept his eye on the downed deer. He calmly walked up to the deer with respect and finally got to touch the antlers that had drove him crazy for the past 4 years of his life.

Crazy Antler was Drastically bigger than the last time he was seen. In that field when he was very young. Mason called everyone and they took the record deer and Mason decided to mount Crazy Antler.

The hunt finally ended and Mason was recognized as not only a star basketball player but an amazing hunter that brought down one of the biggest.  

Mason went on his hall of fame NBA career but during the off-season was a hunter guide on tv as he traveled the world in search of another great big animal.

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