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For Marlene Barth

A Man To Remember
    Moved from Tampa, Florida in 2002 to settle back in Atlanta, GA, closer to our children.  Have been taking writing lessons in spare time since retirement.  Mother, age 93 lives with us now and a lot of my time is driving her to doctors, hair appointments, art classes and the Senior Center.  She is 93 going on
16 and must be on the go almost constantly.  She will outlive the entire family I believe.
    I find that if I don't write something each day, I no longer feel fulfilled. I have our house together, and have planted in every space available in the yard.  The birds, chipmunks and squirrels are happy and my cats are happy watching the wildlife. With cooler weather upon us I can finally sit at my computer.  I can turn on the wheels of the brain, let the fingers fly across the keys - and feel a bit smug and also happy.  I may not ever win anything, but I am enjoying life.

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