Story List For Margie Hofman

War Child - 1940
The Story Of Michael Trotobas
An Amazing Weekend In France
A Peaceful Week End
Sunday Afternoon Ride
Christmas In Cologne
History In The High Street
Trip To Arnhem: 59th Anniversary
Canterbury Tales
He Has Gone
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
The Liberation of France
Ghostly Figures
Back from Berlin
My Aunty
The Dutch Aunty

Margie Hofman worked for 26 years for BBC documentary features, mostly historical programmes, but also with programmes on the political scene. She lived in West London and was chairman of a residents' association, writing letters to local government and also producing a magazine once a month.

Life always seems to throw the unexpected at her, including an active ghost in the London house that moved all the photographs in the hall, and a happy meeting with Carol Thatcher (Yes Margaret's daughter) when Margie worked for her for a short while. 

Margaret currently works for a charity called SSAFA, Soldiers Sailors Airforce Family Association.  They work to help veterans.

Margie was married to Hank (a Dutchman) for 40 years. They had two children who now live in Germany.  She is retired and lives in Canterbury, Kent, a most beautiful area of England. 

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