Night Hunter

Lois Armstrong

© Copyright 2004 by Lois Armstrong

Drawing of a pyramid with a treasure inside.  (c) 1997 by Richard Loller.

 He had been out hunting. It had been a long winter,even fish was hard to get to after the river froze over. His feet was cold and it was hard for him to walk in spite of all the clothes he had on, the winter chill ate at him.

 He saw a Deer once and tried to chase it down but fell down a small hill on to frozen ice. He laid there watching the Deer pick his way through the trees. If he could just track him down. He got up on his feet and climbed up the hill. The snow must have been three feet deep. He got to the top ,looked for the Deer's prints. He finally found them and started to follow them. It went deeper into the woods and when he did see it, he saw that she had a baby standing by her side, He stopped, Yeah he was hungry but not that hungry.

 Now he had to re-track back toward where he lived. Soon it would be daylight, and he had to be under cover before the sun came up.One more night without food. He thought about it. The pain in his belly told him it was getting dangerous. That soon he would have to get food or he be too week to travel far to hunt for it.

 He smelled smoke, a cabin? He turned his direction and followed the smell. Soon up ahead he saw a fire, as he got closer he saw an old man with a blanket around his shoulder's. The smell of coffee mixed with the fire smoke filled his lungs. The old man smiled as he approached him. " Sit down, Mister. I got coffee and beans. " He started to fill a plate for him, as he sat down, the old man gave it to him. He looked at it then at the old man." Thank you." he said. " Nice to have company." The old man said. He put the plate down," Then I hope you will forgive me."

 As the sun rose in the sky, he slept in his place of safety. His stomach didn't cramp anymore. He would be all right, until the next night.

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