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            Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash
Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

Weber had just arrived back at his 13th floor condo. Indeed, it was nearly the size of the whole roof. He didn’t need the space because he restricted visitors and seldom had them. He had ridden up in his own elevator that required facial recognition to get it open on the main floor. He was so paranoid that when he placed his head at the small window, he had to wait at least five seconds and then push his tongue out and the door would open.

He headed for his relaxing chair that he had paid $25000 for. It had twenty-seven programs from head to foot. It was built so that most of it wrapped around him and he could choose a program. This time he turned on what he called his foot scroller and it ran a device up and down the sole of his feet and vibrated the tiredness away,

His telephone rang advising him that someone who had his hidden number was at the bottom of the elevator. He reached for the phone and found that it was Russel Osborne, a Police Sargent from the Homicide division. He pressed a button and the elevator went down to pick him up. Russel was a long time associate and friend over some twenty years. They met when Weber began to be a consultant to the division.

At the knock on the door, he pressed another button and Osborne walked in.

Russel, what’s up?”

Osborne found a chair to sit in and gave a huge sigh. “Things are not up just now. I am working on a rape case and just finished setting up a line of suspects for the victim to view.”

Weber said nothing.

Osborne, waited a few moments, wiping his brow, stating that the line up had not worked. “The victim viewed each individual twice and announced that it was number five.?


Well ---- number five was a staff member of our division. He did look like the suspect that I had in mind but she was certain it was number five.”

Line ups are far from accurate at most times and when I set one up, I attempt to know who every suspect is and where he came from. Now, to choose a cop that looked like someone else is not unusual.”

Russel advised that he was going to try again but leave the cop out and change most of the suspects.”

That’s about all you can do and led the victim into another method of identification.”

Osborne asked, “What would you do?”

Weber paused, “Is this a consultation or just talking?”

Just talking I guess, because I’m not approved to hire you. Three hundred dollars an hour, my Loo says it’s too expensive just now.”

Just talk then, and I will listen.”

Osborne did not reply for a few minutes. He appeared to be studying his answer but couldn’t bring it to the surface. Finally, he stood, “I can’t seem to come up with a plan.” And he turned to leave. He stopped at the door and asked, “I’m sorry, I didn’t ask if you are finished with the court case you were involved the last thirty days?”

Weber turned his office chair o face Osborne and replied, “I’m finished with the court proceeding but may have some problem with a couple of jerks.”


There were those who had not been charged and did not have to appear in court, but they gave me their definite opinion that they would get even with me. I have decided that I’ll carry a gun for a few days and see if they show up.”

Call me if you need help,” Osborne offered.

Weber shook his head affirmatively.

Weber went back to his special chair to relax for a half hour. He arose and commenced sorting his clothes that he had worn a number of times while he was away. It was a late dinner time and he changed into casual clothes, called the elevator and dropped to the main floor.

His favorite restaurant of Italian food was a short walk to the west. As he attempted to walk up the few steps, he found a man had moved to block his progress. He was very tall and appeared in excellent physical condition. The skin tight black T shirt exhibited his large arms and hands. He moved his body so that he was facing Weber face to face and brought what looked like a hunting knife with a five-inch shiny blade. He held it a t hip level with the blade up obviously planning to bring it up to Weber’s heart and delicate organs. He took a half step closer to Weber.

I can handle guns but knives are more dangerous this close.

It presented no use to run, there was nowhere to go so Weber lifted his right leg and centred the kick in the guy’s balls. At precisely that Weber’s foot reached his adversary’s Weber received a stab in the leg just above the ankle. Weber fell back with the knife still in his leg and fell down the steps to a hard fall on the street. Gasping with pain he reached for the knife but it was imbedded and he knew he could not remove it. He grasped his cell from his back pocket and called 911. The attacker laid on the ground in a fetal position and groaning.

In the hospital, Weber was being examined by a doctor who said he was a surgeon and would remove the knife and see what problems had resulted. An x-ray revealed that one or more of the ankle tendons had been severed. Weber was moved to the operating room and his leg was frozen and the surgeon commenced opening the side of his ankle and started to repair the damage.

When the doctor was finished, he told Weber that he had to sew a portion of two tendons and they would eventually heal. In the meantime, he said that Weber had to stay off his leg for at least a week. After that, in order to detail his activities, crutches would have to be used, until the healing allowed for only one crutch and proceed to a cane.

Healing and recovery did not sit well with Weber. He was impatient and generally in an angry mood.

At last, he was able to move about with a cane. It steadied his balance and he could lean his weight on his right side. The cane had four legs on the bottom reaching out in small chrome pipes. He even drove when he had a long distance to travel. That felt much better.

He entered his elevator and moved down to the main floor. He stood for a few seconds and viewed his surroundings and moved to his right. A man in an expensive dark blue suit and orange colored tie in his brilliant white shirt blocked Weber. The guy brought his right hand forward with a jerk and small gun appeared in his hand.

And her I am with only a cane do defend myself. No use running so I will attack.

He looked into the facial identification and stuck his tongue out. Automatically, the elevator door opened. His attacker turned his head slightly and like all human behavior, he expected some one to come out. Weber estimated that gave him 6.4 seconds to defend himself. It left .4 of a second after Weber adjusted his hand on the cane and struck the other on the side of his head. Two of the small pipes bent one broke and collided with the temple. The fourth slid by his temple bone and jammed into his left eye. The cane shaft gave a good solid landing that should put him out. The gun threw out of his hand and he screamed pain as the shaft entered his eye and bust the eyeball. He reached up to his protect his eye but it was no longer there. He fell to his knees and keeled over unconscious with remnants of his eye and blood flowing down his face.

Weber spoke out loud to no one in particular, “I suspect he will have trouble seeing what happened to him when he wakes up.”

Someone else can call 911.

Weber offered his statements of the two attacks that he had endured to Osborne, who asked if he wanted to file attempted murder charges against them.

I’ll follow the advice of my lawyer. Probably, I’ll just leave the second one as is, because he will suffer for the rest of his life.

When Weber returned to his condo he recorded what evidence and recommendations he made at the court case, he had just finished. Plus protecting himself too.

He compartmentalized the information on his computer and placed the bundle in a hard cased brief case with the name and his own numbering system on the outside. That was placed in his “safe” room just off his bedroom. It had an electric lock and he was the only one who knew the combination. The same information was deleted from his computer.

During the two or three weeks during which Weber recovered, he had heard from Osborne a few times, a couple of telephone calls and a few texts. He informed Weber that he had been successful determining the rapist with the help of the victim and that person would be charged and in court in three weeks.

Later he checked his messages and there was a text from Osborne that indicated it was urgent to talk with Weber face to face.

Weber replied, come on up.

He watched for Osborne to arrive at his elevator and pressed the button that brought him to the condo.

Weber provided the usual comfortable chairs that faced each other and waited for Osborne to tell his story.

The Lieu has decided to hire a criminologist instead of you in relation to a recent murder here in Los Angelus.. A friend looked up her background and told me she is thirty-six and has been in business for about seven years. In those years, she has been quite successful. The employment cost is considerably lower than yours.

I also asked my friend to look up your background but he couldn’t find anything. Nothing.”

Weber advised “That only two possibly three higher levels knew his background and were quite satisfied.”

Osborne sat for few moments absorbing this information and said, “It is spread amongst certain members of staff that I work with that you have your own method of justice but it has never been proven.”

Let’s leave it at that and advise your friends not to deliver opinions of that nature. You too please. That subject is now closed.”

That left Osborne to reply, “OK.”

Now, what do you wish to discuss?”

Oh, a bit more about the new employee. She is incredibly beautiful in face and body. It is hard to take your eyes off her. She starts tomorrow.”

Weber said nothing and waited.

Osborne said that he would keep Weber informed. Did you have any questions?”


Osborne rose and left.

A few days later Weber received a text that Osborne had some information about a very recent murder and the new employee was now in consultation mode.

Her name is Jasmine Anderson,” Osborne related.

Weber noted.

The autopsy was concluded this morning. She and I were both there. The victim was in good physical condition until his throat was cut. Not even a long violent looking cut but a stab about and inch long that cut his Carotid. It was that precise. Of course, forensics are well under way.”

Weber mused, a precise inch long. Which way is it placed?”

Horizontal, across the artery.”

What did the ME say?”

He somewhat confused. He had never seen such precision to cut a person’s throat. It appears that it was done with a scalpel or a very sharp knife. There were no defensive indications on the body. I’ll let you know. I should have the whole picture by tomorrow.”

Weber nodded.

Osborne rose and left.

The next day Osborne arrived and offered more information.

Why are you telling me, I’m not included?”

No, I know, but I have talked with you for years and have confidence,” Osborne replied.

Was he in his home or someone else’s?”

Apparently, his own apartment. No small evidence of another person was found. The shower trap indicated a human pubic hair that was identified as female but the ME said that it was entangled in the unit and looked like it had been there for some time. Another short hair seemed to be pubic could not be definitely identified a male or female. It was less than a quarter inch long and it couldn’t be identified. There was some blood but it came from the victim. Appears that the attacker had a shower. Nothing else. Nothing in the room or bed that indicated who the attacker could be. Nothing. It had been thoroughly vacuumed. End of story,” Osborne related.

Weber commented, “He or she was very careful and seemed to know what cops would look for.”

Osborne answered in the affirmative.

I assume that the usual gathering of people was surveyed as usual.?”

Well underway, “Osborne replied.

Did Jasmine allow any comments?”

All she said was that it was a man who administered the cut. It was at the right height for that.”

If the victim was lying on the bed, it could have been male or female,” Weber noted.

Yes, he was on the bed and had not been moved,”

Keep in touch just for the Hell of it” Weber asked.

Will do.”

A few days later Osborne texted Weber saying that the only thing that they had received from interviewing the area around the victim had lived was a man from a bar called Your Friends Bar saw a woman leave with a man. He saw the man when he arrived and sat on the stool at the bar. He lost track of him and noticed in the mirror over the bar that the man was leaving with a woman. He said he was sure that the man was the one he had seen by himself, dark blue shirt and jeans. He described the woman having a wonderful ass and her tight slacks were a light color that accentuated movement.

Can you give me the guy’s name and telephone?”

What do want if for?” questioned Osborne.

Weber replied just for the Hell of it.

Osborne gave him the information and left.

Weber had two telephone numbers, one being during the day and he rang that one and asked for Michael Raney. The response was, “You’ve got him.”

Michael, my name is Weber and I routinely consult with LAPD and wondered if I could meet you face to face?”

I’m at work at Morgans Mens Wears on 8th.” Close to downtown.

Could I meet you there?”

I guess you could, we could talk in the office. What is this about?’

About the recent murder my friend in charge of the investigation informed me. I’ll drive down right now if that works?”

Michael replied that it was fine.

Weber walked in the front door of the men’s wear shop. He looked at the variety of clothing and realized that it was fine quality and expensive.

He walked to the man behind the counter who was dressed in a pure white shirt, no tie and black pants that appeared to be Wranglers.


Yes, you are Weber?”

After introduction by each they moved into a small nicely appointed office, and sat down facing each other.

The cop was here yesterday and asked me what I had seen.”

Weber replied not wanting to say that the cop had missed something, he just said that it was normal follow-up.

What do you remember about the man?”

Not much, I could no longer see his face but I recognized his dark blue shirt not tucked into his jeans. He appeared to be about six feet and when I saw him at his table, he looked bout forty and kind of rough.”

Good, Weber answered, how about the woman?”

I saw movement in the mirror and turned the stool so I could see better. She had an ass that would draw any man’s eyes and under the light at the entrance her tight light-colored slacks promoted visible action. She had a pink frilly blouse on. At least, that’s what I could see.”

“How tall was she, what color hair and how long her walk?”

She had one arm on the guy’s arm and stood close to about five inches shorter, very up right. Abundant straight black hair just over her collar.”

Did you see any part of her face?”

Michael replied, “Couldn’t see her face.”

Great. If I was able to get a photo of the dead man, do you think you could identify him if he was the patron you saw?”

I expect so, because he was at his table when I came in and I waved hello and he returned a wave.”

I’ll see what I can do and get back to you. Thank you very much for your information and time,” Weber said.

Weber stopped at the door, “Oh, I forgot, did you see the woman in the bar before she left?”

Michael replied, “No, I lost interest in people and concentrated on my drink for a while. I just happened to see the motion in the mirror and I was still wide awake. After that, I don’t remember Freddie the bartender taking me home. Normally, I don’t drink that much but I was smashed. I gave notice the next day that I would not be in to work. It was a hurtful hangover.

Weber said that he could relate to that.

A lead and every one should follow a lead.

Weber texted Osborne and asked if he could get a picture of the victim. Please send one if you can.

Not more than five minutes, his phone burped and there was the picture he wanted.

He texted Michael and asked if he could come down to the store. He had a picture.

Weber enlarged the picture and gave it to Michael who immediately answered that it was the man he had seen in the bar.

Weber shook Michael’s hand and offered, “We have a good lead, thank you so much.”

Weber gave Osborne the information he had received. Advising him that the killer could indeed be female.

Days and weeks passed and Weber was kept busy with his personal plans and conducted several investigations with the police. The murder wasn’t investigated for some time, so he texted Osborne and inquired what was happening.

Osborne advised that no further progress had been made.

Weber asked him what he found out about similar murders in neighboring cities such as Sacramento, San Francisco. Vegas and more.

Osborne had found out that murders that were identical had taken place in Phoenix and Vegas and gave Weber the dates of them. Vegas about one and a half months ago and Phoenix two months a go.

Interesting Weber thought. Perhaps I should check them. A woman murderer raised a question and he would have to contact hotels. Vegas, in particular. There were always women moving in to gamble.

If I get a first name of a number of regulars and not so regular and one name stands out visiting the murder cities at the same time as the murders should lead to some info.

He chose Vegas five-star hotels first because he was familiar with most. Four Seasons, Venetion, Trump, Palazzo, Sky Lofts and ten more to start.

He obtained the telephone numbers from all ten and called. Most weren’t very cooperative over the phone with a view to confidentiality. He gave his credentials to everyone and said it would do no harm just to give him a list of first names, they couldn’t be directly contacted.

The Skylofts front desk began getting interested. After some convincing, he related that they had quite a few regulars who visited usually every month. He then started offering names of his visitors such as Emma, Isabella, Abbie, Gail, Blanche, Barbara and twenty -seven more. These were there at the same date of the murder. The clerk remembered it as well.

Weber noted them all and moved on. This is very time consuming he thought and decided to call hotels in Phoenix such as 4 Seasons, Marriott, Phoenician, Wig Wam, Hilton up to a number of ten. He did not have any cooperation at any one. He started all over with other five-star hotels and he hit one that was interested when he and the front desk started to discuss the murder date. Because she was familiar with the victim, a man. On that date she gave some of the names, Camilla, Freda. Lisa, Susan, Margaret, Sandra, Blanche, Anne, Sarah and another eighteen names. Weber recorded all of them. Blanche was included.

Now I have a duplicate, Blanche, and that seems to be an older type name and not used very much.

I’ll ask Osborne what he thinks.

Back at his condo, he sat for more than two hours going over what he had found. If this Blanche had been in both cities on the date of the murders, it might be something to follow.

He asked Osborne to visit and they discussed possibilities.

Just before Osborne left, he told Weber about Jasmine. He and her had become quite close and he was hopelessly in love with her.

Weber couldn’t resist, he asked, “Have you slept with her?”

Osborne’s round about answer indicted that he had. In turn asked Weber if he could bring her to the condo and introduce her.

Weber thought, the one mistake he made was sleep with her and now he wants me to approve.

He quietly said that Osborne could bring her to his place for a short visit.

The following day and Weber saw Osborne and Jasmine at the elevator door. He signaled them up.

Osborne entered first and Jasmine looked a bit hesitant before she looked Weber in the eyes. Weber couldn’t immediately stop looking into her eyes.

She is incredibly beautiful and as she turned he used Michael’s words to think very nice ass.

Osborne present Jasmine and introduced her to Weber. They shook hands. Weber felt that he held on a bit too long.

All three chose to sit and there was a quiet moment.

Long straight glistening black hair Weber noted.

Weber asked questions so that he would be able to assess Jasmine at work and at play. A half hour later they both left.

I’m glad she didn’t notice that I took her picture head on and a few side views.

Weber increased the head on shot to an eleven by fifteen size photo. He grabbed one of his briefcases and put all pictures inside. He picked up his telephone that he seldom talked on but he called The SkyLofts and asked for Allan to whom he had talked to in the last call. Allan was in and answered Weber. “What can I do for you today, Mr. Weber?’

Just Weber. If I brought a picture that might be Blanche would you be willing to identify it if you could?”

Allan asked if Weber was coming directly to see him?”

Weber said that all he had to do was to call the airlines and he would be on his way. He told Allan he would let him no of the time of his arrival.

Next, Weber called The WigWam in Phoenix and asked for the clerk, Lisa, that he had spoken to in the first call. He asked the same question and asked if she would look at his picture and identify of she could. She was willing.

He called a long-time friend in the airline business and arranged for a flight to Vegas, stop and carry on to Phoenix. His friend called him back with a flight that Weber needed. It was to be the next day starting at ten o’clock. He advised the front desk clerks in both hotels.

Weber stepped into the SkyLoft in Vegas at 10:49 and spotted Allan. He withdrew his large picture of Jasmine who could very well be Blanche, and showed it to Allan. Allan looked at it for a few moments and asked, “Any other views do you have?”

Weber showed all of the to Allan who smiled widely and said that as far as he could see, it indeed was Blanche.

Off to Phoenix Weber took the next section of his flight. He had a guarded smile.

At The WigWam, he had to wait for Lisa to come and see him. They moved to a corner where they could easily converse. Lisa studied the large picture and asked for more views as Allan had done. She looked closely at all the photos and chose a shot that showed Jasmine from the side. She also pointed to another similar view and looked up. She said, “I do believe that this could be Blanche but not sure, could I call my supervisor?”

Of course.”

Her supervisor, a man about forty, wearing big black framed glasses and viewed all photos intently. He chose a view that showed Jasmine’s back and said, “Gorgeous ass and truly beautiful, that’s how I remember Blanche.” I remember that she spent about an hour or so right here in the rotunda with a darker skinned man of at least sixty just after she arrived. It was about 9:00 PM. I tracked the guy through some of the staff I work with and one of them talked with a police friend and I learned his name was Sifton with a very colorful past.”

I’ll have to ask Allan if something like that happened in Vegas.

Weber thanked them and advised that they would have to attend court if the woman they saw was charged.

Back at home before the dinner meal, Weber sat down and made plans with the information he had received.

How am I going to convince, no, persuade Osborne to believe Jasmine could very well be a murderer of at least three people. I’ll get him to find out if the victims had been associated with Sifton.

His plan started with advising Osborne that there might be a connection with the victims.

With the information that Weber proved Osborne with he said that he would investigate and contact Weber of the results.

During the next week, Osborne texted and said with surprise that all three victims, one in Vegas, one in Phoenix and one in Los Angeles were indeed connected. Police in Phoenix advised that they were close to charging Sifton with several references to rape and murder. Now that it was part of the investigation it was learned that the three victims were part of his organization and at least one was willing to give evidence.

Once Weber heard this, he knew what he had to do and in so doing would probably lead to Osborne becoming cognizant with how Jasmine was involved.

Nevertheless, Weber contacted Osborne’s Lieutenant and set up a face-to-face meeting with him. Weber wrote his investigation and would discuss Osborne’s relationship with Jasmine...Lieutenant James McIntyer agreed that the meeting was urgent and Weber proceeded to his office.

The decision was made by the Lieutenant after the meeting to bring Jasmine in for questioning and that he would obtain a search warrant for her apartment.

Weber said that he would advise Osborne with the circumstances. It would be very difficult, but Weber felt he was responsible.

Jasmine was brought into an interview room and three talented interviewers were selected.

A search warrant was obtained and a group of forensics moved in.

Weber was not included in either episode because he was not in the force.

After more than three hours, Jasmine had not been cooperative and di not answer all the questions. Another interviewer was selected.

About the same time, the search was virtually complete. It revealed three odd shaped knives that were very sharp. They were equipped with an odd shaped sling that could be worn with any clothing or no clothing. No other item was associated with the crime of murder. This was reported to Osborne’s Lieutenant. He told no one except one cop in the interview room with the idea that it would prompt answers from Jasmine. At the end of eight hours Jasmine passed out due to lack of energy.

It was delayed for a short period of time.

Weber was notified that someone wanted to get access to his elevator and come up. It was Osborne and he had urgency in his voice.

When Osborne came into Weber’s condo, he looked like he had been crying.

Russel, are you in trouble?”

No, but Jasmine has been called in to be interviewed and it’s about the three murders we have been talking about.

That’s not good news. Somehow Osborne has got this information and naturally, he’s concerned.

What, how on earth is that possible?” Weber shouted.

Osborne told him that one of his friends told him about what was going on and that it had just started. He asked Weber what to do.

Weber decided that he didn’t know anything about it and just keep it that way at the time. Now he wants to know what I would do.

If it was my decision and judgement I guess I would prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That’s what I would do. You will have to wait and see how much you can learn and take whatever action that you have to. I don’t know what else to say, I’m sorry.”

Osborne just bobbed his head and sat for a while. I guess that’s the best anyone can do. I’ll go see if I can find out more,” and he left.

That was close and I guess I was a coward to not tell him what I found. I don’t know anything from the interviews and the search. Osborne didn’t mention the search.

Weber was then consulted by the lieutenant just at that moment. He suggested that Jasmine be given the evidence that he had collected. If that didn’t work, then bring Sifton into the questions.

Another few hours continued and every one was exhausted.

It was decided that they wait until the next morning and plan an approach that was different. Jasmine was asked about her family. Did she have sisters or brothers. Then one of the cops asked how her parents were and were they still living in Seattle. Jasmine started to cry and continued for some time. Every one waited. She raised her eyes and voice and yelled that she wanted to talk.

She asked, “If I tell you how much danger I am in as well as my mother and Dad. Will you just listen and don’t interrupt. The two men stepped outside the door for a few minutes. They agreed and would not ask questions until Jasmine was finished.

Jasmine was about to continue, “No, she said, please PLEASE contact the Seattle Police force and have them surround my parents, they are in terrible danger, I was told that if I didn’t comply they would use assault rifles and there wouldn’t be much left of my parents AND please protect my brother, I’m sure that you have his address.”

McIntyre waved at Dan one of his cops and had him set up what Jasmine had just informed them.
Jasmine looked around the room and heaved a sigh. “I have just decided that I want all this and my life back to some normal. This is how it is.”

One day about six months ago I had a visit at my apartment by a man whose name is Sifton. I let him in and all of a sudden he let three more guys in.”

Sifton was obviously the boss. He said if I didn’t want to get hurt or worse, just listen to the instructions. He said that he needed me because I fit his need both in body and with my occupation as a Criminology. He said that being in touch with the police would help him very much.

Then----- he came to me within six inches from my face and whispered, now I’m going to tell you what you are going to do. You have parents in Seattle and he showed me a number of pictures of them. They were completing the usual duties of retirees. Don’t forget about your brother. More pictures of him and his family. If you don’t want them harmed, you are going to conduct a murder for me. I tried to break away and screamed. He clamped his hand over my mouth and shook his head to indicate that I must not resist.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

He said that he would outline every detail of how this was to be done. I would personally connect with the first victim and he told me his name and address. His address was in Vegas. Once personally connected you will tell him that he was so sexy that you wanted him to go back to his place for a drink and sex with you. At his apartment, you would pour a drink of whatever liquor he had, but you would place one of these pills in his drink. He showed me the small pill. Lead him to believe that you were going to have sex with him. Undress, and once naked, wait until he had passed out. He would be lying on his back in bed. Take one of these knives and he showed three strange looking, (I Guessed they were knives and made for the use he was about to tell me ) He held one about ten inches long in total and waved it over his head. You won’t be waving this over your head. You will feel for the Carotid artery in his neck, find it and cut across it by stabbing the knife straight down so that his blood will burst out with the pounding of his heart. You will have to move out of the way to avoid his blood flow.

You will be provided with a strong but small vacuum that you will vacuum the bed and the entire area around it. You may have to shower if you have any blood on you. Then, you will have to vacuum all the areas that you were in and take a face cloth and wipe all spots that you have touched, And I do mean vacuuming and wiping has to be done properly. But before you conduct this for me, please cut your pubic hair to less than a quarter of an inch. Then if the police might find one, they won’t be sure if it’s yours or anybody else’s. After you have completed the vacuuming and wiping, you will place these plastic covers over your feet to leave the apartment and leave the door unlocked. Make sure the door and handle are absolutely clean. Place the towel that you used in the plastic bag that you will have in the waistband of your jeans and leave.

Dan returned and advised that Jasmine’s parents were safe at the Seattle Police Head Quarters. Her Dad was given a computer to play on and her mother had a very comfortable chair. Her Dad had pointed the surveillance to two constables. When they approached, the person came out holding a gun and started to shoot. One of the constables shot and killed him.

Sifton then said----

Consider this carefully, if you happen to leave trace evidence, it will be identified with you and you will probably be charged with murder. Your parents will not survive either. I haven’t decided on your brother just yet.

Then he had me repeat the instructions that he had issued.”

He added that there were some of his men surveying my parents and brother 24/7 and one of them would be sending pictures frequently. Every two weeks or so, you will have a visitor who will determine that you do not keep those pictures on your phone.

Since then, I have been watched constantly and I am exhausted. I may not have it correct or left something out but you now know the circumstances.”

Oh, I forgot, Sifton met with me in Phoenix and went over all details again. He was quite pleased with how I worked Vegas. I was so happy.

McIntyre and his officers would review the recording that Jasmine had outlined. In the meantime, she would be held in the interview room until a further decision would be made.
McIntyre and staff left the room.

Osborne sought his friend’s information and learned about Jasmine’s recording. He was informed that she indeed commit the murders but under great duress and danger over the last two months.

This m then made sense to Osborne who had become troubled with Jasmine and her change in attitude and life style during the last few weeks. Osborne knew he had to hear the recording.

After that, he texted Weber and a told him of the new development.

In turn, Weber replied that it now looked like it’s between worst and good and keep hoping

The next morning at Police Head Quarters, Osborne was able to see Jasmine for a brief period. Knowing more made him feel somewhat better and was hoping for the best.

Jasmine was escorted to a police cruiser. She was still handcuffed only because it was the law.

As the cruiser drive away, Jasmine turned and looked out the back window to Osborne.

He smiled. Watched the car and occupants leave. At least he stretched his lips.

But he didn’t believe the smile helped.

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