I Walked with the Wind

Lew Goddard

© Copyright 2021 by Lew Goddard

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

A wonderful feeling of peace with the world.

Many years ago past midnight after a hot day in the western foot hills of the Kettle River mountain range in northern Washington State it was awesomely quiet. In fact the quiet was deafening in relation to the place where my home is located. The moon was so bright that one could have read a book with its light. Elevation was estimated three thousand to four thousand feet above sea level according to the map.

From my resting point I could look into the valley to the west. The headlights of the occasional highway vehicle appeared to be like a firefly in the forest. It was probably five miles or so to the valley floor.

Due to the fact that the rock that I first sat on was heavily populated with ants it became necessary to change positions. The next one was a little lower and also more comfortable.

The vantage point allowed unequalled parameters of surveillance. Isolation is comforting if you are happy within and enjoying the amenities of the area. The silence was absorbed and I sat quite immobile.

Two deer, a Buck and a Doe approached from my right. I did not move and I wasnít startled being in that mood between awake and asleep. They were no more than twenty feet from when the Buck stopped and looked directly at me. He must have stared for more than a minute and possibly deciding that I was not a threat he and his mate continued. Intermittently, they would stop and munch some fodder that they favored.

A Crow roused in its containment and I had a vision of it shifting to another position to be comfortable. The nearest nesting trees were west of my position about a hundred yards distant. Because of the silence it seemed that they were right close to me.

A flash of lightning caught my eye to the far west. It briefly illuminated the side of the next mountain range. I had no idea how far it was to those mountains but I heard no thunder.

Stars twinkled like a million space ships in the sky. Formations that we are familiar with and are named were plainly visible. The mind boggling immensity cannot be fathomed by the human mind.

(Perhaps the stars are not reflections of the sun but millions of habitats that light their hundreds of kerosene lamps each evening after the sun disappears on our side.)

Then a sound gathered behind me to the south east. At first it resembled water running downhill in a stream and it heightened. It sounded like a locomotive rumbling over the rails. Wind was gathering in the forest due to changing pressures. My mind visualized the force rearing back for one gigantic push over the next ridge and rolling down upon me.

I started back to my holiday trailer in the yard. Wisps came at me and gently pressed against my back and ruffled my hair sticking out the side of my cap. It surrounded me and blew the quiet away. The long grass waved like water and the trees appeared to welcome the cleansing. As I arrived at my trailer a half mile from where I had sat, the wind lessened but I could hear it travel on into the valley below. Thank you, I said, come again sometime.

The silence returned and I was at total peace with the world.

My mind video often looks back on that experience. Is it once in a lifetime? That is the only time that I have had that totally developed feeling. I have come close at other times but it has not yet been the same.

(If the sun is red then why is the reflection on the moon not red? How far does the universe stretch out? How can the sun continue to burn day after day? What is the fuel that keeps it that way and where does it come from? Why do the stars twinkle or is that a defect in human sight? If there are meteors travelling in space all the time how come extremely few ever come close to the earth?)

Of course, I donít expect answers from anyone reading this. I am sure that other more dedicated researchers have asked the same questions and probably arrived at answers or educated assumptions.

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