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Laura Piquette

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Introduction: Knowledge is the key to understanding

Life can get complex. It is not that you are failing, more rather, it is you did not have the information you need when you need it. In turn, that creates us problems overtime. Leaves us wondering why if life is survival of the fittest then why don’t we have answers up to this point? Especially, with all the modern resources. A lot of these reasons are why I made this. It breaks down useful knowledge, and methods to develop your own best approach to life that can confuse us or take us off guard like when we end up sabotaged or confused in the end as to what we could have done. This written work will help you to be prepared for circumstances that can be a source of negativity for us (negativity that often trains us life must be this way), it will help you to prepare you for potential hazards, and how to utilize outcomes for your mind state prosperity. If you take time, and your decisions seriously while reading this you will see you can overcome anything holding you back. Either your effort determines your progress, or your experience lessens the effort required to achieve your potential. What works for you as an individual is what already comes naturally. What works for the individual is important to personal progress. So, it is not how quickly it is achieved, but it is the value of what was achieved came to fruition.

Part One

Being Prepared

As humans we all learn trust in several ways. Our own experiences, our experiences with other people, we gain it from professionals, from deducing common sense, from studies, and from repetitive patterns. Trust is not as reliable as we think it is, but we gain our perception of truth from them in a world the majority feels pushed into to go through too quickly, or the world is too irrelevant to have the desire to keep up. The tell-tale signs of trust proving unreliable.

Temporary means to create understandings mean what you understand will often change throughout life, and that in fact trust is not “worth its weight in gold” so to speak. As well, when we trust something fully that cannot be trusted we can then be hurt easily by other people’s comments because the original understanding concepts were broken, and we feel helpless. So, is your trust more of a tool you cling to in misunderstanding?

That causes us to avoid a lot in life creating blockages, mind games, and we avoid asking ourselves what the truth is because we tend to accept automatically what is widely understood. We also tend to ignore molding ourselves from within, or discredit people who do. Realizing that trust, and truth have downfalls by some relation to the examples I gave is a good start in letting go and moving forward in life’s’ journey.

It does not matter if we resort to preferences or having a master plan; in life it does not hold us back from the life’s path of knowledge and growing. In this world we will all face lessons. Whether we struggle, or not, is in knowing precursor signs. We then can develop our response to move on in the next phase in life. Life can go by with several attempts to find the answers. As well, forgotten does not mean the problem gets solved, it means at best we set it aside to take notice to until we can find the answers to it at most.

The best mind state to handling anything and everything is a pure mind state. Which is set on a back burner, or in the background like abstract art at worst. Fasting, refraining from something you like for a period, sobriety sabbaticals are all examples to bolster one’s awareness in mind state. Which comes in handy down the road to avoid tragedy.

Signs of Tragedy

  1. You sense it is not good enough to speak your mind.

  2. You sense as though your life is on record.

  3. A notion life for you is a tangled chain, nothings impaired, but you still sense disorder. (who is next?)

Record? Here are a few definitions of record. See if they relate to you in any personal fashion.

Record: A thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially an account of an act or occurrence kept in some form.

A sum of past achievements or actions of a person or organization, a person or things previous conduct or performance.

The best performance or most remarkable event of its kind that has been officially measured and noted.

Solution: Wonder until the truth makes all things plain.

Levels of tragedy vary. You can be wondering for days while it takes someone else more time. This is because we handle approaches in different ways, so we need time depending on the stigma to achieve resolution. Being aware of the signs of tragedy is a great preventative tool to keep us from spiraling into discord. This is because you can act on them before they begin to filter in your life.

Part Two

An apple a day will take the doctor away.

Understanding natural medicine can be the difference between our wellbeing and health. We often rely on the doctor to do more than he or she should. In any case, it is good to know that natural or holistic health is ancient medicine. Western medicine was made from ancient medicine. Health care was not easily, and widely available before western medicine.

It is customary to avoid the doctor if we can. Sometimes we must wait to see one too. So, having some small jumpstart on natural medicine may prompt you on to the path to a healthier mind and body by just knowing some preventative actions that can be a remedy before it becomes a larger more long-lasting health issue.

Aloe is great for minor burn. Blend up the clear jelly it can do a world of good for your digestive system. You can have it grow in your garden. You can buy a whole plant to have around or sometimes grocery stores sell one leaf in the produce department.

Garlic- A clove or two diced set on a teaspoon. Add some olive oil for one to two months, you can decide on your regiment, thereafter, will help keep a healthy heart. Its also sold in capsules at your local pharmacy store.

We get our best nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Juices at the juice bar are not just for people who work out. As well, a juicer can be purchased for regular use. Tons of vitality in one glass. You are not just getting that one fruit in a sitting you are getting a combination of fruits and veggies that are fresh not bottled.

Chamomile- Tea is calming and soothing. Good for more than just taking the edge off before bed, it can be consumed to calm nervousness, and relax agitation away any time of the day. Other products that help with sleep, stress, nervousness, and anxiety are Kava Kava, 5 HTP, Melatonin, and Melissa balm. Lavender oil is relaxing too. You can use it as a topical for a scent or use it for aroma therapy.

Vitamin C and Echinacea/goldenseal- Are great for boosting your immune system. So, you get better from a cold or prevent getting sick by taking these. Echinacea/Goldenseal can be found as teas and capsules.

Local honey helps seasonal allergies go away. It must be local because it has the local pollen in it to build your seasonal immunity. If your allergic to bees, you then would not take this. I strongly suggest if you are on any medications to consult your doctor, and questions you may have about the natural medicine you want to take and whether it does not work with the medications you are on. Often, if you search online you can find the answers to most your questions. But St. Johns wart cannot be taken along with NSAID’s. So just be sure to ask your doctor if you are not sure.


Only consider jobs that pique your interest. You could even work two part time jobs if you get bored easily. Any combination that works for you, is a contribution to society, and something to do with your time. Doing something you do not enjoy becomes a nightmare for you. Then becomes a discomfort for others around you. So, try not to do something you hate. The truth about work on a personal aspect is “The idle mind is the devil’s playground.” If we leave our minds inactive, we do not progress our potential. So, we become the reason of our own destruction even if we are unaware.

One hand feeds another in this world. So, we must be certain to foster the good understandings as much as we resolute to find answers to the negative issues. To create balance and then be creative with our choice selection to promote our own contentment.

Let us say for example Susan loves to do art but does not want to struggle. She decided to become a hairstylist which after one thing led to another, she became a creative director in the industry. So, think outside the box if nothing seems down your alley you might be surprised.

How we live determines our prosperity. We have negative thinking instinctively. Negative feelings are a feeling we get to draw us further away from danger, or where we are unwelcome because it is out of our ability. Negativity can be overcome but it is still an instinct.

It is important we stay positive in any way we can imagine. So, master your art of thought contemplations to achieve your goals. You can achieve what you strive for when being positive because it attracts forces like you know confidence does when it is uplifting. When you are done, and feel like you are in a funk, consider it is time to challenge your mind. It will mix things up and get things moving.

Challenges for Your Mind

*Be truthful, reserved, and/ or polite for a week.

*Create something (short books, magazines etcetera is OK)

*Pilates, Yoga, Nia, Tai chi, Qi Gong (stretches) or even dance for once a week for a month. These all are forms of kinetic energy. Which is great for mind elevating.

*Stay sober and/or go on a sabbatical. This will help you achieve your optimal potential. By picking a goal not so easily obtained, remain to it until you can evolve your own necessary structures. They will be tools in becoming useful to achieving your dreams controlling needless emotions and reducing fear in an environment that is uncontrolled.

The mind grows with or without money. It develops merit without schooling, and achieves aspirations with the necessary attention, will power, and conviction. This is the power of the mind state. That is why it is important to not let it collect dust. It creates blockages and often pulls us back to remind us not to forget ourselves in the labyrinth of life.

Part Three

The Brain Psyches

Knowing is half the battle. It gives us as much ability as its capable to take by not knowing better. We need to be careful of what we think we know, and what we know. Facts are not everything, so we need to be careful to pay attention to how we feel to flourish our own means. There are three areas of the mind that relate to our decisions, feelings and reactions:

1)The area of rational thought, problem solving, personality planning, empathy and awareness of ourselves and others. When this area of mind is optimally in tune we think clearly, make good decisions, and are aware of ourselves and others.

2)A totally different area of the mind processes emotions. Emotions can affect how we think. An overwhelming sense of emotions can cause a reaction if we do not take time out for ourselves to regulate and differentiate how we feel, why it happened, and what can be done. By recognizing an action that can be committed is the first step that makes us feel better, it reminds us of what is and what is not good for ourselves. If it is not a good choice, we then can make our own decisions not to commit the action in the future. By using our predetermined decision process, we can make quicker and better decisions. This is so because an instinctive choice about what to do is not always reliable. Comparing the pros and cons on reaction choices is best not to react to reduce the situation.

3) Fear is outside our ability to control. Senses like hearing, touch, sight, smell, and taste fall into this area. When danger is present fear causes us to be activated so we are afraid, reactive, and vigilant for example. This area, as well, can be a source of escape, and imaginative fuel.

* No dopamine drip can compromise the mind state. Dopamine? It is a natural chemical in our brains that mainly manages happiness, and contentment.

*A system with little or no evidence of ability is a huge stigma on the body. Causing one to feel less and less. Wherever you go you can rely on yourself though. Lack of structure may be the reason you were inhibited into the current problems you have, but when you make the effort to override what is holding you back you are likely grateful with the new results, and open doors to a better future for others. When you do this, it is a good idea to refrain from anything mind-altering to absorb as much pure thought to develop your next best course of action.

Types of Trauma

Safely anticipating for our possibilities

Just like understanding something about psyches, understanding the potential effects of dangers in this world that you, and others may encounter is important.

Conformity Trauma

This is often ignored as low leveled, or lesser traumatic form of trauma. This can be not true. The days we spend an effort to live together, and how things go when atmosphere is over controlled can hold us back. For an example: The lack of necessary resources to resolve what the best way is… to do what is required of us in day-to-day interaction. As well feels not worth it at the cost of havoc that will be created when incapable to solve what you need to. We often resort to we are controlling more than we should, or truly can often. Sometimes to find a way to get by. This is unique person to person how its viewed, but most should be able to relate to it to some extent. Just thinking about it might trigger stress is a sign it affects you.

Physical Trauma

When someone hurts another by inflicting pain intent fully, or by accident more rarely.

Emotional Trauma

Is when someone deliberately makes you feel hurt with words. Though it is recognized more widely than conformity.

A lot of mixed fuel of unwanted and misunderstood thoughts cause:

*Resentment fueling.

*Clamming up.

*Lack of cooperation

*Nervous movements


All can be signs of stubbornness, and just not getting your way, but furthermore are clues you are approaching too closely to tragedy/trauma which leads to bad habits of all sorts. I suggest replacing your next coffee with a green tea if you notice those signs. Just a proof of physical effort, and awareness of your subconscious actions can make a huge difference in telling the difference. Like how you feel about a solid object when you enter home. You know it will be there, and it serves a purpose, it lessens the more effort you must take in your next steps to accomplish the tasks it serves its purpose for (i.e.. A table).

Take a minute to realize your problem is more your surroundings than it is you. Your heavy burdens are catching up to you to tell you something. What is it?

Truth is worth the skepticism put into it. Your doubts make a large part of your reasoning and awareness. As well, not following your true intent can eventually break you down if you do not try. If you let unconstitutional actions do your dance for you, you just become a statistic of what was not your intentions. By being able to avoid problems in the ability of your own concerns, you evolve from your contemplations. You can grow yourself from your own nature exponentially. Your heart compels you to do the right thing, and it is all in how you mold your path that you can turn your problems into life lessons, or a useful experience.

Ask yourself what are the odds you are going to end up struggling if you do not find a way out of your problems yourself? Everyone struggles with something. There is a whole world full of rage, harassment, verbal abuse, and other inflictions that can be caused in this world. If you do not think so ask yourself why are there words to describe it? If you feel yourself slipping beneath its pressure, try some mind strengthening techniques. I will give some examples but trying to spend the time to develop your own techniques you can be the judge of what would benefit you the most.

Biting your tongue. Not literally of course, but just to be sure I am thorough, it basically means… to not say what mean to say if the time arises and its uncalled for it. Another one, catch more flies with honey than vinegar. This is a mind practice on learning to be kind even when it is not expected of you. These are more obvious examples. Often something profound to you in quotes can be utilized with will power to achieve elevating yourself above the odds. If all this finds no reason for you to bother be a part of the solution not the problem, or maybe just one for the higher power(s).

Part 4

Practice Makes Perfect

Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Buddha, Jah, Allah, God, a role model (I prefer Higher Powers), but anybody whose will is for the better of others Is important because your personal emotions, obligations, and choices flourish. Bear in mind any me and I mode of thinking is what you need so you can believe in yourself is useful but is not you yourself. Strive to become the fruition of your difficult work, and because of your work you become a way to balance your surroundings. Being who you are just is... not who am I.

Down the road, if you are compelled, try imagining confining yourself by your own choice. Then while imagining ask yourself: How useful is what I know that no one is here? What did I gain out of life up to this point, and what is useful to me with and without other people?

Your home is better than just four walls. Being around is not good enough for us sometimes. When alone it is a good time to mold our perspectives. Like, viewpoints you agree with or disagree with. Then make them stronger by formulating why, or why not you agree or disagree with them. It is a large part of human nature, and you improve over time. The benefits of building a stronger argument for your opinion is it betters the value of our discussions, as situations arise you expand your potential. Your opinion is valued when its stronger. If you have some harsh critics, it should not seem to matter to you unless you have been redirected to a stronger standing. At the end of the day, you have molded your point, and do not have to share it if you do not want to?

If you cannot find somewhere to start take a positive situation and formulate good constructive criticism. That will teach you to think harder and develop an opinion facing the odds. Then take what you thought to what you mean. Make it more strategic, and as brief as it can so it works well...this proves your own point. Expand on that with supportive arguments and condense it… so you can debate contradictions on the matter.

Throughout life there will be people who want or seem to want to hold you back. They may try to provoke and action out of you because they cannot relate. If you give them them what they want all along, it just feels like it does not benefit you. Brewing over your emotions, over their decisions, does not make higher sense either. The irritation can feel like a sign of weakness on your end. This is all mostly avoidable. When on the path minding your own, paying attention to what is necessary in life, a way unfolds that avoids all this conflict eventually.

If you are irritated, searching for a mistake you may have made is a step in the door of humility, and improves one in an obscure way. Life is not fool proof? Break out a pen. What strikes is the problem you are having that you cannot resolve?


Respect- Keeps the peace.

Honor- Solves under unnecessary measure.

Trust- Builds structure that is not painful.

How do you imagine these qualities function in a better world? How has your opinion been corrupted in your life up to this point?

Resolve: Learn to live with no expectations of others. Turn your expectations into goals for yourself to reach, manage, and maintain within. We often consider what the other person should have done, but we do not control someone else; only ourselves. try it with your eyes closed.

I suggest you try this practice as well for three reasons:

1)If you do not know for yourself what it is you do not know what it is.

2)It can help you learn about mind state management. You work it for yourself is the difficult part but should not stop anyone from trying.

3)You lose “dead weight” no matter how you “shake the box “

Divide Your mind state into only positive reflections, and facts. Try to tune out everything else. Control your urge to sense negativity. After you think you have that under control divide your facts from fictions. Condense it by cutting out opinions that are harmful, or unnecessary because they are erratic, and difficult. You are the beginning to control your mind with concepts that work for you and recognizing this is a great way to distance pain without forgetting what is important. Put that to practice because you are now learning to block negativity if it if arises. Person, place, anything unavoidable you can always rely on your own mentality to keep problems at bay, and because it no longer has control over 30%, 60%, 90%, of your mind… now its freed up from unnecessary weight. After learning this exercise try it with your eyes closed. It is a good way to sense your mind, your feelings, and true direction will unlock itself.

Part Five

Closing Thoughts

Your potential is not yet determined when it is in its minute stages of development. Your potential is buildable at all stages of inner growth. The path of reason is different for everyone. We all are growing, and should keep our minds open to new lessons. In life it is necessary we move forward, not who was first in line. Life does not require money to better yourself, and your surroundings if you are mindful and savvy. Sporting bad intent to create cruel pain never does humanity a service. The lap of luxury's is more about simplicity, and not being astray. You can get there, by first, not being too concerned with someone else's struggles unless they seek you out. Your curiosity striving for the right direction is a good thing, but certain topics not everyone sees eye to eye to discussing them is the efficient method. What topics? Well, life is a road of discovery. Revealing too much can create error, or accidentally guide you to think you are in control of more than you are.

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What can I say about myself? I graduated High School in 2001 shortly after the towers got hit. I took a year off before starting some college. I left college to do cosmetology which is hair school. In grade school I was an over achiever but not liked by many people. So even though I fit the bill at first sight I was not popular. I played Softball, did ballet tap jazz and gymnastics as a child. So I was never not in something extracurricular. I also played the flute was in college courses at the eighth grade for my flute. My family is all still alive. But no matter how little we think we achieve in life I find we all leave this world as we came in it. I just wanted to give advice I feel encountering many conversations with people that helps us realize and be more ready for what is ahead of us as individuals.                                                                                        

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