Concrete Walls

Laura Labno


Copyright 2019 by Laura Labno

Photo of concrete wall.

Silent, silent night. So silent that painful.

It was that kind of silence, which makes your ears bleed. I couldn't bear it, so I stood up
and quietly left my room through the window, not even bothering to put my shoes on. The
moon was full and red, as it sometimes is. - The big curious eye, perpetually watching all
the obscure events of the night. The events that we, in our lazy, sleepy ignorance chose
not to see.

There was an owl sitting on one of the trees in my garden, smiling at me ironically. -
"Again? What would your parents say?"

She wasn't serious, she was just teasing me, as always. And there was no point of
considering this question anyway. My parents were too much like everybody else to find
out. They were sleeping.

But I wasn't so I passed through my garden enjoying the soft, humid grass under my feet. I
jumped over the fence and there I was, right at the beginning of one of my favorite walking
paths. Surprisingly it was leading straight into a forest... a forest, that I haven't spotted
before! I felt as if the lovely smell of woods was calling me to enter but I hesitated for a
while. Perhaps I should go back to my room and take a torch ? I was a little worried
however that if I did that the forest would be gone till my return. Then I looked at the sky
and I saw the moon moving and putting itself into a position allowing it to lit my path. So

I started my walk being led by the ruby light of the moon. Soon tiny fireflies joined me,
humming a strange melody. It was a peaceful, warm and windless night. The woods were
awake and, in fact, clearly interested in me - their unexpected guest. Thousands of small
and big eyes were peering at me, without saying a word. I've also decided to remain silent.
There was something sacral in this moment. I kept walking, fearlessly, breathing in and out
this this bizarre night and listening to the quiet noises coming from the darkness around
me. I knew that thousands of creatures were living there. I don't know how but I knew that
some of them were scared and some a bit suspicious...

But I didn't carry with me any saws or axes, fire or traps, nor guns or rubbish. I was just
walking and I could feel that their fear was gradually turning into an interest. They were as
interested in me as I was in them. It was beautiful to imagine that a world like this could
exist in everyday life. And then, as I was thinking about it, I realized that the path I was
wakling was coming to an end and soon I was going to come out of the forest into an open
space. I heard people's voices coming from there! There were singing a song filled with
peace, and calm and... sadness of a kind. I didn't even spot the moment when I entered
the big field and started walking among them. There were plenty of people sitting and
standing next to hundreds of bizzare tents. I could see everything as the field was floodlit
with the light of millions of fireflies, and thousands of stars shining on the sky, and the big
bright, moon not red anymore but gold!

Some people were smiling at me and some seemed not to notice me at all. Some of them
were singing, some were talking or reading books, and some were just looking at the sky
in a marvellous wonder. I could see baskets of fruits, vegetables and grains next to their
tents. The fruits smelled so good! It felt as if I've never smelled fruits before, could fruits
smell like this?

All of a sudden someone pulled my hand and before I realized that I was dancing to a
merry tune of a flute, guitars and a drum. I was spining around and the stars, the woods,
and the people around me were spinning too.

Merry, merry night. So merry that making your heart rejoice!

But the dawn must have come eventually. Even the golden moon could not compete with
the great emperor of the day.

And so the sweet dream dissolved.

Where the darkness held hope the light bought emptiness and silence. The silence was
filled with light and voices talking about nothing.

It was filled with sadness and powerful

Concrete Walls.

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