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 Laura Elizabeth Horgan
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All The World We Seek


At thirty years old I have travelled the world and lived and worked on foreign shores. I am fascinated by people and the life each individual lives, they make the greatest stories and they have created the greatest memories. Spending my decadent twenties flittering from party to party and eventually country to country, I came home in the middle of a pandemic and struggled with the reality of life back at the starting blocks. Forever a girl that spoke of being a writer with romanticism, I wonder and debate with myself every day If I have enough of what it takes to be what I want.

With regards to personal information, I live in a village not far from London. Currently I work for a Bank, after living and working in Australia for three years. My goals this year are to submit a short story/ writing piece every month into different competitions and I am writing a fantasy novel. I never tried before, so here I am, fitting in words between lunch breaks at a job that has filled the stop gap between who I was and who I want to be. Maybe I have all the potential in the world, maybe I am a dreamer, but if I don’t try and go for this dream, I will never know and forever live a life of regret.

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