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Lane Dooling
Love Cubed
The Fabric of Family
A Treasure by the Sea
Can We Just Have One More Talk...One More Story?
The Fabric of Family (revised and expanded)
Destination: Girl Scout Junior Jamboree
One Hot Summer Day: A Blazing Fire Takes The Stage
Not an Ordinary Day in June
A Treasured Bucket of Buttons

Lane lives in Marin County (Northern California) with her family and rescue dog "Yoko". She works as a Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for a local history museum, and loves to write. She enjoys reading (historical) mystery and romance novels, along with being a fan of Hallmark movies and the M*A*S*H series (from the '70's). She continues to  work on a story set in Northern California during the 1930's leading up to the early 1940’s on the brink of the U.S.'s entry into WWII. 

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