Kristina Benoit

© Copyright 2013 by Kristina Benoit


Girl running through woods.

'Run!' I tell myself.
"Come Here!" he yelled.
Crap, he got me.
"Let go of me!" I yelled.
He began to push me into the van, until I kicked him under his chin,
and made a break for nearby public place. I was running, and then saw
the mall.
I ran inside, and went upstairs, I quickly hid.
He quickly came up behind me, and grabbed me.
"NO!" I yelled as loud as I could.
I quickly let go, but he pushed me, and I hit my shoulder on a pole,
which dislocated it, and I let out a blood curtiling scream.
All of a sudden a cloth was put over my mouth, and nose, I quickly
fell unconscious.
 Chapter 1 - Haley
I felt my blood run cold, when I see Dalia being shoved into a van.
"Hey!" I yelled, racing towards her captor.
"Back off, lady. I'm not afraid to shoot you." He threatened.
He had blonde hair, green eyes, and a scar behind his ear.
I didn't care, I raced towards him, he pulled out his gun, and pulled
the trigger. I fell to the ground, in excruciating pain; I covered my
shoulder, as it was bleeding out. My vision began to blur, as he threw
Dalia in the backseat, he began to drive away quickly, but I caught a
glimpse of the license plate, 832 AXV.
Then darkness overcame me.
I woke up in my bedroom, hoping it was all a dream. When I shot up
from bed, I still felt the burning pain in my shoulder. My husband,
Josh walked in with glassy eyes.
"The bullet only grazed your shoulder, but Dalia's gone." He explained.
"Are the police here?"
"Yeah." He replied. He helped me out of bed, and walked me downstairs.
"Mrs. Bennett?"
"Do you have a description of your daughter's kidnapper?"
"Yes, uh he has blonde hair, green eyes, and a scar behind his ear." I
"Did you see the license plate?"
"N-no…." I lied, my voice went high, I pretended to cry, so it
wouldn't seem like I was lying.
Josh looked at me accusingly, but dropped the subject.
"Okay, we'll do an Amber Alert, and start searching for your daughter."
"T-Thank you." I said.
Officer Jamie left our house, and that's when Josh confronted me.
"Why did you lie to the police?" he asked.
"Because if I told them the license plate number, they would put it on
the Amber Alert, and her kidnapper would easily see it, and either get
a fake license plate number or use a completely different car." I
"So how are we going to find her?"
"We'll do it the way regular parents does it, but then we're going to
find her, without police help."
"What are you going to do?" he asked.
I thought for a moment, what was I going to do?
Then it hit me.
"Buy a gun." I explained.
"Are you sure?" he asked. I nodded.
I will find Dalia, even if it's the last thing I do.
Chapter 2 - Dalia
I woke up in a dull, barren room, it smelled like mold, and it made my
nose burn.
My legs and arms were bound to a chair, but I wasn't gagged.
Maybe if someone could hear me scream, maybe I'll find a way out.
"Help; Somebody Help!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
The door in front of me burst open. The same guy who took me looked at
me with his Emerald green eyes; his fist collided with my cheek.
"Shut up!" he yelled. I looked up and I saw another figure coming down
the stairs.
"Brian?" a voice called out.
Brian cursed under his breath. The guy who came down the stairs, he
was blonde, chocolate brown eyes
"Dude, I thought you said you would stop this, I'm not afraid of
turning you in." he threatened.
I could've sworn I saw a tint of red in each of their eyes.
He shoved the blonde guy against the wall and put his forearm to his
neck, like he was going to snap his windpipe.
"Listen, you think I'm afraid of killing my own little brother, how
about you two make friends and hope that you two will live by
tonight." Brian threatened. He pushed his brother to the ground, and
left the room, locking the door behind him.
He sighed, and untied me. "I'm Austin."
He got up, and looked around, when he came back, he handed me an ice pack.
"Thanks." I muttered.
He smiled sadly. "I'm sorry about this, my brother he changed…."
"How did he change?"
"I don't know, after college he got involved in drugs, and alcohol,
and kidnapping. But I didn't know it was kidnapping, I just thought it
was one of his 'girlfriends'."
"I'm going to get you out of here." He said. I felt myself blush.
Why am I blushing, I mean I just met this guy, and I already like him,
but I'm feeling a good vibe from him, unlike his brother.
An awkward silence overcame us.
I sighed, and finally asked the dreaded question.
"He doesn't like…rape girls. Does he?"
"Only to the ones he likes."
"The ones he likes?" I asked
"Yeah, the ones that put up a fight, and not to scare you, put you put
up a huge fight, I heard you kicked him in the chin." He said.
I chuckled. "What does he do to the girls he doesn't like?" I asked,
regaining my seriousness.
He remained silent for a moment. "He brands them, and sells them as slaves."
I gulped.
The door opened and I trembled inside.
Brian came in with a tray of food, and dropped it in front of us.
I looked at the food, and looked up at him.
"What? No thank you?" he asked me.
I stayed silent.
"What are you mute?"
He rose up his hand and it collided with my cheek.
"Cut it out!" Austin yelled.
"Sit down!" Brian said, and pushed him to the ground.
He clutched my shirt, and punched me in the stomach.
"Why don't you cry?" he asked.
I still didn't say anything; he hit me again, and pushed me to the
ground. Austin helped me stand up.
"Because I was taught not to show weakness if I didn't want that
person to see me cry, and besides I think you would like it if I
cried." I responded, and wiped my bottom lip with the back of my hand.
"Feisty." Brian said. He lifted my chin with two fingers, and leaned
in to kiss me. I pushed his hand away rudely, and slapped him. He
stood there with his head to the side, he chuckled. "Just for that,
this will be your last meal." He said. He slammed the door, and locked
the door behind him.
I looked down at the tray of food, deciding whether or not I should eat it.
The mashed potatoes actually looked deformed.
I slowly pushed the tray away.
"Yeah, I'm not eating this." I say.
"How long have you been here?" I asked.
"A year, he wouldn't let me leave once I found what he was doing."
Austin explained.
"Now I know where I recognize you, your face is plastered all over
town; supposedly your parents are willing to pay five thousand
dollars, for your safe return." I explain.
  Chapter 3 - Haley
"Look, I know you don't like doing 'normal 'things, but the least you
can do is pass out flyers, maybe someone have seen her." Josh
suggested, desperately hoping I don't shoot someone. His hair was
still long enough to go over his eyes, just like in high school, and
I’m getting off topic.
"Fine, but no bars."
"I don't drink." Josh objected.
"You do, when you're depressed." I shot back.
He was about to object, but stayed silent.
He grabbed the key, and we drove around.
We went downtown, and by the mall where Dalia was taken.
"Hi, have you seen this girl, she's my daughter."
"No, I’m sorry but I’ll ask around for her, what's her name?"
"Dalia Bennett." I replied.
I went up to a man, blonde, and he had a hell of a creepy smile.
"Hi, have you seen this girl, she's my daughter."
"No, I haven't seen that little whore, so get out of my face."
I tried not to pummel him.
I walked over to Josh.
"No one has seen her." he said.
"Well, give 'em the look."
"What look?" he asked.
"This look." I said. I pulled some hair over my eyes, flipped it, gave
him a sad smile, and sad eyes with a glint of hope.
His cheeks reddened. "I-I don't do that."
"Yes, you do. You do it ALL the time, especially when you want something."
"Try it on them." I said.
He walked over to a few girls, early twenties. He gave them the look,
and began speaking; I could've sworn they all blushed at the same
They shook their heads, and walked off.
"No luck." he said.
I looked over to Josh, and I realized what he was doing, he was giving
me the "look". I know exactly what he wants. He needs a drink. I tried
to resist his dark brown eyes, but I couldn't.
"Ugh, fine!" I said.
He ran to the car so fast, he deserves a Grammy. "One shot." I said.
I drove him to the bar.
"One shot of vodka, please." Josh asked.
Then he walked in, Dalia's captor.
I walked over to Josh, and pushed the drink out of his hand.
"Look, it’s him." I said. Josh's eyes flashed with anger.
"Wait, hold on." I said. I noticed, he was talking to the guy that
told me off earlier, he had files with him, something that could
easily lead us to her.
"I need you to pretend that you're drunk, and grab those files, and run."
"No problem." he said, and took off. He hung around them, and fell on
top of them, when they weren't looking he grabbed the files, and took
"Hey!" Dalia's captor yelled, and they ran after Josh.
I quickly ran to my Camaro, all of a sudden it began to feel like an
action movie, I quickly started it, and strapped myself in.
I saw Josh, I opened the door.
"Come on!" I yelled. He jumped in, and we drove off, but I felt
something hit the back of my car. I realized it was those guys; they
kept hitting my camaro, so I picked up the speed a little. I quickly
took a turn, and made it close to my neighborhood, but took the long
way into the neighborhood. The way to my house is complicated; first
we take many turns, but hope you don't get into a dead end. I took a
left turn, then a right, then another left, and another one, and
another one, then a right, and I drove into my garage, and quickly
closed the door.
Josh and I got out of the car, and leaned against it. I looked down at
car and thought about when Transformers first came out and Dalia
convinced me to get a camaro that looked exactly like Bumble bee.
Mom! You need a new car right?'
"Can we get bumble bee? Please, please, please, please, pleeaase!"
"Yay!" and jumped at me with a hug.
I realized I was tearing up; I quickly wiped my tears, and went inside
with Josh.
We sat at the dining table, and looked over the files.
We saw various photos of us as a family, and single photos of Ally,
and her friends, except in the photos Dalia's face was circled.
We also saw photos of Dalia inside her room, dancing around like an
idiot, singing, crying, sleeping, and even changing.
They've been stalking her for months.
Chapter 4 - Dalia
I caught myself staring at Austin, at his hair, his chocolate brown
eyes, his full lips.
"Where's Brian?"
"He left, some meeting with Roger, if he comes down here I don't know
what'll happen." Austin said.
I can't believe I’m falling for him, I can't believe I’m falling for
him, and I just met him. The door opened, Brian grabbed Austin by the
collar, and dragged him up the stairs, and the door slammed in my
face. All I remember is hearing a gunshot and a thud. Oh my God, he
k-killed Austin.
I just sat there, in complete shock, my eyes watering, I think I was
blacking out, then Brian came down the stairs, and smiled evilly.
"Change of plans." he said
He could tell I was confused so he explained.
"Your parents, stole my files on you, while my buddy Roger was chasing
them, I came back here, and decided to have a little fun."
"Get away from me." I said.
"You see, I’m going to have to disagree with you babe, I’m actually
going to see a lot more of you, and you're going to see a lot more of
me, whether you want to or not."
All of a sudden, I’m pinned on the ground. I try to move but I’m
completely overpowered.
Everything starts to blur, I see my skirt ripped to shreds.
"No!" I yelled. But it was too late, there was no one stopping me, I
tried resisting, and kicking, but when it actually happened, I yelled
at everything that happened.
My eyes began watering but I refused to let the tears to fall. I
noticed a figure coming down the stairs, hope began to flourish within
me, and anger flared in my eyes. I kicked him...there, and in the
face, and hopefully broke his nose. All of a sudden his body was
thrown off me, and I saw Austin completely pounding his face in, then
I noticed something, there was a gun on the night table, I quickly
grabbed got up, and shot it upward, then pointed it at them.
"A-Austin, get out of the way." I said. He slowly removed his fist
from Brian's heavily bruised face, and got off him.
"T-take the gun." I said. Austin removed the gun from my shaky hands,
and pointed the gun angrily at him.
"There should be some clothes over there," he said, signaling towards
the dresser I never noticed.
I opened it, and actually found some pants, I quickly put it on under
my skirt, and ripped the remains of my skirt off.
"Ready?"He asked.
We went up the stairs, and I felt something grasp my ankle, I fell to
the ground, I turned around to see Brian.
"I didn't finish what I started.” he said. He let loose of my ankle, I
kneed him on the side of his ribs, and kicked him down the stairs, and
he rolled backwards down the stairs, his body just laid there.
"Do you think he's dead?"
"I'm not sure, just keep running." Austin said.
He grabbed my hand, and we ran out.
Chapter 5 - Haley
I can't believe they've been stalking Dalia for months, I just hope we
haven't endangered anyone else.
We heard a car door close, outside.
Josh quickly turned off the lights, and pulled me under the table.
Sure, it’s a pretty cliché area to hide but how far were we going to
get in a few seconds. The front door slammed open, and to be quite
honest, I trembled in Josh's arms, he kissed the top of my head, and
held me close.
"Where are they?"
The man pulled out a gun, and set it down on the table.
All of a sudden, I hit my head on the table, and someone grabs my
ankle, and drags me out from under the table.
I looked up to see a blonde with a hell of a creepy smile. "You must
be Dalia's mother."
"Yeah, and I’m her father." Josh said, he grabbed a vase and slammed
it on his head knocking him unconscious.
I reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. Roger Williams.
"What do we do with him?" Josh asked.
I grabbed the gun off the table, pulled the slide.
"I guess we'll beat the information out of him," I said, jokingly, but
partially serious.
Josh nodded, and laughed a little. I grabbed Roger by his arm, and
attempted to drag him to the back seat of my camaro.
Josh picked him up over his shoulder, and reached into Roger's pocket
and pulled out bullets and a gun.
We walked back into the garage, and dragged Roger into the back seat
and strapped him in.
"Where do we go now?"
"There's an old warehouse, down on Green Springs. We could take him
there." I suggested.
Josh pulled out the gun, he loaded the gun, and pulled the slide, and
put the gun in his jacket pocket.
We pulled over, and Josh carried him inside.
We tied him to a chair, and put a black hood on his head just for
dramatic effect.
We waited a few minutes. I began growing impatient, so I pulled the
black hood off his head to reveal the bright fluorescent lights.
"Son of a..." Roger began.
"Nice to see you again." he said.
"Sure it is." I replied.
He looked me up and down, and licked his lips.
"Look, just tell me where she is." I said.
"Who? Oh, Daniel-"
"Right, right."
This guy is really making my blood pressure rise.
"So, you want to know where your daughter is. She's here in this
state, but not for long."
"Where are you taking her?"
"That sweetie is confidential information."
"DON'T call me sweetie, tell me where she is, or I swear I will shoot you."
"You don't have the guts."
I pulled out the gun and pulled the trigger.
"Ahh, you bitch!" he yelled.
"Tell me where she is, and we'll drive you to a hospital."
"She's...going to Washington D.C, She's going to
be branded, and sent into slavery, but it could be too late by then."
"But where is she now?"
"How would I know, I said he could take her wherever he wanted." he said.
I grabbed the butt of the gun, and slammed it on the side of his head
only to knock him out, I was being careful not hitting his temples.
I ran my hand through my hair, I drove Roger to the hospital, and went
on our long journey against the odds, Josh is trying to keep himself
together, just as I am, no matter how much we just want to sleep with
our windows open and our doors unlocked and let the world take us, we
won't give in.
We will find Dalia dead or alive.
 Chapter 6 - Dalia
We ran, and we are still running, through the woods, of God knows where.
We kept running until our lungs asked for air. We stopped at huge tree
giving off plenty of shade.
"How much...longer…do we…have to run?" I asked.
"As far away from him."
"How do we know he's not close by?"
"We would hear his motorcycle engine from the distance." Austin explained.
I nodded, and finally caught my breath. I looked up to catch Austin
staring at me with his deep brown eyes; I blushed, and looked away.
I quickly tucked my hair behind my ear. "Usually any other girl in
this situation would be crying their eyes out, but you... you're
different. It’s nice." Austin said.
"Thanks...I guess..." I replied. In the distance, we heard the revving
of a motorcycle engine, in the distance.
Austin paled, and my eyes widened.
He grabbed my hand, and we ran through the trees. The engine came
closer, and closer.
We ran through the trees, took every turn that was available. Austin
began climbing a tree; he pulled down his hand, reaching for me. He
quickly pulled me up, branch by branch, I quickly climbed up with him,
until my foot slipped, Austin's arm wrapped around my waist, while
still holding onto the tree. My heart was pounding, as he pulled me
closer, and for the reason, I almost fell from the highest part of the
tree. We stood absolutely still, as Brian got off his motorcycle, and
looked around. He looked up, and instantly caught us. His facial
expression showed a mischievous grin. I pulled myself out of Austin's
grip, and dropped down on top of Brian, my feet landing on his chest.
"Austin!" I yelled. He nodded; he pulled out a pocketknife, plunged it
into the trunk of the tree, and managed to slide down without getting
a splinter.
He grabbed my hand, and ran. We kept running faster, and faster, at
every single pace. What seems like only a few minutes, we have been
running for hours?
The sunsets on the horizon, we finally stopped, Austin stops at a bush
and pulls out a duffel bag.
"When he first kept me here, I ran off, and planted these bags, for
when I escape." he explained.
All of a sudden, the air is being pushed out of me, I look back to see
Austin on the ground right next to me. My legs burn, someone is
turning around.
It's Brian, he's coming back, he ran over my legs, and ankle. Austin
quickly grabbed me, and the bag, and ran. We were at a dead- end, a
cliff, only leading us down into deep waters. Austin managed to get
the bag on dry land below us.
"Hold your breath." he said.
Before Ii knew what happened, we're plunged underwater. We quickly
resurfaced, but I couldn't breathe. I felt myself paling.
Austin quickly carried me to shore, and began pushing down on my
chest. "Come on, come on."
He pressed his lips to mine, and began giving me mouth to mouth.
I coughed up water, and caught my breath. Austin pulled me into a hug,
and sighed in relief. My leg was burning; I looked down to see
multiple tire burns on my leg, and ankle. I realized Austin wasn't hit
with the motorcycle, but he did scrape his arm on the rocks on the way
down. It made a huge cut in his long sleeved t-shirt.
"You're bleeding." I said. "The cut is too far up, we have to somehow
get your arm free, do you have scissors?" I asked.
He shook his head, oh no if he takes off his shirt, I might get
distracted. We reached into the bag and our hands touched, I literally
felt electricity go up my arm. He pulled out a big tube of Neosporin;
I grabbed some tweezers, some rubbing alcohol, a towel, and some
Austin whipped off his shirt, and I will admit this I was quite
distracted, but I pretended to not notice. He had pieces of rocks in
his cut; I grabbed the tweezers, and pulled the tiny pieces of rocks.
Austin winced, "Sorry." I said. He bit his lip. "It's okay; this is
the most first-aid. I've gotten in a while." he explained.
I looked over at his back, to see a huge bruise. "Why?" I asked.
"Brian, he would get really drunk, and he would come to my room, and
beat the life out of me. Every night, what seemed like hours would go
on for minutes."
"How'd you get through it?" I asked.
"I didn't, he eventually stopped...hurting me at least. But it didn't
make a difference, everything still hurts, it always hurts. Having the
burden of all those girls, wherever they are, on my shoulders, knowing
I could've stopped him, I could've helped them, but I didn't. It's
going to be different this time." It was as if Austin's eyes were
getting deeper and deeper by the second. His brown eyes locked on
mine, his intense stare. It’s freaking me out. I don't want to fall
for him, because if I do, and he doesn't feel the same way it'll be
awkward, and what if we don't make it, I won't be able to say how I
He looked away from our little stare down. I grabbed the bandage and
wrapped it around his arm.
He opened the tube of Neosporin, and told me to put it on my burn.
Maybe because it was on my leg, he didn't want to treat it.
"It'll take a while, before the tire burns heals, we have to put
Neosporin on it every day, until it turns into a scab." he explained.
"Mhmm." I said. We ran out of bandages, I stayed quiet trying not to bother him.
"Hey, we ran out of bandages, why didn't you tell me?" he asked.
"I-I didn't want to bother you."
He shook his head, then grabbed his shirt and tore it, and wrapped it
around my leg.
"There." he said, and then he shook my hair, and chuckled. I blushed. A lot.
I bit my lip, and tucked my hair behind my ear, I began biting my
nails, I bite my nails, when I get overwhelmed or nervous.
"Hey, stop." he said, gently pulling my hand down. "That's a bad
habit." he said. He grabbed a shirt out of the bag and put it on.
"Yeah...Usually music calms me down, but there isn't any around." I said.
"We could make some, do you sing?"
"Yeah, but I’m not any good." I replied.
"Come on, I’m sure you're not that bad, I’m pretty sure than any other
person I've heard." he said.
I cracked a smile. He signaled me to come on.
I sighed, closed my eyes and began singing an original song As Life Goes By.
When I opened my eyes, Austin had a huge smile on his face.
"Did you write that?"
"That was awesome." he said.
I smiled, and started laughing nervously. "Do you sing?" I asked.
"A little."
"Come on." I said, poking his stomach.
"Okay, okay."
He began singing; I couldn't stop my smile from popping up on my face.
He sang Never Say Never by the Fray.
He stopped singing, blushed a little, and ran his hand through his hair.
"Thanks." he replied.
"We have to set up camp." he said. I nodded.
We didn't have a tent, all we had was a sleeping bag...ONE sleeping
bag, a fire, water, and some food.
I helped with the fire, and made everything all comfy. He set up a
pile of blankets, and wrapped himself in it, I laid in the sleeping
bag, it was big enough to fit both of us, possibly four other people
if you unfolded it, and laid on the flat on the ground.
"Hey, Austin, there's enough room in here, for you to sleep." I said.
"Are you sure?"
"Are you absolutely positive, you want me in that sleeping bag?" he asked.
I nodded, trying not to blush. He climbed in, and zipped the bag,
enough to give us warmth, but enough space to get up, and run if
trouble happens.
The bag was cold, and uncomfortable. I looked over to Austin to
already see him fast asleep, he smiled a bit. He must be dreaming
about his family.
I tried to stay huddled to myself, but clearly mother nature didn't
like that, she wanted to be cold, and I’d have to cuddle with him.
Even though Mother Nature has only the best in mind for me. so I
scooted closer, and closer, until I was able to actually feel his body
warmth, which was quite close. "Dalia?"
"You're freezing. You should come closer." Austin said, with so much
worry in his eyes.
I scooted even closer, so close I could feel his breath on my neck, it
was actually soothing. I closed my eyes, and let myself fall into his
warmth, I opened my eyes to see Austin staring at me. He quickly
looked away, and blushed. I put my head on his chest, and closed my
eyes once more. "Have a good night’s sleep."

I hope. I really hope we can make it out of this alive.
Chapter 7 - Haley
Roger is in the hospital, Josh is yearning for a drink and Dalia is
still missing. At least we have a lead on where she might be next.
I closed my eyes, trying my hardest not to cry, but it didn't work.
The tears fell like a waterfall, I started sobbing like an idiot, a
broken hearted idiot.
Josh walked in from the bathroom, and immediately comforted me. He put
me on his lap, and I cried into his neck. He rocked me back and forth.
"Shh." He whispered, stroking my hair. It became silent, a comfortable silence.
"Yes?" "I remember something when we were looking over the files, I
noticed the places her photo was taken, she was either with us or her
friends, and I've also noticed that other girls faces were circled,
and they were coordinates on the back of the files, I tracked them
down, and I found remote locations in the woods, and completely
different states." he explained.
"Do you think..?"
"Yeah." he said. The phone rang, I looked at it, it was an unknown
number, I wasn't sure who it was, but I picked it up anyway.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Yes, Mrs. Bennett?" a deep voice boomed over the phone,
"We found a body, we think it might be Dalia's." he said.
It was like the whole world slowed down, My knees buckled, I dropped
the phone, and I was falling so hard.
"Haley!" Josh yelled.
He lifted me up onto the sofa. Josh grabbed a tiny flashlight, and
shone it in my eyes.
"Your pupils are dilating, calm down... just tell me what the phone
call was about." Josh said.
I nodded, I slowly told him what the phone call was about. His jaw
clenched, and his eyes watered.
"We have to go anyway, it might not even be Dalia." he said. I nodded,
blinking back tears.
I put on my shoes, and we got into Bumblebee.
I sat in the passenger seat, just sat there with the blankest
expression on my face.
It seemed like minutes simply driving to the morgue, even though it
took hours. When the car stopped, I was thinking about everything that
has ever happened between us, and what it would be like if she was
really gone.
Josh didn't want to go inside, because dead people freak him out, but
he didn't need to see if it was Dalia or not.
"Haley Bennett?"
I stood up, and walked through the gray, dull hallways, until we ended
up in the morgue. He went to the table in the middle of the room, we
both walked up to the unknown body on the table.
He lifted the cover off the body. I quickly shook my head not wanting
to see more.
I ran out, I stood outside the hospital, holding my stomach, and
covering my mouth as I cried.
Josh came to my side, and wrapped his arms around me.
I looked up, and Josh was confused because I was smiling.
"It's not her, Dalia's still alive, and out there somewhere, alive,
and well, I can feel it." I said.
Josh smiled, and put his hands on the sides of my face, and pulled me
close, his lips connecting to mine. Even though I'm married, I still
blush the same, and feel the same sparks, it’s all the same. We broke
away, I put my forehead to his, and bit my lip.

"Let's go find Dalia." I said.
Chapter 8 - Dalia
Run! My instincts say.
Before I could comprehend anything that was happening we ran faster,
and faster, but it was not fast enough.
The U-haul truck stops right in front of us, and bikers completely
blocking the other way out, we break through the trees, we jump over a
few bushes, took a few sharp turns, and finally stopped to catch a
breath. "Ally, are you okay?" "Yeah."
I slid down the tree, and hugged my knees. Austin bent down, and
wrapped his arms around me. "We're going to be okay." he muttered. He
kissed the top of my head.
We heard the sound of motorcycle sounds getting farther. and farther
by the second. Austin let go of me, and looked around. I turned
around, and began pacing.
"All's clear." Austin said. I sighed in relief. Austin came behind me
and wrapped his arms around me, he was breathing on the back of my
neck, as if he was running.
I turn around to face him. He gives me a warm smile, his eyes
flickering down from my eyes to my mouth. He pressed his lips on mine,
pulling me closer, making the kiss deeper and more passionate. I put
my hands on the back of his neck my fingers tangling in his hair.
Everything felt like it lasted a lifetime. We quickly broke away.
Austin's sweet face, quickly turned confused, and sad, his pupils
dilated, and he fell to the ground. I dropped to my knees, checking
Austin's pulse. "Austin?"
I felt someone come behind me, and grabbed my shoulders. "Hey babe." I
felt myself pale, my blood ran cold. That same grasp, that voice, that
night that has been haunting me.
It's him. Brian. He turned me around, to look into his slightly Ember,
green eyes. His grip on my arms got tighter, and tighter. He squeezed
my pressure point, and I fell unconscious. I fell my body being thrown
into the back of a truck, and the door closed.
My eyes flutter open, I was about to sit up but someone pushed my head
back down against his chest. Austin.
"Stay down, or they'll hurt you, and I don't want you getting hurt." he said.
I closed my eyes just wishing that it was a dream.
I opened my eyes, and wake up on Austin's chest, his steady heartbeat.
I looked up to see Austin smiling warmly at me.
"You're up."
"I already put everything away, we just have to find somewhere to go."
"Where are we exactly?" I asked.
"We're pretty close to St. Petersburg, Florida."
I simply nodded. I have to get back to Miami.
My eyes began stinging from the smell. I lift up my arm, and smell
under my armpit.
"Oh God! I stink." I muttered.
"Me too."
Austin stopped, and searched through his bag, he pulled out two
toothbrushes, a towel, and some soap.
"I guess we could get clean over there." He said, signaling toward the river.
"No way!"
"Fine, I’ll guess you'll just smell, I’m going to get clean, and there
a few rocks over there, so I doubt anyone will see or find us."
Austin then descended into the water, with his towel, and bar of soap.
He put his towel and other clothing on the rocks, and went behind the
I sat there awkwardly waiting. I don't even have any clothes, unless
he could let me wear his?
I let my eyes drift off, and my dream continued.
I stayed down, closing my eyes.
"Wake them up!"
I shut them tight, a hand grasps my arms in their tight grip, pulling
me from Austin's protective grip, and slamming down to the ground, and
kicking me in the ribs.
"Wake up!" I refused to open my eyes. "WAKE UP!" they yelled, now
stomping on my ribs, and ankle.
I force my eyes open. There were 7 men in the room, 3 holding Austin
down, and 3 others holding my legs, and arms.
The last man was someone I haven't seen before, he was blonde, and had
a hell of a creepy smile.
"Hello. Time for branding." My eyes widen. One of the guys cover my mouth.
"Where should it be? Arm? Leg? Stomach? Yeah we'll go with stomach." he said.
They lift up my shirt all the way to my ribs. He grabs the brander,
and put it on High.
I shook my head. "Sorry sweetie, we've got to whether you want it or
not." The brand was nearly close to the delicate skin of my stomach,
but all of a sudden Austin sort of pushed me into the men holding me,
keeping me a reasonable distance from the brand, but the brand hit
Austin in his back shoulder. By the time the brand collided with his
skin, and his face into my shirt, he screamed. "A-Austin!" I yelled,
but it was muffled. They turned the brand higher, and covered my
mouth, so no one would hear me scream.
Angrily, they turn me around, and put the brand in the exact spot as Austin..
"Dalia!" My thoughts were interrupted with Austin waving his hands in
front of me.
"Your turn."
"I don't have any clothes?"
"There are some clothes in the bag."
I grabbed the bag, and descended in the water. I hid behind the rocks,
as I bathed. The water was warm, but I still didn't feel comfortable.
I realized there was a cave, so I put my clothes on in there. I
changed my bandages, and I walked back.
But I saw something written in the sand.
I Love Dalia Bennett.
That came out of nowhere. There could be another Dalia Bennett, but I
don't think he loves me. Maybe he wrote it and I wasn't supposed to
see it. I will not talk to him about it.
It would be weird, and awkward. How could he love me, he just met me,
maybe it’s nothing.
I met up with Austin and we began our quest.
"I need to go to the clinic."
"Yeah, there's one a few blocks from here."
We walked down the blocks, and finally made it to the clinic.
"Hi, I’m Dr. Jameson. How may I help you?"
"I need to be checked."
"For what?"
"To see if I'm pregnant, and if I have an STD?"
"It's an emergency." I said with a sudden urgency.
She made me pee in a cup and tested it.
"Okay, you're all clear, you're perfectly fine, but may I ask, were you raped?"
My face went pale, I looked down and nodded.
"I don't know where he is, I don't really know who he is, I just don't
want to ever see him again, he could be dead for all I know."
"Please don't tell anyone?"
"Fine, just be careful, okay?"
I nodded, hugged the doctor as if she was my best friend.
"Are you okay?" Austin asked.
"Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just go."
Chapter 9 - Haley
"Hales, You ready?" Josh asked.
"Yeah, let me just grab this." I said. I descended the stairs locked
the door, and got into the passenger seat.
"Where's our first location?" I asked.
"I tracked it, and it’s still in Florida, but its closer to Tampa,
Florida." He said.
We don't live very far from Tampa, which is good. I sat there
anxiously, hoping that Dalia is there.
We put in the coordinates into the GPS, and it took us to a house in
the middle of the woods. It looked pretty nice, no one seemed like
they were home. The door was unlocked, we slowly opened it, and walked
There was nothing here, we looked in the living room, the kitchen,
then I went downstairs. I saw Dalia's clothes on the ground.
"Oh my God..." I said. There's no trace of any blood.
We heard the front door slam, and then I saw him.
My body did before my brain even knew what was going on, I tackled him
to the ground, and pounded his face in.
"Where is she!?" I asked.
"I don't know where she is, I was going after her, and they ran off."
"They?" I asked.
"My kid brother and your daughter, they were running from me."
"Why should I believe you?"
"Why would I lie when a gun is pointed at my head?"
I looked up to see Josh holding the gun; he pulled the slide back to
make sure this guy would tell the truth.
"Which way did she go?"
"She's somewhere near St. Petersburg."
I gave him my best death glare.
"I'm so serious, she should be near that area, just don't shoot me."
I brought up my fist, and hit him square in the nose.
"What? He said don't shoot him." I explained.
"I guess we're going to St. Petersburg."
Chapter 10
- Dalia

After the doctor's appointment I felt happy.
We cut through the woods; we found this abandoned cabin, which was
loaded. At first, I felt bad, but it looked no one was there for a
while. We rather hung around for a while.
"So what?" Austin asked.
"I don't know, I just thought you would bring up a topic."
He shook his head.
"I have question."
"Go ahead."
"Can you dance?" he asked. I chuckled, "Nope." I replied.
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Yeah, I'm a terrible dancer."
"Show me." he said with a smile.
"Noo." I cooed.
He finally convinced me to. I did the dance I usually do. Clap, and
jump and twist around crazily.
He held back laughter.
"Okay, I'll teach at least how to slow dance." he said.
"Okay." I said.
He grabbed my hand, and pulled me close. He put one hand on my waist,
and held another on my hand.
"Keep your eyes locked on mine, and follow my lead." He said. We sort
of went on for a while.
"You're a fast learner." he said.
"Why thank you." I replied. We got closer, and I bit my lip while
looking into his deep brown eyes.
We leaned in closer, and closer by the second. My heart pounding
loudly in my chest, when we were only centimeters away, a loud crash
came from the back of the house.
"I go left." I said.
"I go right." he replied.
"Meet in the front?"
"But one more thing." he said. He quickly laid a kiss on me before
running in one direction.
I smiled, ran in the other direction, raced out the side door, and met
up with Austin in the front.
He signaled for me to run faster, and farther.
I nodded, and we took off. It was as if we were freestyle running, we
jumped over railings, and over rocks, and slid through open centers.
We got onto an open area, and kept on running.
"Okay, I think we ran for about three miles." Austin said.
I smiled, and nodded, while looking at the ground.
I looked up and realized something.
I stopped in my tracks, completely paralyzed. I realized we were on
the same road that my dream happened.
"We have to go the other way." I said.
"I...just have a bad feeling." I explained. He didn't argue with me,
we were about to run, until I saw one motorcycle, then another, and
another. We turned the other way to see a U-haul truck right in front
of us.
We break through the trees, we jump over a few bushes, took a few
sharp turns, and finally stopped to catch a breath. "Dalia, are you
okay?" "Yeah."
I slid down the tree, and hugged my knees. Austin bent down, and
wrapped his arms around me. "We're going to be okay." he muttered. He
kissed the top of my head. My dream has come true so far, but why did
Austin kiss me? But he does, I saw it.
We heard the sound of motorcycle sounds getting farther. and farther
by the second. Austin let go of me, and looked around. I turned
around, and began pacing.
"All clear." Austin said. I sighed in relief. Austin came behind me
and wrapped his arms around me. Everything's coming true, does that
mean Austin will kiss me? Does he really love me?
He was breathing on the back of my neck, as if he was running.
I turn around to face him. He gives me a warm smile, his eyes
flickering down from my eyes to my mouth. He moved some hair away from
my eyes. He pulled me closer to him and covered his mouth with mine in
a hungry kiss, pulling me closer, making the kiss deeper and more
passionate. I put my hands on the back of his neck my fingers tangling
in his hair. Everything felt like it lasted a lifetime. We quickly
broke away. Austin's sweet face, quickly turned confused, and sad, his
pupils dilated, and he fell to the ground. I dropped to my knees,
checking Austin's pulse. "Austin?"
I was really hoping this wouldn't happen, and I know what's going to
happen next.
I felt someone come behind me, and grabbed my shoulders. "Hey babe." I
felt myself pale, my blood ran cold. That same grasp, that voice, that
night that has been haunting me.
It's him. Brian. He turned me around, to look into his slightly Ember,
green eyes. His grip on my arms got tighter, and tighter. I escaped
his grasp, and fought him throwing my hardest punches, and kicks for a
petite 16 year old. He squeezed my pressure point, and I fell
unconscious. I felt my body being thrown into the back of a truck, and
the door closed, with a loud click.
It happened. Everything I was afraid of.
Chapter 11
- Haley

We drove to St. Petersburg. She was nowhere to be found.
"What are the other coordinates?" I asked.
"Washington D.C."
We drove to the airport, and bought our tickets. I sat in the seats
anxiously. I never really liked planes. I began biting my nails,
clearly Dalia got that habit from me.
"Hales." Josh said reassuringly. "Stop, it’s hard enough to stop Dalia
from doing it, I don't need you doing it."
I sighed. "Sorry."
The plane began to lift off the ground, and I prayed so dearly in my
heart that Ally was okay, breathing, planning to escape, just alive.
I closed my eyes, and my mind drifted off.
I was in some kind of factory. Men started coming my way, I brought up
my gun, and shot them in minor places, the arm, leg.
My cell phone began to ring. I picked it up.
"Seriously, who is this?" I asked.
"MOM!" Dalia's voice rang through the phone.
"Dalia, where are you?"
"I'm in some type of factory! But hurry I think they're killing off
people." she said.
I ran through the hallways, I turned into the first room I saw.
There she was, Dalia was there, with a guy about her age, he seemed to
be about 5'9, only two inches taller than Dalia. She seemed happy with
him, safe.
"Mommy!" she said, jumping on me with a hug.
"Hi Dalia." I said with a smile.
"So, who's this, your boyfriend?" I asked.
Dalia turned beet red, and the young man with her rubbed the back of his neck.
"I'm Austin."
"WE have to get out of here," I said. We nodded, and began leaving.
"Where's Dad?"
"He's dead." a voice came from behind us.
Roger. Dalia's eyes turned dark and cold.
She tackled him. "You tell me where he is?" she yelled.
"I told you he's dead. Then tell me where his body is." She threatened.
My eyes burst open, my heart was pounding. I looked over to see Josh
looking over to me.
I sighed in relief, and rested my head on his chest, his arms
protectively wrapping around my waist.
"I love you, and don't you forget it." I said.
"I love you too."
"We'll make it through this, I know we will." Josh said.
I hope so, I really do hope so.
Chapter 12
- Dalia

Everything is the same, the darkness, the hint of warmth and protection.
I open my eyes, and wake up on Austin's chest. I try to shift around,
but Austin pushes my head down.
"Stay down, I don't need them hurting you." he said protectively.
I blush at the fact he is protecting me, I blushed even harder knowing
he kissed me. It was as if I could still his lips on mine.
"Wake them up." a voice called.
No. No. No. NO!
I seemed to block everything out, I was being stomped on ,my ribs, arms, ankle.
Everything seemed to be going as I saw it.
The branding, the verbal abuse.
Afterwards, I was slammed to the ground, hitting the current burn on
my back shoulder.
I manage to pull myself up from the cold metal of the truck.
"L-Let me s-see your burn." I said.
He turned around to reveal a reddish burn.
"What's mine?" I asked.
Austin looked like he was going to puke. "Do you really want to know?"
"It looks like it peeled off your skin, but it looks whiter."
I took a shaky breath, and Austin pulled me into his arms despite the pain.
I think we blacked out in between those times. But I remember, the
door of the truck being opened, and Me and Austin being dragged out of
the truck.
I looked over and saw a dirty blonde-haired person with a creepy
smile, get paid this one guy.
We're in slavery. They no longer see us as humans, just objects.
In the far distance, I see the Washington monument, we're in Washington D.C.
My hands were bounded by shackles, and on my ankle was a shock dog
collar, to keep dogs from barking.
I'm pushed into a room with twelve beds., and the door closes, and
locks behind me.
Eleven girls come and ambush me. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?"
"Why would she be okay? We're in slavery for God's sake!" a girl yelled.
She was short, with long dark hair, and she was of Hispanic Descent.
"I'm Trish."
We then a distant tapping, and all the girls trembled.
"Get into bed, NOW!" Bridgit whispered.
We all to our beds, and pretended to be a sleep. The door burst open,
my cover was pulled off me, and I was dragged out of bed, and into the
kitchen, in front of a bucket of soap and water. "Clean!" they yelled.
I did what I was told.
"I'm done." I told the guard. He had one green eye, and one dark eye,
and a scar going down his arm.
"Then go clean the fridge."
I nodded, and cleaned the fridge. It wasn't the fancy ones, just the
old ones with the glass couriers.
"It’s clean." I say. "You missed a spot."
"What spot?" I asked.
"That spot!" he yelled. Then he grabbed his soda, and spilled all
throughout the fridge. Upset, I grabbed the glass courier, and walked
over to the sink to clean it. Instead, I grabbed it, and hit the man
on his head.
I began fighting for my life, for my freedom. I'm leaving, and I’m
taking every single girl and guy here.
I noticed the slave girls gathering around. "What is she doing?" One asked.
"Helping us escape." Bridgit said.
"Go find that guy that was here with her!" she commanded.
They ran off, I’m being beaten and bruised, then the guards are gone,
one at a time. I noticed Austin, a red- headed guy, and Trish helping
me fight, and few of the slave girls were fighting back.
I grabbed the keys from one of the guards, and we ran, faster than ever.
We ran down a corridor, until Bridgit led us to the communications room.
I grabbed the nearest phone, and dialed a familiar number. Mom.
I began hearing gunshots, louder, and closer.
Come on, Pick up, pick up, and pick up!
"Hello?" her voice rang through the phone, and-
Chapter 13
- Haley

As soon as the plane ride was over, I got off the plane, and got into
our rental car.
We punched in the coordinates of Dalia's possible location.
I got my gun ready, I wore my running sneakers. Josh had the most
determined look on his face. We had our guns, we had our phones, and
we had the determination.
In the distance, I saw the Washington Monument.
We're here. We walked through the bushes, and the trees, and made it
into this gray, dull area.
"Josh. Be careful, please." I said.
"Don't worry. We'll find our baby, and we're getting out of here." He
said. I nodded, and determination flashed in each of our eyes.
We walked in, and heard screaming, and running girls, with dog collars
on their ankles.
"Get back here!"
I turned the corner to see a man chasing a little girl with the most
terrified look on her face.
I grabbed the gun, and shot the man in his leg, it sort of went on as a pattern.
Then my phone rang. I clicked the answer button on my Bluetooth.
"Dalia, where are you?"
"I'm in some type of factory! But hurry I think they're killing off
people." she said.
I ran through the hallways, I turned into the first room I saw.
There she was, Dalia was there, with a guy about her age, he seemed to
be about 5'9, only two inches taller than Dalia. She seemed happy with
him, safe.
"Mommy!" she said, jumping on me with a hug.
"Hi Dalia." I said with a smile.
My dream is coming true, but I know that Josh is okay.
"So, who's this, your boyfriend?" I asked.
Ally turned beet red, and the young man with her rubbed the back of his neck.
"I'm Austin."
"WE have to get out of here." I said. We nodded, and began leaving.
"Where's Dad?"
"He's dead." a voice came from behind us.
Roger. Dalia's eyes turned dark, and cold.
She tackled him. "You tell me where he is!?" she yelled.
"I told you he's dead. Then tell me where his body is." She threatened.
I pulled the slide on my gun, even though it was empty.
I see Josh limp into the room. I sighed in relief, and kick Roger
where the sun don't shine, and stomped on the leg I shot him in, I had
zero sympathy for him.
I reached into his pocket, and shut off the dog collars on their
ankles, and we raced outside.
"So, do you have room for about 14 more people?" I asked.
Me and Josh exchanged looks, but nodded. We were in front of the car.
We pulled down all the seats, so everyone could sit, and be driven to
the hospital. I got into the driver’s seat.
"Everyone here?" I asked.
They all nodded. Bridgit cuddled with red head over there, I think his
name is Caleb. All the other girls and guys stayed distant but close.
I drive fast when I'm overwhelmed. The car was filled with screams and
whimpers. "Haley, slow down!" Josh said.
"Sorry!" I replied.
"We're here!" she yelled. We piled out off the van, we helped carry
Josh inside, and they all got treated for our injuries.
All of a sudden, piles of parents rush into the hospital. Who seemed
like Austin's parents rushed and showered him with hugs, and kisses,
then one person walks in that just makes my blood boil.
"No!" she yelled.
"Get out!" Austin yelled.
"Just let us explain!" Brian yelled.
"There's nothing to explain, I'm calling the cops." Austin's mother threatened.
Chapter 14
- Dalia

But a troubling thought came to mind. 'Who was that man that paid
Brian's partner?'
I closed my eyes, and flash backed to what happened only hours ago.
The dirty blonde got paid by a man in a dark drench coat.
He was tall, and broad, and his eyes...were light blue, and he had
dark hair tucked away under his hat, and when he reached out to give
him the money, a large key was attached to his belt loop. The key to
the city. The mayor.
No way. The mayor, I can't believe it. The Mayor of Miami, actually
followed us, and paid them to put us into slavery. That, that SKUNK
Then Brian, and Mayor Lester, and the Head of the FBI walk in.
"No!" I yelled.
"Get out!" Austin yelled.
"Just let us explain!" Brian yelled.
"There's nothing to explain, I'm calling the cops." Austin's mother threatened.
"Ma'am, there's no need to do that. Are you Dalia Bennett?" He asked facing me.
I didn't answer, I just stared at him.
"Come with me." He said, grasping my arm tightly, making me wince. His
grip is familiar, he was in the truck, he's one of the reasons we had
those brands on our backs, that aren't exactly done healing.
"Don't touch her!" My mom, and Austin yelled.
I wiggled out of his grasp, and made a run for it, with my mom and
Austin close behind, as we run into my dad's hospital room.
"D-Dalia what's wrong?"
"The FBI, and the Mayor are in on the kidnappings, they're trying to
get us." I explained, and began biting my nails.
Bridgit, and Caleb ran in. "They're after you two?" I asked.
Bridgit only nodded, catching her breath.
I closed my eyes, trying anxiously to calm down.
"DALIA! Look out!" I heard Austin yell. He pushed me out of the room,
for a bullet going in his leg.
"Austin!" I yell. But he somehow managed to tackle the FBI agent, and
crashed through the second story window, and landed on the roof of
where the ambulance goes and drops offs patients.
Out of instinct, I swan dive out the window, and roll onto the roof,
currently followed by Bridgit, and Caleb.
It was dark; the only source of light was the moon, shining down on us.
"Assaulting a Federal Agent, that'll get you in deep trouble."
"Kidnapping, Slavery, and you almost shot Dalia, and freaking shot me.
I figured that'll get you in an amount of trouble." Austin threatened.
I'm surprised he can still stand.
I saw his ID, Agent Moore.
I noticed that his ID is a fake! He's not a real agent. I can tell
because sometimes it has the abbreviation FBI on it, and it doesn't
even show photo ID, and it doesn't even say Department of Justice on
the bottom. Plus, the leather is cheap, and I can tear it off.
"What are you doing!?"
"Ripping your fake ID." I said nonchalantly.
Furious, he freaking rammed into me, pushing all the air out of me, I
fell off the roof, and was falling, it wasn't a short distance, but it
wasn't high up either. Austin jumped after me, covering my head. We
hit an incoming ambulance's windshield, and hit the ground, Austin and
broke my fall, but unfortunately I broke my ankle.
"Dalia!" Bridgit yelled. My vision was blurring, Austin's still losing
a lot of blood, so we rushed inside, whether my ankle was broken or
I sort of stole supplies from the hospital, after the doctors removed
the bullet from Austin, and put a cast on my ankle. I quickly limped
out, to see Bridgit beating the life out of Moore.
"You stupid skunk bag." Bridgit yelled. Then she pushed him.
Gradually, Caleb, and Bridgit climbed down carefully. To see Agent
Moore's body is gone.
"Crap!" Bridgit said.
I went back inside, to see Brian, his partner, I think his name is
Roger, and Mayor Lester, surrounding Austin.
"Get away from him." I said.
"What are you going to do about it, with your broken ankle?" Roger said.
"This." I said grabbing my crutch, and slamming it upward "there",
then slammed it into the mayors’ head, and helped Austin, and we got
We hid behind an ambulance. I stood up catching my balance.
All of a sudden, I feel this raging pain in the back of my head,
something warm begins to trickle down the side of my head. Blood.
I looked over to Austin to see him unconscious, along with Caleb, and
Bridgit. We were put into the ambulance, and drove away.
My vision blurred. My eyes felt heavy, I fought to stay awake, to at
least find a cloth to put pressure on my head.
I quickly fell back on a warm surface. A towel was on my head, putting
pressure on it.
"Shh." Austin said.
He gently pushed it down. "Where are they taking us?"
"Police station."
"Who's driving?"
"You're parents." he replied with a comforting smile.
I smiled back, and when the bleeding stopped, he sat me up, wrapped my
head in a bandage, and managed to make it look like a headband.
"Why did Brian knock us out?"
"Because he wanted to help us, and he's willing to turn himself in."
Austin explained.
Chapter 15
- Author's POV

Everyone watched in awe, as they saw went inside the police station with Brian.
"Excuse me, sir?" he asked.
"I have a confession to make. I am a part of the reason why all those
girls on that board went missing. It's also the Mayor of Miami, and
Roger." Brian explained, and pointed towards Roger, who was currently
being dragged in here by the security from the hospital.
"Where are all the girls that were taken?"
"At the hospital." he replied.
"Dalia Bennett?"
"She's right there." he replied, referring to the young woman behind him.
"Bridgit Rodriquez?"
"Also there."
"Caleb Mitchell?"
"Over there." Brian simply replied.
"Okay, you are under arrest for the kidnappings of Dalia, Bridgit, and Caleb."
Brian put his hands behind his back, handcuffed him and Roger, and put
him in the holding cell.
"You ass!" Roger yelled.
"I thought you would be that last person to turn us in!" Roger yelled.
"Get over it, it was your idea to do it, and I was stupid enough to go
along with it, we did the crime, we pay for it. That's how it works!"
he yelled.
Roger sat there quietly.
Dalia,and Austin walked over to the bar of the cell, Roger raced
towards it, but Brian kicked him in the stomach.
As Roger lied down in fetal position holding his stomach.
"Guys.. I'm sorry, both of you if you don't forgive me, I see why."
"No, it’s okay." Austin replied. However, Dalia was hesitant, but she
saw the sadness, and regret in his eyes.
"I forgive you." I replied.
Afterwards, Austin and Dalia walked out of the police station, hand in
hand, still in their hospital gowns, still bruised, and scars go
through out the surface of their body.
"I'm so not ready for court." Dalia admitted.
"Me neither." Austin replied. They walked for a while, and stopped at
a park, and sat at the bench.
"I'm going to ask you a random question?"
"What can you tell me about yourself?"
"I love waffles, music is a passion of mine, I’m a pretty good dancer,
I like cheerleaders, but I like you more, my middle name is Michelle,
and I used to be petrified of umbrellas."
"How about you?" he asked.
"I have terrible stage fright. I bite my nails, music is also my
passion, I’m a terrible dancer, I clean when I’m sad, and I like
pickles." she replied, with a smile on her face.
Austin chuckled. They went on and on like that all night.The next day, Dalia was dressed up in a petite dress, with her hair
curled, and put down onto her shoulders.
Austin wore a dress shirt, with black shoes, and church pants.
Caleb wore a bow-tie shirt, with jeans, and sneakers.
Bridgit dressed up in a t-shirt, with black jeans, and sneakers.
"Y-Yes sir." Austin stammered, as he was up at the podium.
"You were abused by Brian, correct?" he asked.
"Yes sir."
"You knew that those girls were kidnapped, but yet you did nothing."
"I didn't know what to do.."
"I'm sure you did, since you did bring Miss Dalia to safety, didn't you?"
"Yeah, but.."
"But what?"
"I felt bad not being able to do anything, so I decided to make a difference."
Austin got down from the podium, and every single one of them went and
did their testimonies.
The judge trialed Brian, Lester, Roger, and Agent Moore under arrest
for kidnappings, and rape, and aggravated assault.
Austin went over to Brian, and hugged him, brother to brother.
Brian had no look of regret, he's paying his time, and that's what he
wants to do, he's paying for his consequences.
Dalia embraced Austin in a warm hug.
Even though Brian was in jail, Austin was happy, they were all happy,
that they were finally going home to warm embraces.

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