Sophia and Her Bear

Kimberly Pepin

Copyright 2021 by Kimberly Pepin


Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash
                                    Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

     One dark night when the wind howls and the trees are going crazy there is this little girl Sophia. She sits in her room wondering if she will ever be good enough to be loved.  Since her parents don't love her. So on this day she packs some clothes and her favorite stuffed bear and as her parents sleep Sophia walks out of the house as fast as she could.  She gets a mile down the road and realized that she took a wrong turn somewhere.  She is in the middle of nowhere. As she looks around she is standing there wondering where she went wrong then............. 

       Out of nowhere this thing appears, Sophia thinks its a man. He says he can help her find her way so she follows him.  Only to find that he is taken her to this house and locks her in a room with nothing but a bed.  She couldnt even have her stuffed bear. Next thing she know is she hears screaming from the guy who took her and she look out of the key hole on this old bedroom door she sees the man laying in a pool of blood then she hears someone trying to open the door but sees no one through this key hole.  So she starts to panic as the door opens she cant believe what she sees it was........... 

        Her stuffed bear somehow was alive covered in this mans blood she was so scared of this bear she screams then the bear says Sophia everything is gonna be okay so now this bear walks with this girl on the empty roads killing people that they think are bad people and just keep going with their life.  

      Ten years later..........  Sophia is still running with this stuffed bear until she finds this man she falls madly in love with only to find out after years of them dating this stuffed bear got jealous of him and he thought Sophia didnt need him no more soooooo............ 

         One night as they laid down to sleep the stuffed bear killed them both and now this stuffed bear has died too because it was Sophia's imagination keeping him alive.  Now no one will ever die again.  

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