The Story of how we met 
Icy and Niklaus

Kelly Maida

© Copyright 2020 by Kelly Maida

Photo of two cats,

This is a story about my two cats and how my kids convinced me to get them.

It is funny how life works sometimes. My two daughters wanted a pet for the longest time. I kept putting it off, because our life was always so busy. I tried to get a fish and then a hamster. My youngest did love her hamster for awhile. She named him hammy the hamster. However this only lasted a short while. But my youngest always wanted a cat or dog. She was too young to remember our dog nino that we had. She was only one when we lost him. On Christmas Eve 8 or 9 years ago my youngest and I went to Pet smart. We had to get food for my daughterís hamster. 

As soon as we got in the parking lot my youngest begged for a pet. She said mom letís get a cat they are not as hard to take care of. Deep down I was still really said about a dog that we had. He was a whippet and his name was nino. Even though it had been ten years I was still heart broken over him. And I felt in his honor I should not get another animal. Maybe I just did not want to get heart broken again. So I told my daughter the only way we are getting a cat is if it is a Siamese. I thought to myself that will never happen because Siamese cats were rare. I always thought Siamese cats were beautiful. My grandmotherís neighbor had one. And I loved the part in Lady and the Tramp where the Siamese cats sing we are Siamese if you please. Well we arrived at Petsmart and walked back to where the humane society was in the back of store. And as we walked back to where the cats were located my daughter was very surprised there was a Siamese cat there. If you think she was surprised you should of seen my face. At this point I think I was pale. My daughter was jumping up and down. I was trying to think of a way out of it. I looked at the tat the information they had typed up about the cat. I looked at my daughter and said well she is not full Siamese she is part lynx so letís go home. Then she looked at me and said mom well you never specifically said full Siamese, you just said Siamese. I could not argue with that or with her. She was right and it was Christmas Eve and she really wanted a pet. She looked so happy. She picked up the cat and the cat immediately cuddled with her. She really was one of the sweetest cats I ever met. The name that the Humane society gave her was snowball. But my daughters and I named her Icy. Icy was one years old that is all they told us about her except that they found her roaming around outside. 

Everything was great for about two years. Then my daughters felt that icy needed a playmate because she gets lonely when Iím at work and when they are at school. I really did not want another pet. I said one is enough. But my oldest kept going on the Humane Societyís website and planned on getting another cat. She had one all picked out and kept showing me a picture of a beautiful orange and white cat that was three months old. Both of my daughters convinced me to at least meet the cat. I said alright well just meeting him is okay. I looked at my kids and said this does not mean that we are going to bring him home. Well we walked inside and told the lady at the counter the cat we wanted to see. She looked at me and said, His name was Bradley and he was not friendly. My kids didnít care and picked him up. Then I picked him up and he was sweet but fresh. He would cuddle for a minute and then bite you. My kids thought it was cute. The workers told us they didnít think he would find a home. That is all they had to say my kids had tears in their eyes. They said mom no one wants this cat what will happen to him. I said fine but if we get him I am naming him Niklaus after a vampire tv show that we watch. He really did fit the character on the show he was misunderstood . He seemed dangerous when he bites but he just really wanted love. So they talked me into another cat. When we brought him home the cats did not get along at first. We had to separate them for a bit. Icy kept going after him. Eventually icy started to act like his mom. She took care of him and taught him all her bad habits as well as good. 

Niklaus was biting a lot and I was nervous that he would not calm down. I thought that we might not be able to keep him. But my oldest was sure he would change. She was right. As time went by the more love we showed him, he showed it back. We taught him to give kisses. Itís funny we kissed him so much that he will walk right up to you and give you a kiss. He also does a cute thing we call baby blanketing. Where he plays with a blanket and purrs and kneads it. Itís funny how each cat has their own personality. Icy is more quiet and reserved. Niklaus is wild and fresh but really has a big heart and loves to cuddle now too. Niklaus also has a keen since when someone is ill or sad. I noticed a few times when I was sick he kept coming up to me very concerned and would snuggle with me a little more than usual. I call him a healer. He really makes me feel better whenever Iím sick. I have read that cats do have an effect on us to make us feel better. It is very true.

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