Spiritual Awakening

Kelly Maida

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Photo of a sunrise.

This is about a Spiritual Awakening that I have been going through for the past two years. I thought it might help other people going through this as well.

Spiritual Awakening Has anyone been through this ? Some call it a Spiritual awakening or the Dark Knight of the soul! Whatever you call it, it can be scary at times especially if you are not prepared for it! I know I was not. I had my first awakening back in 2012 when I went to a psychic. He told me I was on a spiritual journey and had gifts and I was a light worker. All I could think of was Leo from Charmed, being a white lighter! I laughed at it at first until I started having tower moments. Where the foundations started to crumble around me. The Universe finds a way of re-directing you if you are not on your path. The psychic I went to told me I was meant to write, and to get my word out. It took years for me to really listen to him. This is because I was not listening to myself. I did a lot of purging. When I say that I mean getting rid of old negative patterns and belief systems. None of this was easy. There was times on this awakening that I would get panic attacks, and flu like symptoms. I started to change my diet. Change my views. I stopped drinking. I learned to be more careful in who I let into my life. The past two years is when the spiritual path really started to hit harder. I was living in North Carolina the last Five years. I loved being by the beach, however the Universe decided I was not on my path and moved back to Upstate, New York where I am from. This was the hardest decision of my life. To be honest I did not want to ever go back to New York. Itís so cold and I love the beach! But after some harsh hurricanes and situations as well as severe allergies I did not have a choice. Now the challenge is adjusting back to the cold when you were used to the beach. But honestly the biggest challenge is trying to find people you can relate to. When you change your whole life and your vibration you find this thing that happens. Your on a different frequency now. And the people that you used to know you canít relate to them and they canít relate to you. Now not only are you starting over with moving etc, you have to find a whole new tribe! Well since you are entering a whole new phase of your life this would only make sense. This is not the case for everyone. Some people find that as they grow, people will grow with them . Or just outgrow them. It is all part of life. I feel this is all part of the plan of life. We keep growing and keep evolving right! Whatever does not grow is dead! So keep growing and whoever does not join you on your mission you will replace with something else! The bigger your struggle the bigger plans god has for you!! Keep going!

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