If You Ever Feel Like Giving Up--Keep Going

Kelly Maida

© Copyright 2019 by Kelly Maida

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I was inspired to write this because sometimes it seems like there is not a light at the end of a tunnel and that we sometimes quit right before we get to that light! 

If you ever feel like giving up- keep going your almost there!I think through this journey of healing we end up discovering our true selves. Once I started discovering what toxicity was and narcissistic people it not only educated me it empowered me. I used to ask why a lot. For instance why did this happen to me, why was I attacked. Itís good to ask questions but donít live there. Some questions you may never get answers for. What you will find is a whole new you! You will become a brand new person ! 

One that is empowered with knowledge and knowing what signs to look for in people. You will become less tolerant in people with bad behavior. You no longer give people so many chances. You learn to walk when you see red flags. Then you start to help and empower others. Maybe your real purpose is to help others and tell them your experience.

 Maybe you were sent here to change the world ! Maybe your words as simple and as few as they can be just made someoneís day or inspired them, or maybe you saved someoneís life. We never know how we effect others or what someone is going through. So give love, sprinkle love everywhere. Donít ever close your heart because someone hurt you. That had nothing to do with you and everything to do with them . 

Feeling love is part of being alive ! So love and be fearless. And this is a balancing act from what Iíve been learning. Still be cautious and look for the signs but donít be numb or shut down . I know this feeling because two years ago I was completely numb after I was attacked. It was the worst feeling. I could not smile, i was always on guard and I had no feelings about anything. Donít become a robot. I feel what helped me was counseling as well as educating myself on abuse and toxic behaviors! The more I educated myself the more I felt empowered and strong. Knowledge really is power. The more you take time out for yourself and get to know yourself the better your life becomes. On this journey there will be times where you donít want to get out of bed but do it anyway. If you canít walk then just crawl! But no matter what you donít stop! Donít ever stop! The world needs you! You are loved- so very much so. Even if there are dark times in your life remember we live in a loving universe, love is everywhere.

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