A Healing Tale - Part one

Kelly Maida

© Copyright 2023 by Kelly Maida

Photo courtesy of the author.
Photo courtesy of the author.

I think It was two years ago when a sweet ginger came into my life. He is a beautiful stray cat. I like to call him orange kitty or Bob. Others in the neighborhood just call him Bob. He is like a person. The kind that everyone wants to be around. He is like Norm from Cheers. Where everyone knows your name. The whole neighborhood looks out for him. In a way he looks out for us too. You could have the worst day but just by being around this cat you feel better. Whenever I see him he comes running over to me. He just loves being around people. One of my neighbors said he is the alpha male. That he protects other animals. If he sees a skunk or a fox, he will run towards it. I have never seen such a fearless animal in my life. I really feel some encounters are no coincidence. I feel he is such a blessing. Animals are angels in disguise. I feel he not only tries to help animals, he tries to help humans as well. After a while he just has really grown on me. I feel like he is a member of my family or a good friend. I have seen him with other animals, defending them. He has a tough life living outdoors. I donít know how he does it. I already have two cats or I would have brought him home with me by now. I am only allowed to have two pets where I live. Orange kitty deserves a home. I may not be able to give him a home but I can offer my love and care to him.

Last night a strange list of events occurred. First I was on my way to go get food. I left my apartment and I ran into a neighbor. She told me that Bob or Orange kitty was missing. I said well he does disappear sometimes. She said not for this long. I tried to keep my thoughts positive. I said well I am sure he will be back soon. I went to get food and came home. I noticed my work phone was gone. It is odd because I swear that I left it on my desk in my place. I searched my whole place. This has never happened to me before. I know that I left my phone in my apartment but for some reason I wanted to check my car. I donít know why but for some reason I just felt like it. I went outside and I will never forget what I saw. Two of my neighbors were by Bob and he was lying on the ground lifeless. One of the neighbors said she was so glad to run into me. They didnít know what to do. I started calling every vet in the area. However you have to be a patient in order to have emergency services by an emergency vet. The only place that we could get a hold was an hour away and they said that had at least a four hour wait. I felt helpless. Here lies the one animal that cares for everyone and everything. He is the strongest animal I have ever met. I had to do something.

The first thing that came to my mind is to try Reiki on him. I am a Reiki healer. Reiki is like acupuncture except without the needles. I told the neighbors I am going to try Reiki on him. I put my hands on him and started to do Reiki. I noticed after a while of me trying to heal him that his breathing changed. It was shallow before and he started breathing better. He was still lying down but it felt like life was slowly coming back to him. I stayed there and tried Reiki on him until my hands were numb. I started to cry and told this sweet cat that I will not give up on you. So do not give up on yourself. I love you and so does everyone else. After a while he slowly got up and started to walk away. But I followed him. I kept talking to him and petting him. Until he kept walking and went down the road. I felt better to see him walking. However it was still really hard for me to sleep last night.

The next morning, Bob was the first thing on my mind. I went right outside. I saw a few neighbors around him. I have to admit I was so scared. I was afraid that something bad would happen. At first I was not going to go over there. Then I decided that I had to do it. I went over to the neighbors and I noticed they were next to Bob. When I went over to him he looked a little better. He was definitely more coherent. He responded when you called his name. He came over to sit next to me. I sat there and pet him and talked with him. I felt so much better seeing him like this. One neighbor looked at me and said I donít know what you did to this cat last night but look at him now. It is as if you got him to get up and start moving again. He said whatever you did worked. This neighbor started crying. I could tell he really loved Bob too. They all do. His girlfriend was there as well. She said that they made an appointment at a local vet office. I was so happy to hear that. They really love Bob too. We all do. You know they say that I healed Bob. I feel that he healed me too. I am very hard on myself. I forgot about my healing abilities. Until now. Bob reminded me that I can help others. He is a healer too. All of this is a miracle. I have not seen miracles in a while. But Bob really is a miracle. And Thank God that Bob is doing better. I feel blessed to have met this cat. He has changed all of our lives forever.

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