Haunted Happenings  
The Ghost of His Father and Paranormal Experiences

Kelly Maida

© Copyright 2023 by Kelly Maida

Photo by Emily MacDonald at Pexe;ls.
Photo by Emily MacDonald at Pexe;ls.

I had a series of paranormal experiences that have happened to me this year. But it all started one year ago. That is when this guy came back into my life. The odd thing is the minute we started talking again, we noticed all these similarities that we had. We are both earth signs, similar life experiences and his brother having the same birthday as me. Then it became more than that. We noticed we would message each other the same exact word or sentence at the same time. Then there were times where we spoke the same things at the same time. And sometimes when we spoke it was a whole sentence at the same time.

Then at times we would know what the other one was thinking. It felt like it was an intense connection at the time and we were drawn to each other. We had the same dream one time. I had dreams of him. Some would come true. He told me that he had a dream of me. I am not sure if it was only once but he did say he had a dream that scared him of me. He said he saw something bad happen to me. I then noticed that I could pick up his feelings.

Some days it was overwhelming. One time I remember just crying out of nowhere. I was not even sad. And later that day he said that he was upset. I also remember waking up in the middle of the night and feeling panicked. I would message him and ask him if he was okay and he would say no. I remember a few times talking to him and I just knew the color of the shorts he was wearing or socks. Then when we would hang out, things would get intense. Especially at the beginning. When we first started hanging out, unexplainable things would happen. The television would just turn on by itself. We would look for the remote. It was always under the bed and in the middle. I will never forget the time when so many things happened all at once. First his television turned on. Then it went off. Then everything went off. One by one his lights, our cell phones and air conditioning all turned off. I got chills all over me that night. I definitely felt someone was there with us. He always knew it was his dad. He told me that mainly his dad was coming around more when I was there. He told me that one time his phone flew across the room and he saw his dad that passed away. One time when we were talking on the phone he told me that a plant that was in his room fell over about four times. He also saw 11:11 and 1:11 on the phone that day.

Another time that we were talking on the phone he said you left one of your shirts at my house. Then he said that my shirt moved from one end of the couch to the other. I laugh when I think back to seeing angel numbers with him because he did not believe in angel numbers. The first night that we saw angel numbers he was actually trying to tell me that you can look at your phone and see any number. He put his phone in the kitchen to charge. We talked for hours in his room and had no idea what time it was. He went into the kitchen to look at his phone. It was exactly 11:11 pm. After that day it became a regular thing for us to see angel numbers. It was always 11:11 and 1:11. It was to the point where you could not deny it. We never really paid attention to the time when we were together so when we saw the angel numbers we knew it was a sign. The clock in my car was broke and I remember we were driving and laughing and when we stopped my car it was exactly 1:11 according to my clock. Another time I looked at my facebook and I had exactly 1111 friends and his face and name was next to the number. Or I would have 111 emails. It felt like things were trying to get our attention. We even had some similar health issues at one point. It was the same eye condition and it was at the same time. One time he told me that he put a crystal that I gave him under his bed. He took a nap and he woke up to my crystal hitting the wall and startling him. Another time he was on his phone and he said he was on social media. Then all of a sudden one of my youtube videos about wolves popped up and he canít explain how. And as I just wrote that I heard two knocks on my wall. Which is strange because not to long ago we asked his dad to give us two knocks if it was him. I had different dreams of him. One time I had a dream of him falling, but I saw him fall in a bathroom but he fell outside. It's strange but sometimes that is what happens in my dreams. They turn out a little different.

I had a dream of his dad once and it was odd he seemed like he was worried and trying to get a message through. I only remember him asking what was the problem with his son and I. It is kind of funny because I always wondered the same thing. He was acting as a counselor in the dream, in between the two of us and seemed as if he was trying to help. Then this guy ended up moving into my building. When I went into his apartment, we still had the same strange things happen. Weird knocks, strange sounds and his socks falling off his shelf. I asked him one night if I could perform a seance to try to contact his dad and maybe get some messages from him. He agreed to this. At the time we happened to be in my apartment. We heard 14 noises. All of the noises sounded like knocks on a wall. It is funny that the number 14 is the day I was born. Then we went back to his place. Before I left my place, I told his dad that he had to go back with him, or if any other ghosts were there as well they had to leave. So we got back to his place and I said letís try to ask again because we started to hear noises again. The minute I said if this is his father then please knock twice if you have a message for him. Instantly we heard two knocks. Then it kept happening. The next day he told me he felt like it was really overwhelming because now the knocks just keep happening all the time.  I still do see him in my dreams sometimes.

However the dreams are different now. One night I had a dream I met a new guy and It was my wedding day and I was wondering what this guy would have thought of me getting married and if he cared anymore. Another dream that I had was me moving out of the apartment that I am living in and him trying to find me but he could not. But a really creepy thing just happened recently. I walked into a store and it was just me and three other people in the store. The store owner kept teasing this little boy. The little boy was looking at mood rings. And the color of his mood ring meant love. All of a sudden his sister kept calling his name and she said it was time to go. He just so happened to have the name of the guy that this story is about. Then things just took a real weird turn. I left that store and walked a few blocks away and just felt drawn to this other store. I went in there and all of a sudden the little boy that was trying on mood rings came up to me. He looked right at me and said look, it's her. He kept saying it over and over again. He kept telling his sister to look that it was me, the lady from the other store. And they kept calling his name once again. It was the same name of the man this story is about.

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