My Run In With A Soul Mate/Twin Flame

Kelly Maida

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I just left the psychics house and I am still trying to process everything that has just happened.

Now that I think back from the time that I was a child I just knew things.  I could guess people’s names or just have a sense of people and whether they had good or bad intentions. I have always been interested in tarot cards and predicting the future. I have always felt like I am from somewhere else, another time or place. I have been having dreams of past lives and I have had
dreams that came true. My whole life has been filled with what some people call chance but I call it synchronicity. Now I feel the need to start piecing things together. Sometimes to figure out the future we must dive into the past. . I grew up in a family that is religious and believed in God but not psychics.  I have always loved going to new places. I have moved around quite a lot, my life has been in a way like a gypsy.

Seven years ago I was at a crossroads in my life and decided to go to see a psychic. The fist thing that the psychic asked of me was to have a seat and she shuffled a stack of tarot cards and then she split the cards into a pile of three. She said that the reason for cutting the cards into three piles was because the number 3 is a magical number of creation and manifesting your desires. Then she told me to pick a pile and once I did that she told me to start picking some cards. I started pulling tarot cards and the next thing I know she is telling me about family members of mine that died and not to give up on love. One particular family member that she mentioned was my uncle mark that died in a car crash. She also kept saying that there is something unusual about me that she could not put her hand on it but I had a lot of talents. I told her that I have not been myself lately. She said that I have been blocked off and that I needed to e more accepting and ready to receive more from the Universe and that I have spiritual gifts that I have always had. She said thatI was also an empath and that I can feel the energy of people and I can also feel people’s thoughts and emotions. All of this is true. My whole life everyone has always told me how sensitive I am. Sally looked over at me with a strange look and said that I was also an indigo child.

I looked at her confused and said Sally what exactly is an indigo child? Sally said thatIndigo children possess paranormal abilities and are very driven and extremely talented and come here with a purpose to make the world a better place. She said that I possess paranormal abilities such as telepathy and very intuitive. She said I was a witch in my past life and the reason that I do not like things around my neck is because I was hung.

She also said I am very in tune with nature in this lifetime and that is where I draw my energy from. She said that I am also a healer with my hands and that I should look into Reiki, and that Reiki is placing my hands on people just like accupressure. It will heal people as well as myself.

I paused for a moment and thought back to when I was a child and I would put my hands on parts of my body that caused me pain and I would heal myself.

A few weeks later I met a man at school unexpectedly and the whole room just completely stopped existing, I could not see or hear anything else but him. I felt as if I knew him but I never met him but yet I felt like I already knew him. The strange thing is that when I looked at him I swear I could feel how he felt and that he felt the same way about me. Later that night I went home and felt inspired to write this poem: My loves reflection is mirrored in thy cup.

When you look into this cup your looking deep into my soul. For my love for you is centuries old. My love goes down so smoothly throughout your body. Every time you drink you will think of your beloved. I just felt we were connected somehow but did not understand how. We ended up finding each other on facebook and started to hang out and I felt an instant connection. He said he loved to write just like I do but it has been awhile. He also said that he used to be in a band.

We ended up watching scary movies that night because Halloween was just a few days away.

I had to go back to the psychics to try to make sense of all this. I went to her house and she placed the tarot cards out and told me to choose some cards. I picked the cards and the next thing I know she said that this man was my Twin flame. I have never heard of that and did not know what she was talking about. She said that he was the other half of my soul and that twin flames help you see the parts of yourself that you don't want to. She said that twin flames can bring out the worst in you to help you grow in life. And she said that we have been together in many lifetimes and have been star-crossed lovers in the past we always had something terrible happened that pulled us apart.

I told Sally that I keep having dreams of Jack. She said that is because we have a strong connection and that we are twin flames and that he has the same dreams of me but he does not understand any of this. I told her that I had an awful dream of him the other night. That someone was after him and he was on a dock fishing and he got hurt. And he ended up in the hospital and on the clock was 6:00. She said that he is going through a rough time right now.  I asked her if there is anything that I can do. She said just be there for him and do not tell him any of this it will push him away because he will never believe any of this. I felt a lot of pressure because I found my Twin Flame and I have never had any luck with relationships. This pressure ending up increasing the anxiety that I was already dealing with. I increased my drinking around him because I felt that it would calm my nerves. One night he said he was going to meet up with his friends at a local bar to listen to a band. I already planned on meeting my sister there. I was pressed for time, because I had school earlier that day and did not have time to eat. When I went out to the bar I started drinking and it was to late once I found out the bartender was putting double shots in my drink. I do not remember much that night except that this man that I thought was my twin flame was supposed to drive me home but he was drunk also. His friend was bringing me home but would not take me. My sister asked him several times if he would give me a ride, and he said yes every time. I got in the car and blacked out and the next thing that I remember was the cops pulling me over saying that I was driving down a one way street the wrong way. I was hurt and confused and called this man up several times very upset. I decided after this that I would never drink again. Things slowly started to change between this man and I after that night. We slowly stopped seeing each other as much. And the last time that I saw him he asked me if I had seen anyone else other than him. I told him no and he said that when we were seeing each other he did not see anyone else until we stopped seeing each other so frequently. It was all confusing. He asked me why I did not see anyone else? I lied and told him that it was because I never go out. I did not want him to know I liked him, I was afraid it would push him away. I could hear the psychics words in the back of my head. She told me not to tell him my true feelings. We stopped talking and the next week I saw on social media he was making plans to move in with some girl. I never had the chance to tell him how I felt. I wonder if that would have made a difference? I guess I have unanswered questions. The biggest question is I wonder if this is all in my head? Or does he ever have dreams of me as well? It has been six years and I still wonder.

This story is about meeting someone and feeling a very deep connection on a soul level and not being able to make sense of it. I met a man 7 years ago while attending school and instantly when I saw him the whole room stopped. I felt as if I knew but I knew it was not possible. I felt as if I could read his thoughts and he could read mine. I ended up going to a psychic and finding out that he was my twin flame as well as some interesting facts about myself. I was told I was a reiki healer which I ended up becoming certified in reiki. She also saw me writing and just that little nudge she gave me ending up making me write again and it gave me the confidence that I needed to start submitting my writing.  I only starting submitting my writing this past year. Even though my time with my soulmate/ twin flame did not last long it left an impact on my life. I never had the chance to tell him how I feel. I hope this somehow reaches him. It has burning inside of me knowing that I cared for him and never had the chance to tell him.


My Run in with a Soulmate/Twinflame Part Two

Right after I wrote the first story of this, I decided to put it on Youtube. A psychic commented on my video. She said, “I do not trust this psychic that you spoke to.” Then she said, I believe someone new is coming into your life.” She also said, “She felt very guided to talk to me.” 

The funny thing is I believe her.  It resonates with me. I do however think he was part of my soul tribe. But just here so we could teach each other lessons. We were not meant to stay in each others lives. At least I have my answers after 7 years of thinking he was my possible twin flame. Now here is where things get interesting. The day that this psychic commented on my story and said, “You are going to meet someone new”. I actually did.  

This was just two weeks ago, so it is too soon to tell. How ever I have already seen visions of him in a past life in the civil war. I do feel a connection, but we will see how it plays out. I felt compelled to the rest of this story. I think we get so caught up in the idea of love that we forget to listen to our instincts and we listen to other people. Not to mention that they are so many different types of people we meet.  Some our just karmic to teach us a lesson. Then even some of our soul family that we meet are meant
to come in but not guaranteed to stay. Sometimes we still have energetic cords to people that we need to release in order to move on. I found that after clearing my energy it is much easier to move on from people and situations. I feel the more I keep clearing my energy and becoming the best version of me, I will attract my divine partner at the right time. It is all divine timing.

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