A Stranger From A Strange Land

Kelly Maida

© Copyright 2021 by Kelly Maida

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This piece  is about my own life experiences of feeling like a misfit.

Did you ever feel different than others? When I was a child I played with lucky rabbits feet and I had lucky charms. My favorite books were on witches and magic. I was also highly intuitive and guessed things about people correctly. I had no idea that I was an empath when I was a child. People around me when I was growing up did not understand why I was so sensitive. People could not understand why we were so different. When I was a young child, I had this feeling that I belonged somewhere else and I could not explain. The only thing that would come to my mind is that I was adopted. This is not true but as a child that thought would run through my mind because I did not really see any similarities between my family and I. We looked similar on the surface, but on the inside I could not see anything that we had in common besides a few surface level things. After a lot of soul searching I am discovering that people that were born different were meant to stand out. We are not supposed to blend in. We are here to carve a new path. And a new way for others like us. We will light the way for others. And instead of feeling alone we will find our soul tribe. Not everyone that is linked by blood will be linked forever. You deserve to be happy and to shine. If your family does not understand you, that is not the end of the world. Itís a big world and it is filled with so many people and experiences. You're not limited by blood. People do not define who you are. Just because you were always misunderstood by others does not mean that their assumptions and opinions of you were correct. They could not understand your heart and mind. They are stuck in the 3d material and 9-5 job state of mind. However we are all just spiritual beings having a human experience. Not many people can understand this. And if you do resonate to this then smile. Not many were chosen to have a creative path in life. Always remember we are never alone. We all have guardian angels and spirit guides that are always with us. I resonate with Sylvia Browneís teachingís about angels and how angels are all love and that no dark angels exist.

At times in my life it has been a challenge going through tough times alone. I have not had anyone by my side. I have been misunderstood. Especially the past four years. I have just reflected inwards and this has made my connection with god so much stronger. Maybe we do have to go through some points in our life alone and not depend on anyone. Even if it feels strange not having anyone to depend on. In the end god has a plan for all of us. All of our lives have meaning. I think it helps you in life when you find your purpose. For me I had to find my own voice. I have discovered this through my writing. Writing gives me a voice. It is also my therapy. I find when I write down my feelings it is a way for me to release all of my emotions. In a sense it sets me free. It can also help you create a new life for yourself. You can write yourself a whole new story. You are not defined by your past. You can change yourself into a whole new character. Writing makes me feel like I am giving birth to a creation. Someday when I no longer exist, my words will still live on. And so will my stories. Writing has a way of making people immortal. They will always live on in the hearts of the readers. It shows that we did exist and it is a way for us to leave our mark on the world. I am always hoping that the mark that I leave on others will be a motivational and inspirational one. I write about my experiences hoping that it will find the people that need to hear it.

To the loners and the artists who work hard on their dreams. To the visionaries, with work that has been unseen. To the black sheep and the lonely swans, by yourself in your own pond. Keep working hard and finishing your goals. Donít get discouraged because of what you have been told. Others donít understand your unique visions and the passions for which you stand. To those that feel unheard, those people just donít understand that you were brought here to create your own land.

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