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Gus, O'Malley and Oscar are pretty much based on the movie "Aristcats". They live on the streets of New York with trash as food and boxes as shelter. One day, Gus said that he wanted to ride the train and his two friends agreed to do the same. Gus always shot his mouth off and this time it got him in a bit of trouble. One, he was a long way from home. Two, he missed his friends. But there was an upside to his little adventure. He met a nice old woman named Ruth Walker and he also spent the rest of his life with his two best friends and his companion.

Once there was an alley cat named Gus who lived on the streets of New York City. Gus wasn't much to look at, but was very street smart and could bluff his way into and out of anything. He was a skinny, mangy looking thing with gray fur and black stripes. All the alley cats wanted to be like him, but all the children hated him.

One day Gus and a few of his feline friends decided to be dare devils and hitch a ride on the train. Their plans were to meet for lunch at the local dumpster, go to the train station and ride to the last stop.

The next day around noon Gus met up with his two best friends, Oscar and O'Malley at the dump. They were all excited about the trip and couldn't wait to go.

On the way to the train station, Oscar started thinking about something, which was very odd, for Oscar was the dumb one in the group. He started to think about where the last stop of the train was. Since he didn't know, he asked O'Malley figuring that he knew. Well, O'Malley didn't know and decided to ask Gus. Knowing that Gus was the wisest cat around, O'Malley asked him. Mean while Oscar was getting scared and thought about backing out of the adventure which was something Oscar always did. Gus didn't know, but told O'Malley that it wasn't that far and not to worry. O'Malley and Oscar were very scared at this point and were both going to back out as soon as they got to the station.

At the station, Gus, O'Malley, and Oscar were getting ready to jump into someone's luggage when Oscar spoke up and said that he didn't think that going on the trip was a good idea. O'Malley agreed and the two of them started home. Gus still thought that this was the opportunity of a lifetime and he was going to take it. So he jumped into a little girl's bag and was carried onto the train.

When the bag was put down, Gus jumped out and hid until the train started to move and the people were gone. When they were gone, Gus decided to look around and see what he could see. He jumped onto a vacant seat and stared out of the window. The scenery was beautiful, absolutely beautiful! In the midst of all this excitement, Gus got tired and fell asleep.The train's first stop was Ohio, then Virginia, and then all the way to Louisiana.

When Gus awoke, he felt very strange. He felt unsure and unsafe. Finally, he realized that he was a long way from home, and didn't have any idea of what to do. He roamed and roamed until he came to the doorstep of an old woman by the name of Walker, Mrs. Ruth Walker. Mrs. Walker was a kind old lady who always wore long skirts and put her hair in buns.

When Ruth saw Gus she felt so sorry for the poor lost thing, that she took him into her own home and gave him a nice, hot bath and some food. Gus was beginning to like Mrs. Walker and decided that he was going to just stay with her and be her companion. He loved it there. It was the best place that he had ever been, but he wished that O'Malley and Oscar were there with him.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Oscar and O'Malley missed Gus and were very lonely. They thought that he had deserted them because of the train ride. They had no idea that he was all the way in Louisiana.

One day, Oscar and O'Malley got up enough courage and snuck onto the train. They rode and rode for miles and miles until they too reached Louisiana. They were walking around trying to look for their long lost friend Gus when all of a sudden there he was with Mrs. Walker. They ran over to him and talked in a way people can't understand, but Ruth did. She knew that those two cats were Gus's friends and she took them home and cared for them just like she did Gus. Still, to this day, Mrs. Walker, Gus, O'Malley, and Oscar live in their little house happily ever after.

My name is Katie Andress and I am 13 years of age. I live in Louisiana where I go to a Catholic school. I am in the eighth grade. I am in the Beta Club there and I won 1st place at district Beta Day in creative writing. I went on to state, but sadly I lost. I am also the only child, so I have a lot of free time to write. I love it. I have just recently started writing for about a year now and I also like to sing and act. I hope to be either an actress or writer.

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