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Katherine Vallera

#MeToo in the Travel Industry

Puerto Rica Isolated in Wake of Hurricane Maria

The Emotional Support Debate Is Tougher Than You Think

Surviving Irma: 'We are Caribbean People, We are Strong

Fiji Resort's Animal Rescue Initiative

Katherine Vallera is a travel agent and independent journalist based out of Los Angeles, California. Affiliated with the Travel Connection Group, part of Travel Leaders, she has circumnavigate the globe twice and traveled over fifty countries. In the past, Katherine has led projects that garnered her recognition as an agent for social change and in 2015, she was awarded one of the 30 Under 30 by Travel Agent Central. Katherine continues to strive for excellence in media, currently serving as US Director Representative to the World Tourism Journalism Organization. Follow her on Instagram @katvalleratravel or support independent journalism by becoming a patron of her writing.

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