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Kae Bender

© Copyright 1998 by Kae Bender

To Jessica on the Occasion of her 21st Birthday

The world lies ahead. The life you want is yours to create. Be aware of your choices and always remain true to your convictions.

Live each day with passion. Feel the joy of life's victories and the pain of each defeat; know that you are truly alive and participating in the events of your life.

Enjoy the wonder of life's tiniest moments. See each day with the freshness of a child's vision; let the mundane be special, and celebrate the small along with the grand.

Balance all aspects of your life. A disequilibrium can sink you into despair or send you spinning endlessly like a hamster in its wheel.

Always allow yourself to question and to wonder. The world is not a stagnant place, and progress only comes through new ideas and change.

Be open to those all encompassing spiritual moments when you feel the oneness of the universe. We are all a part of the whole and to ignore the least is to miss the most significant.

Appreciate the perfection of nature and the endless potential of its diversity.

Keep an open mind. Learn all you can about what is; see the many possibilities of what could be; identify options that will maximize the growth and health of all involved. To artificially limit the possible choices or try to force only one solution never results in the optimal outcome.

Delight in your imagination. It makes all things possible.

Overcome inertia. Like a sailboat on a tack, exert influence in concert with the universal forces to bring about change, whether in your self or in the world at large.

Smile. It perks you up along with those who see you, and even if you are alone, it makes the world a more pleasant place.

Learn from each of life's lessons. The universe is designed to give us each the opportunity to make the wrong choices as well as the right ones.

Practice optimism. What appears today to be the worst is but one influence that may ultimately lead to greater good.

Never accept a wrong that can be changed. No matter how small a difference you make, the lives of those you touch will be better.

Value those who are close to you and let them know you care. The fulfillment of each special connection is worth its ultimate loss.

Share. Give your thoughts, ideas, and insights to others; it is the gift of self that cannot be duplicated for no one is exactly like you.

Remember always that I love you as a mother loves her innocent and fragile infant at birth, her energetic and growing child in youth, her developing and maturing teen during adolescence, and the accomplished and independent adult who emerges to a life of her own. Know, too, that I love you as a person with her own wants and needs and goals and values and purpose. I love you as a part of my life and as a part of the world, but most of all, I love you as you.

Always, Mom.

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