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For Joyce Benedict
The Franklin Roosevelt Home Comes Alive
A Mirace for a Little Boy
A Most Spectacular Dream
The Simple Life
It's Never Enough
A Mother Always 'In The Mood'
The Seagull
Blackberry Brandy

Photo by William Warby on Unsplash
Photo by William Warby on Unsplash

Joyce Benedict graduated from Syracuse University with intentions of studying Art in Italy. Destiny had other plans. Following two marriages, raising sons on her own, she embarked on a life-long study of alternative healing methods that included nutrition, prayer, body work, homeopathy, acupuncture. It has been the 'miraculous healings' that has been her main focus. In time she experienced a few for herself and her work with others.

Since childhood Joyce, has had a deep connection and love of the natural world. Years raising children after college, she had numerous ‘close encounters’ with animals and began to write about them. This passion bloomed into well over a hundred letters written to companies, newspapers, friends concerning the environment and the people most connected to it, our Native Americans. Eventually, speaking to school children about our beautiful planet and the preservation of all that occupy it.

She began writing to record many unusual, rewarding life experiences. Besides acting in musicals, she continued public speaking about the Roosevelts after the tour position ended.  Ms. Benedict writes numerous Letters To Editors of newspapers advocating concerns for the environment, women's issues, and the Native Americans. She loves gardening, historical books and movies, the study of human nature, and the mysteries of life.  

ollowing college, marriages, raising my sons alone with little family support or connections, I turned to writing  and finding solace in the natural world. An avid reader of many subjects, the lives of Native Americans and their beautiful connection to Earth and the Cosmos fascinated me.  A senior now, gardening, writing, reading, speaking on various subjects to children  and adults, writing Letters To Editors fills my life. 

Retired and living in Hyde Park, NY Joyce Benedict never ceases to be amazed by the mystery that is life. Daily enjoys her squirrels, pigeons, and geese that visit a great Pine Tree near her little deck. Healing on every level, the paranormal, the study of the human mind has intrigued her her entire life.

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