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Jessica Beckett

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A Day in the Life of a Cat.

Jessica Beckett
© Copyright 2000 by Jessica Beckett
"Oh! Hello, you startled me! Since you're here, I'll introduce myself; my name is Hisser. My owners found me sleeping on their house's back door step. Since they are very nice humans they let me into their house and fed me. The first meal they gave me was toast and milk because they didn't have any cat food, but boy was it good!! I was so hungry! But back to today… since I have a collar I'm allowed to go out of the house and roam the streets! I've been brought home by irritated neighbors several times, once I got lost and didn't get home for days, but for the most part I'm only gone for the day. So are you ready to go? Great! Lets hit the streets!"

"First we can take a nice stroll through the park, and annoy all the leashed dogs! I know a short cut…"

"Ahh…There's good old Rufus, the German shepherd. He hates it when I run by because he can never get me… Here's Carry! A pipsqueak Pomeranian! Bark all you want!! You can't get me!! Meow!... Lastly we have Harvey, the golden retriever. She couldn't catch me even if she wasn't leashed!!"

"What should we do know? I'm a little hungry. How about we play cute and get free food from that little girl over there. I'm all for hot dogs! Hey kid…Meow…How about a little food for me…Meow…I'm a hungry pussycat…KID! HEY! Don't walk away!! I'm hungry!! Oh well. Plan two!! Steal straight from the vendor; they are always fresher that way anyhow. First while he turns away we pounce… And then GRAB!!! Meow! Always works!!"

"So, what's next? Shall we hitch a ride on that out going Ferry, looks like it's heading for the Lady! Sound appealing? Good. Now, the secret is to blend in… See that lady, wearing that white dress with the big spots? Well, I'm white with spots, so I'll walk next to her. All aboard!!"

"Can't you feel the ocean spray on your fur? Or face, which ever you have. Would you like a peek at the captain's deck? I can do that!"

"Hey cat!!! What are you doing on this ferry??"      "You see I forgot to tell you there was a sight risk of being caught and thrown into a cage for the rest of the voyage…why don't we make the best of it and take a nap?…"

"Well that was a nice nap don't you say. I do wish that captain didn't toss me off the ship quite so hard, but all in all a very nice trip. Hmmm… What is there left to do?… Oh! Look there! The lady dropped her wallet. Why don't we just return it to her, it usually pays off."

  "My dear kitty!!! Oh aren't you a good kitty!! Thank you for returning my wallet to me!! What a nice kitty!! I must do something… would you like a nice hot dog?? How about that? Lets go!…"

"See now didn't that work out just perfect? A free hot dog, for playing fetch! The sun is about to set, time to head back to the homestead for dinner!…"

"Well hello Hisser what did you do today? Anything new? Your dinner is over by the refrigerator, enjoy!"

"Ugh, pussy chow. I think I liked the hot dogs better but oh well… so did you have fun today? Come back tomorrow and maybe we can get some yarn and play! Bye!"



     The Kittens Comfort

Jessica Beckett
© Copyright 2000 by Jessica Beckett
Five-year-old Lisa had been feeling a sick lately, weak, and tired.  For a while her parents paid little attention to it, they figured,"She's a child, she just needs a bit more sleep, that's all. "

But it never got better, soon it was clear she had more than the flu. Her parents took her to the hospital. The doctor announced poor Lisa had Leukemia. (a blood disease.) She most likely wouldn't make it. For they had waited so, so long to take her to the doctor, nevertheless they would treat her as best they could.

Lisa's birthday rolled around. Her parents gave her the world! Lisa was their only child! They just couldn't lose her! They took her to Disney world, they gave her hundreds of dollars worth of toys and clothes. But the present that Lisa loved the most was a Tabby cat! It was lovely. Gray and Black striped! She loved it so much she named it Mommy. (So not to hurt her father's feelings, she told him that if it had been a boy kitty she would have named it Daddy.)

That long awaited day came. Lisa's parents were scared, but Lisa sat it the backseat of the car, stroking Mommy, without a care in the world. She didn't know that what was about to happen would be a life or death situation. When they arrived at the hospital and the doctors were giving her medicine, and her parents started saying things like,

"Don't worry it'll be okay."; "Mommy will be there as soon as you get back." ; "Don't be scared the doctors will take care of you." After saying those things they would always tell her "We love you, so does Mommy." Lisa got scared, for the first time ever she realized that this was major. When the doctors tried to put the mask on her so she would fall into a deep sleep, she panicked. Being young she hadn't a clue as to what they were doing. Were they hurting her?? What is this for??? Will I see Mommy (her mother, not the cat.) and Daddy ever again?? Lisa started crying, kicking screaming. Her parents tried to clam her down. They started getting very upset themselves! What if they can't treat her??? She'll die for sure! An hour had come and gone. Everyone being worried the doctor pulled the parents aside from Lisa and asked them if there was anything that would comfort her, something that would calm her down. Idea stricken her parents ran to the car.

Within five minutes they walked into the operating room holding a small kitten! As soon as Lisa saw Mommy she stopped her rampage. Mommy sat on her lap through the whole operation! Not making a sound, or moving a muscle.

Thanks to Mommy the Kitten, Lisa was able to get the treatment she needed, and she did live, for a very long time.

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