Miles From Home
Jerry Vilhotti 

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     Photo of facing (chest game) Knights--one black and one white.

"Perdón. Does the midnight train to Nuevo Laredo stop here? We just came a hundred miles busing from San Mig-” 

Johnny was going to tell the man they had traveled hundreds of miles of back country with many many passengers carrying chickens with them.

“Sí! Sí! Come in!” the man at the big station said warmly.

Suddenly the whole building lit up like a soccer stadium.

Johnny began to tell the man to save the lights as they would wait on the platform but they were told to sit in comfort inside the spacious lobby.

It was now nearing eleven and they would have to wait till morning to eat — wishing he had had two servings of breakfast that morning at the eatery where several workers waved at them at they strolled from three blocks away. Johnny thought it was because they were such a handsome couple and only days later would he realize it was due to his inability at figuring out the difference between moneys as he was leaving a tip as large as what the whole meal cost.

The man left. They were alone. Alone two thousand miles away from home. 

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