You Remind Me Of Angels And Mermaids

Jennifer Kwiatkowski

© Copyright 2001 by Jennifer Kwiatkowski
         He held my hand as we walked down the long corridors in the
school, I felt as though he was my soul mate. My one true love that I had
been looking for all 16 years of my life was he. I was safe when I was with
him and no one could take him away from me. His dark eyes were mysterious
and soft; I could stare at him for hours on end, his brown eyes piercing at
me and analyzing deep into my soul. He would look at me, as though he always
knew what I was thinking yet I never could understand the way he thought.
When I laughed his face lit up and his gentle eyelashes fluttered, as he
would come up with something clever to say. "You remind me of angles and
mermaids," he would write to me. Those words jetted through my blood stream
and went straight to my knees; I was an angel and a mermaid! "You are my
sunshine and you make me happy when skies are gray" he was always trying to please you. I
knew that it wasn't love but contempt. The words "You remind me of angels
and mermaids" Were never written again.

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