AM I ALONE? Pyramid Image.

Jeannine Petriel
© Copyright 1998 by Jeannine Petriel
The room is empty.
The people are gone.
I am alone!
Yet, though I am alone, I am not lonely.
I know that He is always with me.
He is always around when I need Him, and even when I don’t.
All I have to do is call His name, and He’ll be there to help.
He’ll listen to me always and, if I have a problem, He’ll help me solve it.
He forgives me when I do wrong, and rejoices when I do things well.
I’m glad that He is my friend.
I don’t think that I could have picked a better person to be my friend.
He knows what is best for me and will always make sure I don’t get into
Something I can’t handle.
He’s not all I need though.
I need my mortal friends so that His love can come to me through them.
I guess I need them both.
Without either I could not exist.
They need me and I need them.
The room is still empty, but all their love is still here, so the room is
Still full.
Am I alone?

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