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Janis LeForge
The Awakening
Satan Laughed
Mom Shops Moscow
Photo of Janis.
Photo of Janis.

Janis is a typical baby boomer, influenced by the era she grew up in: JFK – The Beatles - the moon landing -Viet Nam. The oldest of five girls, Janis always wished for the impossible, an older brother. A psychic once told her, “I see you in your old age surrounded by the men who love you.” Her hope for boys was eventually realized. She is married with two sons, two stepsons and four grandsons. All of her great passions: golf , writing and pickleball came later in her life after a range of careers (waitress, Tupperware demonstrator, accountant, banker, Northwood’s bar owner, purchasing manager).
Growing up in the Chicago area, she writes about the times and places most familiar to her. “Sand Fly” (a crime story) was her first novel. “The Romanov Remnant” (alternative history) is the second. Some of the same characters are featured in both novels which are available in paperback & eBook @ Janis lives contentedly in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas with her husband, their chunky rescue cat Chelsey, and her extensive shoe collection. .

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