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It was comforting sitting in Glenda's bedroom telling her my latest hurt from my soon to be ex-husband, Steve. Glenda's house was huge and my house could almost fit in her bedroom and bath alone. Anyway, here we are, sitting in Glenda's bedroom talking, when all of a sudden; the TV in the other room comes blaring on with this loud static sound. We both jumped up and ran to shut the darn thing off. I grabbed the remote and it didn't seem to work. I pushed the on/off button on the TV itself and it didn't work. I pulled the TV out and was thinking to myself. If the plug does not shut the TV off, then I'm out of here! The plug shut it off. We just sort of laughed about the TV and I discovered later that Glenda took it to a repair shop and they replaced the switch.

Upon my next visit to Glenda's, the TV went crazy again. Glenda proceeded to take the TV back to the shop that had fixed the TV the first time. They told her that there was nothing wrong with the TV. She gave the TV to her daughter and bought herself a nice new TV. She threatened me if I messed up that TV, I could not come back! Well, hey, it wasn't my fault!

After the TV episode, I noticed on another occasion that the radio acted up while I was there and once while I was talking on the phone, the phone just went dead. All of these unusual happenings should have warned me of what was to come but somehow they just didn't. I just regarded them as coincidental.

One Sunday, I went to church with Glenda. We ate lunch and then decided to take a nap on her big king size bed. She had enough pillows on the bed for three beds. After dozing off, I thought I heard a lady's high heels walking on Glenda's hall foyer. I remember seeing Glenda lying on the other side of the bed with her back to me. I woke up enough to ask her who had been there and what did they want. She said it was a lady from her church that owed her money and that she would come back later because she couldn't wake up enough to see her. I got up and went to the bathroom. Then I came back to bed and lay back down. I think I had started to doze off when a ghost appeared to me. I could see through him yet I could define his body outline. I was terrified. I tried to scream but nothing was coming out of my mouth. I was trying to call to Glenda but she didn't seem to hear me. I was saying, 'Glenda, Glenda, Glenda'! I could tell the man was black by his big lips and by the shape of his face. He was just standing by the bed. Then he reached his hand out to me. Talk about terrified. I was. I managed to get a scream out and then he was gone. I could not wait to tell Glenda. Glenda said I just had a bad dream. I thought well, maybe I did. I had never seen ghosts before.

I spent that same night with Glenda again. Well, that night Glenda experienced the same lady in the room with us that I had experienced earlier that afternoon! When I woke up Glenda was about 3 inches away from me. She said she knew the lady came into the room and that she was terrified. She said she tried to call out to me but I just didn't seem to hear her. She didn't see her any more than I had but just knew she was there. Well, I decided there was more to this than previously thought since she experienced the same 'dream' about the lady as I!

I was a little leery about going to Glenda's after that but she was my close friend. After the first visits, every time I spent the night at Glenda's, I had a ghost visit in one form or another. Sometimes 'they' just woke me up rambling around upstairs. Sometimes the ghosts seemed to be angry with me because they could not get me to wake up. I would wake up with the ghosts trying to 'hit' me in my face! It was like they couldn't quite make contact but could get the air going around my face to wake me up. I spent less and less time at Glenda's house because of these ghosts.

Shortly after one of my night stays with Glenda, one of the ghosts traveled home with me. I awoke at my house sitting up in bed with a ghost shaking me back and forth. I was so scared I could not go back to sleep and I could not stand to stay in my house any more. I sold my house and moved into an apartment. I stopped spending the night with Glenda altogether. I remember one rainy stormy night and she tried and tried to get me to stay all night because of the weather but I refused. I went all the way across town to my sister's house instead.

It's been about three years since my ghost visits. I have a little red convertible and I was riding outside of town the other night in the country. It was a beautiful evening and I had been to see a friend. On my way home, I rounded a corner by a church and a cemetery and all at once I felt 'someone' hop on the back of my seat while I was driving. Man, was I scared! I didn't know what to do! I knew the ghost was there. It was way too obvious the way the cushion went down behind my head. All the hairs on my neck were standing straight up! I could feel the seat give! First, I prayed. Then I started singing gospel music. Next, I got on my cell phone and called my friend. She knew about my past ghost experiences and knew I was telling her the truth. She talked to me all the way home until my heart had stopped racing at ninety miles an hour. I never felt the presence of that ghost again. I don't know if he left or if he is with me at my house now or what. It was like he hopped on for a ride and that was that.

I've read that if a person has experiences with the supernatural, they should allow themselves to enter their world. They seem to think 'they' have something to share with us. It is a bit too scary for me. I don't want to go there. It frightens me terribly. Seems to me if they wanted to share something, they could go about it in a little more hospitable manner without scaring the wits out of people! Don't you think so?

Some people may think that I have a vivid imagination or just very real like dreams. Personally, I think they are real visits from another world. I know the difference between a dream and reality. The only question in my mind is why?

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