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Janelle Zimmerman

© Copyright 2000 by Janelle Zimmerman
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Look at them all, I can tell they are laughing at me. It's the tail flick that gives it away. Like they’ve never seen anyone miss a bird before. And I am a very small cat! Oh!! There is that horrible Tom! Oh dear, he’s coming this way…

Oh no!

Wait, remember what George said. Flick your tail, lick paw. That’s right, the tom’s passing now. Whew! Close one!

He always picks on me. Just because the big people call me… ugh, I even hate saying it… “Mr. Whiskerson”. Have you ever heard anything so humiliating? I know that I miss the sandbox sometimes, but really, no reason for name-calling! I keep trying to tell then my name is Stanley, but they don’t seem so understand. Every time I try to tell them anything they pick me up. I hate that almost more than the names, I’m deathly afraid of heights.

Oh look! That stupid Harriet has gone and caught my bird. I’ll really get it now. I mean, not getting one is bad enough, but losing a bird to her? Gosh, I’ll be called worse things than Mr. Whiskerson back at home. I bet that tom put her up to it. I mean, just because I ate a little of her cat-nip last week doesn’t mean she gets to take my bird. But she might have just been showing off, Harriet does that a lot.

Harriet always thinks she’s so good at everything. Just because her mother was a pure bred Siamese from the House. Everyone talked about her affair with a barn cat for months.

Well… I’ll show her.

That bird, the one right there…with the redish head.

Ok, remember what mom taught me. Slouch in the grass… creep, creep. Take it slow…

Now! Got it!

I’d like to see the look on that tom’s face now.

Poor excuse for a cat. He’s a dog if I ever saw one.

He’ll be the one being made fun of when everyone hears he was after my bird.

After all, I am a very small cat.

Hello, I'm Janelle Zimmerman. I'm 15 years old, and like to write. Eventually, I'd like to write professionaly. I have three cat's of my own, and love them all. I often wonder what a cat thinks, and that's where I got this story. Basically, this it the thoughts of a young cat who is trying to catch a bird. It also gives you a glance into the rules of cat society. Incidently, what prompted me to write this, was thoughts of my second grade teacher, who had 18 cats.

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