East of Athenes


Jamal Benbrahmi


© Copyright 2018 by Jamal Benbrahmi


Photo of the desert.

Fifteen years have passed since I returned home, after all these events lived in Europe. I still have my sword, and always maintain contact with NAWALL in Iran, and the people of the castle too.

Money is half of happiness, children too, both together and you have complete happiness. My two eldest sons lived with me, and their mother Melouka of course.

Al Mahdi was a devout Muslim since his childhood; he was on his third or fourth pilgrimage when he simply decided to make a one-way ticket this time. This what one of the pilgrims reported to us once returned to the country "duty calls me," said Madhi.

For me the message was clear , for his mother, things were not so obvious.

So Iran was my first destination after this long truce, Nawal still had her English passport, I had booked two plane tickets to London, and I had promised them a one-year lease as soon as she’ll finds an apartment.

The Serious things were about to begin now, for it was not a courtesy visit to my dear son. It had initially to be found. so for this reason it was necessary to be recruited, and that's how I got a job at DAECH. Always via the internet I had an appointment in Turkey, once received, one proposed to me to go to the Syrian border.

Just say: “there are no gods other than Allah and Mohamed is his prophet” and you are dressed and a Kalache-Nikov in your hands if you know how to use it. To tell you gentlemen, that these people do not ask you questions sirs…oh no. One do not look for lunchtime at fourteen o'clock even if you come from elsewhere, they make you battlers. I was in a group made up of ten, a dozen or fifteen people approximately. In a bare ground, under a blazing sun we walked. Orders are the orders. we had to assault a town witch I forgot the name. there were cannon shots, tanks without doubt, and we could see very well a fighter plane, one told me it was explosive barrels that he released. despite all these ripostes, the people of DAECH were able to take control over this city. finally was the truce, one heard more the plane which bombarded. the forces of Bechar Al Assad have to surely beat a retreat.“Allah Akbar ...Allah Akbar” everyone shouted victory in the group except me, the Emir of Djamaa looked at me for a moment before saying: “... not bad your sword…. ” I always had my sword hooked on my back

I am looking for my son…..a young Algerian boy ..his name is AL- Mahdi

_.... AL- Mahdi Al Mountadar? ... “ everybody laughed

no sorry old man… the coming of the Imam Al- Mahdi is not yet announced

I have reached another city, or at least what remains of it, taken over by Nosra, another fighting faction. In this Bled you can never know who is making war with whom, who kills who, the battle was in full swing, on each vehicle, there were machine guns, one could also hear mortar shots. a voice called me from the rubble:“_...Abou-Cif ... .Abou Cif ... _ “(the man with the sword)

a man lying on the ground, his leg was half torn from his right knee. a little girl stood beside him:“_..You are from ENOUSRA.... Is not it? "I answered affirmatively, by moving my head

  “_... I entrust to you my daughter, ...... I ...... _”

It was evident that he was overwhelmed of pain. I approached him, tore a piece of his shirt to make him a garrote just above the wound, he was bleeding abundantly“_..What are you going to do ?, no .....stop.”I brandished my sword and here is a good rap in just the right place, even a great surgeon would not have done better. Seeing his face, he was still suffering, he pointed his finger to the piece of cloth, I had too tight, so I straightforwardly removed it

_..... To hear you one would say an Algerian....!

_...did you see others?

I do not know if it is a joke but there was in this town, someone who claimed to be Al Mahdi Al Mount adar ... and he was of the same country as yours

_..You say he was here ... he's not here now?

_.... they were people from DAECH, they did not get along with ENOSRA ..... they must be in Iraq now .......»a shell has exploded beside us. He insisted that I take his daughter with me and leave him where he is. the kalash-nikov in my hands, I stopped a van which had just passed. they were wretched civilians who fled the city, I signaled to the little girl to go up. I would always have engraved this face in my memory, she did not stop looking at me, she wanted to stay with me ... . I could ... Imagine for a moment; The daughter of Samhain. In short, in my life I have never seen so many people burst. I had a destination to take, no time to play Jean-Valjean ( les miserables by Victor Hugo )

Contrary to what was happening in Syria, DAECH was better organized in IRAQ, they had tanks, heavy artillery, but they were regularly targeted by the drones of the international coalition. We had to go north towards the capital and that where the fighting was raging. The suburbs were sometimes conquered and sometimes taken over by the Iraqi army the next day. It's crazy that the news goes fast, rumors also

_...So, Abou-CIF, ... it seems that you have shot down a drone !

indeed, we shot it but…..right in the target, I don’t know if it’s me” In reality it was well me, a rocket on the shoulder, I had taken altitudes to have it

 “_So, then Al-Mahdi would be your son!..”

_.... that’s will be known when he will see me

_.... I hope that will be such father such son 

I was told to wait and I had to accept. in the shade, in the middle of these beautiful palm trees, the 4x4 arrived and one told me to wait again, thing I always hated in my life

_...... tell him to come or it's me who will seek him..

here he is... he got out from the vehicle, it was a good joke ... god be praised. his mother would have pushed a you-you to see him still alive

_.....So you guessed why I came to find you?

 “_don't say that you are here for the cause of god father

 “_God commands you to obey your parents before all things

_Yes father ... but if everybody had to obey his parents .... There will never ...

...There will never be an Islamic state ... it’s that?.... I also think so

_....why did you come with your sword ? ..... we don’t fight like that ... it's not cinema you know

_.... do you want to try it? .....Is there anyone to try ... "I handed my sword to the other two guys who accompanied him

_...go there Khaled… cuts of some wood…we’re goanna make tea in honor of my father

a 4x4 vehicle arrived in direction of our palm trees at a rattling pace

It was the chief:“_what are you doing all three ..... go to Jaafar and the others .... you are the father of Al-Mahdi ...... finish your tea and decide yourself ... either you join us and you are under my orders ... or you return from where you come ... _” he did not waste time this Emir

 “_.... yes, I would go where my son will go

A few hours later, in the middle of the night, everyone was asleep except me, I was guarding instead of my son

 “_...Where is Al-Mahdi?"

_....I'm here

 “_... Oh it's you ... .the man with the sword of course ... ... one say things about you but ... ..It's your son who intrigues me ....he really claim to be Al-Al Mountadar…_”

_..he's not the only one who bear this name!

... yes, but ... he believes in it as hard as iron ...... he must be convinced that it is not possible ... ..the signs advanced by the prophet Mohamed have not yet appeared ...”

and if he was right the little Emir….it's only a Chiyte sect who is behind this prodigy Imam. yes, that will not be my son, and I confess that comfort me, but it was necessary to convince the person concerned. the next day it was him who came to wake me up; he told me that two of their senior-leaders of Daech had just been killed by a targeted attack of drone

_listen son, if you continue to do the guerilla, it's you who will soon be taken for target. you have not yet your twenty years I announce you, or you think maybe that the pentagon believe in Father-Noel ...or in Imam El-Mountadar?

«_.... listen father ... ..

 "_... Shut up and listen to me ... .at this moment I talk to you, your profile-sheet is being indexed among the CIA… ... and even when you're at home, it will not change nothing

 "_.... how do you know all these things ...?

"_...I am better placed than you to know…. the Algerian authorities work in close collaboration with their American counterparts in this field

 "_.....so, as much to remain and die as martyrs.

"_..I have better to suggest to you .....I'll tell you about all this as soon as we shall cross the borders

 "_.... it’s far away ... and that will not be easy thing

 “_..you did not see anything ...you will be in Syria in less than four hours.._”

Once at home, I agreed with Al mahdi that none of this would be revealed to his mother, for the rest she knew exactly what her son was doing in the east of Athens now.


One evening when I returned home, Melouka was waiting for me:

 "..where did you go? ... Mahdi is looking for you ....we have two guests

_And it's me whom one expect?.....Did he tell you why?"

"_..... no ... go hurry one wait for you

I took the stairs and went up to the room of mahdi Toc-toc ... ..

"_... sala mou-Alay-Koum ..."

"_... papa .... Do you want to settle here?"

They were bearded people, seeing the chair in the middle of the room, I understood the aim of their staging, but having returned at home in good moods this evening, I let my son playing the exorcist (1)

 "... you are possessed father ... let me do .... you will see

"_.... I want only to tell you that one already tested this trick with me

He held out his arms and pronounced the Fatiha (the beginning) then wiped his hands on my face, the two others had to continue with Coran. Damage they were spirit to quote verses that I did not know, if not, I would have willingly recited with them.  Negative was the test, no revealing sign.

We were all around the table for dinner except Mahdi who was still in his room with his bearded guests. Melouka began the discussion:

_...I want to warn you both that if you continue to abstain from marriage…

_... we will be deprived of dessert

we decided your father and me that it’s your little brother who will go ahead

Later in the bed- room with Melouka:

_..Why did you not intervene in my favor when I incited them to marriage? ... you do not see that it's a woman he needs so that he Stop think about these journeys in the East and the risks he’s running?

_... totally agree with you ... but now, I have other projects for him

_... and you think it's more important than marriage? .....

_...... nothing prevents him from having a wife and children

_... and what do you plan to do with him? ...

_... cinema


Another birth day was on the horizon and I had to go to the castle. it became almost a routine for me, for my clan too, except that this time, I reserved a surprise for them. we reached the French coasts, lightings were on the horizon, then intense clouds. the first thunder made us jump. it was too risky, we had to go down immediately.  so it was near the suburbs of Pas de callais that we made our accosting with the other refugees under a pouring rain

_... we have to find a shelter.... I am soaked until bones

« _.... yes and a shelter of comfort

«_... a hotel? ... I hope it’s not far?

«_... a train to London son

We arrived in the valley where the castle was, Mahdi recognized it at once. I had made portrait landscape in my bedroom, and that's where I was turning my film said-I to them all time

_... so it will never end!

_ .. Yes MIMI ... .it's episodes now that we are doing

Second episode: 

one knocked at our door at the same time that the telephone rang; It was Melouka:“_...you are still here ?

 “... a moment Melouka ... to whom do I have the honor?

 «_... Jules Soheil ... .Your new collaborator


_... I am Christian, native of Damascus and I ..."I interrupted him by signaling him to go out and I resumed Melouka on the phone:

... yes Melouka

_... you left without passport ...... ..the one of MAHDI of course, it is here one on the bedside table ..

_..Oh, yes, he has a new pas-port ... the one you've got just expired ..."

always up to date our dear treasurer, he looked at MAHDI and waited that I make the presentations:“_...The new recruit…it’s you who hired him?

_..It is Father Thomas, perhaps he has considered it proper to place at your disposal someone who knows how to speak Arabic."

  I answered in the negative by stirring the head

_ ..as you like ...”

what do you reproach to this Syrian Dad ?...he looks cordial” without paying attention, MAHDI had anticipated the presentations

_... will you gather the faithful in the great court please .... ... let's go back to our sheep son, ... to our lessons rather. Lesson N°2: never forget to highlight your necklace when you talk to this sect «and I adjusted the medal around the neck of our champion

"_... it is yours.. no doubt!"

"_... yes but now it belongs to you

_... I beg your pardon father.. mine I think I threw it into the Euphrates the first time I arrived in Turkey

Look, I've brought it with me .it's your grandmother who had it in her box

_... it's good ... they will not see any difference

_... we will discuss about this later ... listen carefully what I'll tell you .... ?? .......... .what did I want to say? this collar story had shocked me ...... yes ..... rule number three: never trust anyone.. even your most devoted faithful

From the top of the balcony, we had to go down to the courtyard, on our two seats, I wanted everyone to see the feat of the child heir to the throne. The transfer of power has taken place that day on :06/13/2014

_…what impression does that make you?

_..I have a desire to ascend to heaven with my throne

_...When we’ll have finish, I will put at your disposal a governess

_... no objection father... except that this Lebanese could very well

_... rule number four: your communications must be strictly confidential ... with an arabic, that would be a handicap ..."

I apologized to Mahdi, I went to take some fresh air , it was necessary to solve all this in clear (this history of collar), I crossed the fence that limit the periphery :“_..allo Melouka…it’s me...would you like to pass me my mother ?

 “_... she must sleeping now ... .what do you want to know?..............yes, I have already told you once and you did not pay attention

_... look Melouka ... you are confusing the medals of the time of the French Republic ... the pieces of Louis XVI…_”

 “_..these pieces are made of gold, and MAHDI would never have carried them ... you know very well that it's forbidden for men in our religion ... your grandfather had exactly the same as that of MAHDI long before Sir William

_.... my grandfather you say?

_... yes, it is your mother who told me ... what surprises you? One can find it at a craftsman or a jeweler as well...... by the way, sir William and his friends….long ago that they have been executed by the terrorists according to the newspapers, do you remember? .......


_…so with whom are you doing cinema now?

_...I'll explain to you later…goodnight Mimi

I have seen someone coming from a distance, there was the full moon ... it was MAHDI recognizable to his coat of dark red master. I went behind a pine tree, I didn’t want him to see me smoking a cigarette ... so my grandfather would have been a lord too. knowing that deceased father had a date of birth quite banal (it did not include this number that one tends to avoid). on the other hand my grandfather his birth must surely be an assumed date, we must count towards the end of years18- - ….useless to go farther, or trying to know anything ... “_..fifth lesson papa: never forgets to monitor its backs...” he was behind me, I admit that he had given me a devil funk…I had lost vigilance...... lack of concentration, or maybe age was starting to get over me

_..the fifth is that you must not go too far from your sword in this castle ...”

The next day at Father Thomas:“_... may-I have the manuscript father … I’ll return it as soon as I would translate it

_...do you think that it is really essential, master ... we have retained the essential and we work so that finally the prophecy may be fulfilled

_..did -I not acted according to your laws? ….

he saw me coming with red eyes and my gun pointed at him “_.... please give me this manuscript…. right now


back home with my son, his mother embraced him:

_...which role are you playing?.. you're ashamed to tell me… hein?

_... your son has just passed his first test successfully…_”

My mother did not feel well that day, I went up to her room “_... do you want me to call your doctor?

... sit down my son, I have to talk with you about the collar: ... I remember very well now ... it's this necklace which is at the origin of your father’s death . ….they were men dressed in black ... that's all what your father told me before to die ....be careful my son, especially Mahdi, he must know it too. .”


Nowadays, people who can read ancient scriptures have become rare, non-existent in Algeria. the only man able to translate the manuscript at the Gédeons had left the castle, he's in Israel now. so I went to search him, I had just retained his name, a jeweler craftsman it appears. here I am sneaking among the western tourists and the Christian pilgrims in the lanes of east Jerusalem. arrived at the right address, there was a shop where one sold handicrafts. a Jew welcomed me visible in his long goatee and his half cap on the skull’s top.

_... yes sir ... you are english? ... welcome to Jerusalem ... _ he proposed me all kinds of necklaces, bracelets ..exetra. I had chosen a leather towel, in order to put the manuscript in, I had concealed it in my back «_...what of the shop's owner?

_... Ah yes ... he sold, he went to Tel Aviv ... his daughter is a doctor in a hospital there ...”

He must surely have Israeli nationality this Palestinian, things got more complicated, I had to go in the city most made safe in the world. after visiting two hospitals, I could finally at least meet the daughter of our ex-member:

 “_ .. do you want to contact your father on the phone for me please ?

_... it' so important ... who are you?

_... Sam…tell him it's Mr Sam Hain

_...If you want to go to the waiting room Mr Hain ... I'm a little busy now ...” still waiting...I hate that......

Ouf, there she is: “_...go to the parking….a black Cadiac, it's my car ... ….I'll not be late to come…._”


it was an old man on a wheelchair: “_..have I the honor of the one I have waited for six long years in Ireland?

_..... himself ... ... I come to reintegrate you

... ... HAHH ... ..” he appreciated my sense of humor “.. no ... long ago that I have reoriented in the right way , that of our lord JESUS and of the virgin Sainte MARIE .......good, let's go now .....you must be the, XXII or the twenty-third son going down from Samhain

_... this name seems to me quite Catholic referring at Arab names…_”

this began long before the prophet Mohamed ...Samhain, your ancestor was a fervent Christian ... the other disciples envied him because of certain powers transmitted by the saints where he was adopted ... he used his sword only for the good cause .....one have exiled him at the Arab tribes ... .there is also this necklace ...…_” (So then my offspring would have thrown into the Euphrates a rare piece) ...unlike the sword, this necklace, your sect never got it.._”

_.... but ... ... it was well given to me ... to my son…_”

_..I am the one who made them a copy at Sir William's request... that of which the manuscript speaks must surely be buried with one of your parents. (Hat son) ... Ah ... here is now the crucial moment ......one of you who will put an end to the antichrist's actions, will succeed only by the sword ......he’ll do that by the name of the father, the son and Holy Spirit ......and that will happen one Friday…_”

_... as for Muslims…_”

_..what do you mean ?

 “... yes, the end of the world, or ... .apocalypse, Muslims also say it will be a friday .....there is something else I want to talk you about…. I lived with my father and he didn’t seem to be ... anyway, he was not born on friday the 13th

_... the question is not as you think ... he didn’t know who he was, ….or one have omitted to honor him as he should be ... you know what I ‘m referring to ... ...... .are you waiting for someone ?... _” he was standing in front of me, behind me was the glass door of the balcony, my interlocutor saw me turning the head at several times…… a whistle in my left ear and a spurt of blood reached my face ... the Palestinian had just received a bullet in full front. my first reflex was to seize the manuscript because his head was going to fall stiff on the precious document. under the table I already had my 9mm in my hand, then I rolled on the ground to go aground at the bottom of the room. .. probably a sniper. I rushed immediately to a window giving access to another street. Never mind if witnesses saw me , fortunately the building was not so high, I quickly reached the terrace. My ear was bleeding. here are precisely two ladies who were hanging their clothes on the thread. they began to bitch as soon as I filched a panties all white to them, I held it glued against my ear. Looking down, I saw the black Cadillac parked ... .. so she didn’t go working afternoon…no.. it was not a blow of the Ares(a rival Christian sect), and it was not me who had been targeted. I received a plastic can in the back, I had thrown on the floor the panties full of blood. Insults, in Hebrew of course, their cries stopped when they saw me jumping to another building…then another. I ignore how I got out alive from this town, I don't know if I have been hit by bullets and I no longer felt my ear that makes me suffer. On the way back I had lost the compass ... the consciousness also

......... ....I can just remember that I was in SINAI, ... in the process of to die ? not .. I was made look after by the Bedouins

_... you had to be in the cave!

 “_...which cave?..”

 “_...we found you unconscious, and you were in full delirium: (Senhym….where are you father? ) you said

still fighters .... I had seen a helicopter, probably egyptian army

_.. we don't have to remain here... behind this mound ... that's where is the cave of Senhym ... ”

We were not the only ones to have penetrated into this shelter, one had confiscated my weapon to me, my precious document and obviously my passport ....... a donation from heaven, a western hostage. I had neither hands nor feet tied, I was well treated. at night they were guarding in turns while others slept. in the early morning, one served me a hot tea, everyone had gone out and two fighters stayed to ensure my guard, armed with Kalash-nikovs

_...why do you call it the cave of Senhym?.._” asked-i

... . It is ancient history.. ..his people had betrayed him at night when he was sleeping in this cave, causing an avalanche of stones ... he found himself prisoner ... they said that Senhym was a bad luck ... but it’s a real labyrinth inside, those who have ventured before, have never been able to get out alive in case you try to play the fool, you will find only bones ...... you will turn in circles believing to reach the exit ... ..Haha.Ahhh

 “_........ Except if our prisoner is called Senhym .....”. 


 “….it appears that it leads directly on the red see……”

 “_...... yes but at that time, this fellow had occult powers…..” 

One would say these two fool men were reading my thoughts. It was my nightmare just before landing in their Sahara…. Yes, I saw myself lost in the darkness by shouting PAPA…. .... even when I was very young, it was the same nightmare that haunted me ......so it was this cave

_..what is that uncle Sam? ... of the Hebrew? ... unless to play the archeologist... you are a spy and we knew it immediately.._”

Dressed as I was, one supposed to take me for a nice english gentleman, the other Jihadist was out but not far. my interlocutor have turned the back when he spoke to me. this is the moment I chose to tap his skull with a big stone. I took his gun away from him, then gently walked towards the exit, when I had maneuvered, the other guard had come to the rescue ...... he wanted to play the fool and that was played in a split second. behind me, the guy on the floor has regained consciousness. I just had time to get my passport and the manuscript

.. Hey ... .come back ... we will not kill you ... .give me my weapon, I would say that you acted in self-defense ... .. Son of dog but come back.... dirty spy, you will go nowhere ... you hear ... ..you will burst in this desert.


My wife knew that something were wrong when she saw me smoking a cigarette

 “_..... we shall soon have to sell this house

_.....but ..why ?

 “_..we have to change residence ... .and earlier better than later

 “ _...what lack to you here?... our neighbors are quite friendly .... I would never go to Irlanda, I warn you ...

 “_... we go to the east, you will never leave Algeria ... .don’t worry Melouka ... all this is for the good of our son ... trust me.._” that evening, my wife had suddenly changed mood, she was smiling, she searched in her night table and then handed me a picture. that had struck me on the spot....already seen somewhere, and I played the ignorant in front of her:“_.... a movie star?

_.... it’s the future wife of your dear Mahdi ..." that is there…now it comes back to me ... .it was her governess in the castle

 “_..by the way, where is he?

 “_.... then,…your opinion? .......she’s beautiful …is not it?

Then came the day that I went to Paris, I wanted to say two words to Madeleine, words which does not resemble to the other words of course ...... more lucky than Jack-Brel, my Madeleine will come to me tonight .... here she is....Yes, the one who is going to get off the taxi in jeans and leather jacket .she had just taken a little bit weight but .. ... hold in high this. . ... what pace! If i had not had Melouka and the children I would have taken her for queen. I remember her husband did not find this very funny, the day she invited me to her wedding and presented me to him as Sir Count Dracula. she never knew my name. so we were in the XIth arrondissement on the terrace of a cafeteria or restaurant when this damned phone rang:

_...... sorry son.... I can't, I'm in Paris.... how that where ?... you're spying on me now?.....you are well in Ireland, is that?.. .then mind your own birthday…do you want? …WHAT?...what is this Bataclan? ... I thought I told you to break up your relationship with these..... .

still bullshit ..I had completely forgotten that we were a Friday the 13th. we changed places, it was time. now Madeleine does not answer the phone. that is understood as well . before the attacks of September 11th, 2001, there were also some people who were aware of it, and who were able to save their loved ones. I would have to stay at home in pajamas with Melouka from now on


Back to Algeria I have taken one of these.. at my disposal. Some members of my sect are aware of this, Mahdi has several.

_... they are on the way Mr Hayn ... they are armed ... they want to get the hands on Al-Mahdi

_...men in black uniforms and hoods?.. "

_....yes Mr Hayn…_” that is what I feared; a muscular search. So we went there for intercept them ten kilometers downstream. four armored vehicles were rolling at high speed. not a lot of initiatives, only one tactic ... .a vertical peak in the middle of the road. it doesn’t work every time , some bullets have grazed me, I came close to the death when I was rolling down on the ground Plan B; It was the turn of (one of these.. )to take action now, they will not see him. Introduced into the first vehicle, he pulled on the handbrake. they were not rolling so close but it made nice cannon like those of Hollywood action movies. the last 4x4 narrowly escaped, I could eliminate them with the help of one of these, I was equipped with a Kalach-Nikov with two magazines properly fitted with tape ...... they were carrying help to their comrades. here of what to retain them during a good laps of time... it was necessary that someone must go wearing the message before daring to attack Mr hayn or his son. It is said that the best defense is the attack, and the best attack is to surprise the enemy in his burrow. My bad friend had to take me to the source from which the orders emanated. In his place of work, a barracks, there were soldiers everywhere. too risky for an interview, It was necessary to wait the night. spacious was the colonel's villa, the guards were fixed at the entrance without counting the two or three men in civilian clothes who were circulating inside the garden. when he finally decided to go to bed, I already had my 9mm in my hand ... he was still chatting with his wife, I could not wait anymore:

_... I am the father of the one you are looking for ... Al-Mahdi ...

His first reaction was a brief glance at his bedside table, probably where his gun was, his wife had just uttered a shrill cry and I immediately ordered the colonel to leave the table and to silence his wife. three steps back, the weapon always pointed at him, I was looking through the window. the two civilians were laying down on the ground as I had left them, I have used my sword for that ... …It’s good, it Seems that the guards fixed at the entrance did not react to the cry of the woman;“_.my son is no longer at home ... he lives in Europe now ..”

.. I have to report to my superiors, and what happened this morning ...”

_... it was an accident, and it can happen to anyone…”

_... they saw you ...”

_... what you're going to mention in your reports? ... think of your children ... if you want war you’ll have it and when I say : “you” colonel ...it will be a war against Algeria as a whole… and has a good hearing hello…_”


Behind closed doors, or hidden life happy life if you want. It is what I believed referring to my son in his castle in Ireland. this rule isn’t always in effect. I had just received a call at four o'clock in the little morning _...we are stormed by the troops of Royal Air Force… It was B.Schernault, his valet in Irland

_..where is Mahdi?

_... he is with me, and my mistress too ….. I led them in the room

"_... pass him to me on the phone

"_... save yourself my son? Now without any further delay ... .you. will be taken as a rat in this room

"_.... I cannot give up Valetta father

"_... she does not risk anything... listen to your father if you believe in God the all powerful .... _”

_..Save yourself darling…_” It was his mother who awoke, I also heard the voice of this brave Bryan on the phone:“_... save yourself Mr Hayn, they arrive .... my mistress will remain in this room ... It's me who have the key, and they will never have it

My wife was not able to retain tears until the arrival of her son full and in the flesh. he was anxious to act, but I insisted that we had to wait ... after all, that will be only an interrogation if his wife has been caught by the secret services ... and good news to who knows to wait, the next day it was Valetta’s turn to call her husband, she said she had managed to escape with her valet, she was near Dublin with the sisters in a Protestant church. this is what I was going to plan me too , to gather my faithful in another place, On the agenda: to punish the traitor. two members of my sect were to testify against Father Thomas, they saw him clearly indicate the secret chamber to the intervention forces. Not very big the room of prayers, I could not know if everyone attended but the essentials were there. Father Thomas was hooded, feet and hands tied. Mahdi was also among the guests. no throne, no ceremonies, just a few words and my sword when the clock of the church had sounded midnight. It will not be me the executioner this time, but it will always be my sword. I shouldn’t have taken off his hood, he had just issued a warning to the sect: _..beware of this man, he will kill all the priests of our clan as he did with the Reverend Gerald ...”

_ ... I came to announce to you this evening that my wife is pregnant and that it will be a boy .... together we will accomplish the prophecy my brothers ... ... HALLILOUYA ...” these were the words of the Master brandishing his sword


_..let fall down this sword. those were armed and disguised as monks just as he was about to carry the fatal blow. all weapons were pointed at Al-Mahdi

_..... calm down my boy ... do not foolishness

_... you also lie down by the ground .. said the chef of the troop.

Too easy the Valetta’s escape from the castle, one used her as bait and it worked

_...you will act when we shall take the road…”_ I had pronounced these words in Arabic

_...be quiet and put your hands behind your back

I was in the back seat, arms behind my back, between two armed men, not counting the driver. a dry brake shook us violently, there was fighting downstream ... .mahdi had just anticipated the things with the help of his faithful the windshield of our vehicle bellowed up it looked like it had been hit by a rocket .... my guardians left the car. the panic was total, I heard shootings of machine pistols, then an explosion ... two cars had just caught fire. taking advantage of the confusion and the darkness, I threw myself on the ground to go to hide under the car .... my hands still handcuffed….. again shootings of machine pistols , ... there were men on the ground, by the light of the car that was igniting, I could see my son. he was almost at the same height as me a special forces weapon in his hands. a car arose in our direction the lights on ...it immediately dazzled us. ... that's it ... we were booked ... a well lit- target “_...it’s us Mr Hayn.._” it was Bryan with three other disciples.


After this trek lived in Ireland, I came back to hide behind my country. my resources had much decreased despite that I still have a treasurer in my sect. one day, an Algerian officer came knocking at my door, he was in civilian clothes, well dressed, and did not take off his dark sunglasses until he left:_...Mr Hayn?….Sam Hayn?_”

_...and you are ?..._”

_.. it's from the colonel ...he wants to meet you in private was it a trap? ... no…the colonel knew what I could do. The match took place in the grandstands of the stadium, among the supporters of the local team. it's me who have chose this place. when he came to sit beside me, he handed me an envelope:

_... here are the photos of the four terrorists most wanted by our country…” their names were in the back _..one million dinars by head ...dead or alive ..”

_..I'm sorry; I'm not a bounty hunter ...”

_... it's time to tell you that the vise clamps around you ...

_... YYAEE... _the local team had just scored a goal ... standing with the supporters, I took off my glasses, revealing red eyes:

it seems that you didn’t take things seriously during our last interview ”

_...Oh, you know, you can threaten me as much as you want, it will not change your case ... on the contrary, you only aggravate the situation ... I ‘ve the matter in hand and I ‘m the only one able to exonerate you ... you have killed two soldiers whom I did not indicate yet in my reports

At first I wanted to finish with this colonel once and for all ... but I could no longer support being hunted, exiled with my children. he was more ambitious than I thought, we had to do fifty-fifty neither seen nor known. I had concealed my implication in this matter to my son Mahdi, despite knowing that he would give me primordial support, so I had to count on (one of these) It is not enough to pronounce the slogan that glorifies god and his prophet as it’s the case for DAECH to integrate AQIM or Al-Qaeda, you must commit an attempt ... to tell you gentlemen that among these people, one do not joke with the faith ... oh no, they don’t tolerate it ... one award by the Kalach-Nikov  those who grant their lives for to establish a law. I had not yet left the national territory, the north of Mali was completely conquered by AQIM.

Tamanrasset ... .January / 2015: the good season for tourists, although their number has considerably decreased. what has increased in against part, is the impressive number of black African fleeing conflict and Starvation. to have a coffee, it was useful to go to the places which (displayed full), it was no more than to sit and to strain the ear .........a truck of 20.000L of fuel had just been diverted yesterday to the north of Mali .... was this the right track?. No, desert robbers have always existed. among the Westerners, there are many who think that desert people are only made for raising cattle and picking dates at the harvest day. the caravan time is not completely over but the Toyota has replaced the camel and many of them preferred to bring Kalach-nikov instead of having their traditional sword. Instead of transporting dates, salt or other foodstuffs, there are some who risk their lives by ensuring the transfer of canabis resin(drug) from the western border of Algeria(morocco) to Libya ... yes sir.. those who claim to fight terrorism contribute indirectly to its financing and I always told myself that my four outlaws were not of genre to fit into a pseudo Islamic state where there is amusement in wasting ammunition and slogging Allah Akbar, I had to find another pipe, nothing is needed to run, we must start from scratch. An incognito of color had come to sit at my table:

_...listen brother... I have trouble ... .exétera ... ..ext ... ._ »

he knew how to express himself in french, and he was rather talkative, he took a coffee with me and then i invited him to share my dinner in my hotel room:

_... how long have you been here?

_... It's my second year

_... and you still want to stay at Tamanrasset?

_..If I will not have my apparatus next week, I would be in the obligation to leave towards north

_..you can always consult another dentist and arrange with him an ease of payment…_” he had only a few( pitiful teeth )

_... HAHAH ... no it is called a metal detector, it looks like a vacuum cleaner used in households

_ .. Do you need that for your job?

_..it costs 100,000dinars (1,800 euros), and it sells on the black market… It seems that you are not aware…. there is gold around dear brother….. I do not say that there is a lot as to pick up with the shovel, but they are real nuggets of 24caras scattered on the ground… barely hidden by a thin layer of sand, or stones

_..that explains the impressive number of Africans and all these people coming from the north

_ .. if you want to join us, I warn you dice now ... there are armed individuals among gold diggers

_ .. you have already ventured into this places at least?

he answered affirmatively moving his head, he had not yet finished eating while I was preparing tea. after get ride of the table, here is my host well served: two cups of tea and my package of Marlboro in the middle of the table, he grabbed a cigarette right away and I did the same

_ .. yes sir... they confiscated our gold harvest

_..the Tuaregs ?..” negative was his answer by nodding the head.

_... I have to leave now, .. I ...

_..you did not drink your tea ... why are you in a hurry?

_ .. thank you for the dinner .. well..we are not going to play cards now?

«_... Euuh... justly..” as I stretched out my hand to reach my backpack which was on the bed, and from which I took the envelope handed over by the colonel, the sword had fallen to the ground. here are four cards on the table to begin the game. seeing them he got up by taking a step backwards

_..so, they were bearded men… white people with turbans who have confiscate your gold , isn't that?..._”

_... yes I think it must be this one ... the others ... I don’t remember ... ..you are not going to face them with your sword?

_... your passport brother ...” one would say that his eyes came out of his head when he saw my automatic weapon pointed at him

_..Listen sir, my stay has just expired, I intend to go to Algiers to the consulate….

"_ .. stop ...... i said stop , I'm not what you believe ... I just want to make sure that you come back tomorrow morning to show me the way


_...he's down there at the bottom of the mountain ... in the dry river ... but they're six ...” told me(one of these) i knew that it was not going to be long in locating him. pointed in the right place, I watched them at a distance and like any self-respecting hiker, there was enough food in my bag as well as two bottles of mineral water. It will be long and not be easy…… here is someone who has moved away from the group ... .for his needs without doubts……this was not my ugly. In the early morning, three of them had gone, they are only three now…mine was rolling a barrel of gasoline with his foot ... where does he want to go ? ... by throwing a glance all around, I had seen their vehicle hidden between the bushes. it’s time to act now unless the two other will join him

_... don’t move ... _his Kalash-Nikov was hanging on his shoulder

_..Are you an envoy of the Colonel?..” then he put his hand in his pocket

_... ??... Stop ... you're dead ... .you will cause me less trouble so ... don’t play the shithead..” he had just thrown in my direction a little plastic box ... it was transparent and in the twinkling of an eye, I could see that it was gold inside

.. pick up the box and tell him that the harvest was lean this month ..what are you waiting for? .go shoot ..it's going to be your turn soon ... another shithead agent like you will come to make you the skin..”

The shock was such that I almost knocked down my pistol. so, it was not just me

with whom the colonel was doing bizness. I said that in my life I always hated waiting, but being taken for a shithead is something I never tolerate.


May 13, 2016, nothing special in the headlines of the newspapers, although an Algerian tourist was found dead at dawn on Sousse beach in Tunisia. the autopsy will surely confirm a drowning, asphyxia or strangulation. Considering his identity, I let you guess. but it was not only that, my wife told me that one had become grandparents

_..it's a boy ...his wife has just given birth in Italy ...in his country of origin

At hearing to Melouka, it seems that she didn't show a great enthusiasm ... nor me either, as a matter of fact; my wife never took too much in heart the arrival of Valeta in the family “_ .. Salamou-alaykoum..” talk of the Devil

_ .. then son ... ready to run away to Italy? ... or maybe Sicily?

_ .. I can't join Valeta on the phone

_...so how did you know ?

_ .. I received an email from Bryan

_ .. come here El-Mahdi ... I have to talk to you..” the interview was in front of his mother, there was not much thing to conceal now

all that said, I will have to go back to Tamanrasset ... .the Tuaregs are gifted for this kind of work

_...what’s work ?

«_.... the art of fashioning gold jewelry

«_... return us safe and sound my darling

see you later mom” I think this is the first time she saw her son taking his gun, it did not surprise her. what she regretted, it’s not to have pocket money to give him. later when I threw the little plastic box in her arms as a sign of consolation, there she could not hide her astonishment “_...yes Mimi .... there is gold in Tamanrasset…._” when a truth follow another, the second assumes the presupposition form. she knew I’m not made for digging all day in the Sahara under a blazing sun.

_...why should he not go to the authorities so that he can benefit from the law of national reconciliation, as all the others have done? ... those who have throw down the weapons... he hasn't participated in killings

_...never….did you hear me .....nobody should know he is here except his brothers…_”

This law is still in force, it cost billions to the Algerian government. approved by the senate, and once passed at the polls of the citizens. it was the yes witch prevailed despite intense protests. so the repented were able to integrate civilian life and could take again their jobs and paid with retroactive effect and have profit from many welfare benefits. yes, peace it is bought.

One moment…..it seems that (one of these) wants to tell you something….

He’s a poet

I knew William, but it's Shakespeare whom I would like to know is life lived? or ignored with its hobby?

one continue to believe in such deceits at the start, it was to be competitor choose only one corridor

Or not to be there, or nowhereand lose all what we plan for who knows at the arrival, maybe there will be a seat to acquire
for betting on the right card you had to be a vampire

was it necessary to lie?... to abstain?

No, to persist in saying to be or not to be to be nearby… in a paranoia at two fingers to dive into a phobia to be in a new world order

Never mind if it's led by a lobby

The law is dictating by somebody never one impose the religion of the master. there will be no more 3rd War or Star War

to be or not to be will be the reason for to be neither a state nor one politician nor fighter like Martian have believed it will be this question to be contemporary like lay Christian, Jewish or even gay all united for not to be like those which: religion prevents desire

from the priest to the traitor no one will be neutral someone's have understood well equipped and authoritarian started acting by fire direction east they took it’s there we have to light the pyre?

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