Orangutan Sheriff

Jacob Kohal

© Copyright 2022 by Jacob Kohal

Photo by Herbert Aust at Pixabay.
Photo by Herbert Aust at Pixabay.
Photo by
  Jacob Kohal Orangutan Sheriff

It was 5:35 AM: The dreary clouds of dawn were beginning to fall under the orange soaked sky. The wind was blowing at a slow but steady pace northeast: an Orangutan sits on the chair in the fruit bar and looks solemnly around the place. There are cornucopias full of fruit, and bins full of squash for cooking, and cucumbers for pickling. Then suddenly from the door behind the counter a wolf appeared. “What do you want?” said the wolf in an exasperated tone. “Bananas, and carrot juice.” The wolf sneered and went back to the juicer. He grabbed four carrots and then promptly pulled down the lever; crushing them into the cup. He then grabbed five bananas, and one for himself.

The Orangutan drinks the carrot juice in a sip or two and then gets to work on the bananas. The orangutan has eaten bananas so long he can peel them with muscle memory. He turns the banana to the bottom; opposite to the stem and pinches and pulls. This instantly removes the brown part, and also makes the peel fall down. The bananas were exquisite, they were at the point the ripeness converted most of the starch to sugar, But they still stayed together. While the Orangutan is on his third banana. He can hear the door behind him open, and then SLAM!

The orangutan turns around to look but can’t see, because the back area is dark compared to the area he was looking at, so everything blurs. He gives up on seeing who entered and starts on his fourth banana. Around half way through the 4th banana hears multiple footsteps and the click of a hammer. But before he can turn around he can feel a barrel on his head. “Not so fast!” The orangutan turns to look the threat in the face, and sees a large chicken. The chicken has a stocky build; with various scars on his beak from most likely a long life of crime. Orangutan quips “ why should I be so afraid of a chicken?” This enrages the chicken and the chicken fires a shot that knocks the banana out of the orangutan's hand.

Orangutan, now upset, turns back around, and asks ” Bartender, can I have another banana?” The chicken, upset that he is being ignored; moves to the orangutan's right side. “You think this is funny?” the chicken barks at him. Orangutan swiftly pulls out of his holster the 5th banana and places it on the counter with a “Boom!” The orangutan then says with an ice cold expression “ you have three seconds to leave, or else you will be roasted chicken.” The chicken responds with a laugh “Hahahaha.” Starting the orangutans count. “Three” The chicken keeps laughing “two” Responds orangutan more harshly, to repeated laughing “one!” The orangutan twists to the right with a banana in hand hitting the chicken in the beak with such force that the front chips off. The chicken cries out in pain “AOOOWW” and falters on to his left knee.

In a life or death effort to recalibrate himself; the chicken stands back up with all of his might, and aims back at the Orangutan only to get a chuckle from the orangutan “They never learn.” The Orangutan presses on the inward curve of the banana and elicits a “BANG!” In a split second; The banana peels open counter clockwise on all sides, and a bullet is released. It hits the chicken center mass and causes the chicken to fly backwards in a ball of feathers. The chicken lands in a fireplace; designed to keep guests warm on cold nights, and promptly starts roasting. This commotion prompts the barkeeper to peek above the counter, And once the barkeeper has seen what has happened; he screams “FREE CHICKEN”. The orangutan, not wanting to have to go through all the paperwork, leaves into the sunrise; the time now being 6:30.

The time now being 12:00 PM in the town called Town. The Mayor, Mouse Steven, and his advisor; Advisor Roach, are having a discourse. Mouse Steven is a small mouse by today's standards, around three feet tall, having to look up at advisor roach; who is three foot five inches tall. The discussion starts promptly. “That dang there Goblin Joe speared our best sheriff yet – sheriff Barnaby, then ran! What should we do? '' Mayor Mouse says with an upset expression, “we can't keep appointing sheriffs if they just keep dying!” Advisor Roach tries to comfort the Mayor with some words of wisdom “ Birds of the same feather get roasted together, we must hire someone who is unique and is ready for the job.” “You are right, where will we find him?” responds mayor mouse who gets his question answered quickly “ Look to the sun, because those of action follow it” Mayor mouse turns to the sun and squints. Out in the distance he sees a large lumbering figure which is being distorted from the heat. The mouse excitedly replies “ This is why I hired you advisor!”

The Orangutan has been lumbering through the desert since 6:30, so he was parched by the time he arrived at the nearest town. He was still ather far from the town, and he had the sun drooling down his back. So he picked up his pace and started jogging. He could feel the sand between his toes like molten metal. Around a minute later Orangutan arrived at the town and set out to find water. Thinking about where he would want to be that had some thoughts beamed to his brain like a laser. “I need to go to the fruit bar!” Orangutan tried to turn to the left to look for it but he was called out from the town hall: “Hey you there!” Orangutan replied back with a “what do you want?” The unknown voices starkly replied “for you to be sheriff!” Orangutan was disgusted by this; seeing as he doesn't like people, so he replies “No!” then swiftly leaves.

Orangutan looks throughout the town to find the fruit bar and eventually comes back to where he was when he was just yelled at, and realizes the fruit bar was right beside the entrance that he was just at. Orangutan enters the building, and immediately realizes it is a lot more lively than the one he was at earlier. People are singing and dancing; fruits are being thrown around, even tomatoes. It was relatively packed, but the Orangutan saw one more available chair at the counter. He quickly lumbered to it only for it to be taken by a small chimpanzee, Orangutan could feel his anger bubbling like it was about to boil out of his head, so he asked for the chair nicely “Can I please have the chair, my back hurts.” The chimpanzee responded with a strict “no” . Orangutan now was very upset and wanted to hurt the chimpanzee, so Orangutan charged Chimpanzee. Sadly for Orangutan, he didn't realize that there was a banana peel in front of him, so he ends up slipping, and then his vision goes black.

When Orangutan woke up he woke up in a strange place– Strange because he didn’t know why he was there or where he was. Slowly losing his grogginess from just waking up. Orangutan gets up and looks out the window. Outside the window he can see the fruit bar and realizes that he is currently in the town hall. He tries to walk out of the room he is in but he hears a voice from behind him; the same one that was calling to him earlier from the same building. “Not so fast. If you leave this room you will be locked up in jail for attempting to injure the deputy.” “Well what are you proposing to me?” the mouse responds after with sureness in his voice. “I need you to be sheriff” Orangutan: faced with long term imprisonment or the choice to be the one who has the power to imprison people; picks the obvious choice. “Fine; I guess I'll be sheriff, how long will I have to be sheriff for?” The mouse responded “1 year”. This was a major span of time for Sheriff orangutan, as he was getting high up in age. But it seemed much less boring than prison so he agreed “I agree”

Well that is nice to hear! We already have your first job you have to do: dealing with all the goblins.” Orangutan was surprised by this. “WHAT? I THOUGHT GOBLINS WERE ERADICATED DECADES AGO!” “ well we still have goblins around here; this isn't the east y’know” the mouse continued “ We have in this area around five goblins: the quad goblins, and uh, Goblin Joe” Just the annunciation of Goblin Joe made the mouse nervous, as if Goblin Joe was judging him as he said it. This caused the sheriff to feel discomfort, because he was soon going to have to deal with this so-called Goblin Joe. The mouse continued “ The quad goblins are the less fearsome, they are all relatively scrawny but can, and will take you out if they all team up on you, because their power is in quantity” “But Goblin Joe is different; one of his legs are as large as the quad goblins are combined, and he carries a trident that is larger than you, despite him being half your size” The mouse finished up his long and arduous explanation with a warning “ Goblin Joe is extremely dangerous. He has perfect eyesight and can jump a mile with a single stride; meaning he can lock on to you and spear you before you can even react, but even if you can sneak up on him; his speed is unparalleled by anyone in the west. Before you could have your sights on him at 40 yards away, he would already have reached you three times over.”

Orangutan was not afraid of the quad goblins, but Joe would be a problem. While Sheriff Orangutan had one of the fastest draws in the west, he was unsure if it would match Goblin Joe's Jaw-Dropping speed; Afterall, Joe moved like light did; at imperceptible speeds.. The Orangutan sighs then asks a question “Do you have any leads?” “Well as a matter of fact I do! The Quad-Goblins are currently holding 5 people ransom at the bank, and deputy Chimp-Chimp is having trouble controlling the situation” The Sheriff then laughed, and said “ I can fix that issue, I’ll just need one thing mouse; A banana” The mouse laughed, and then said “call me Mayor Mouse; I’ll issue you a banana and a revolver” The mayor handed the orangutan a holster with room for a banana, and a revolver; then gave him a cowboy hat with a shiny star on the front of it.

Once the orangutan left the town hall, he pulled the revolver out of his holster, and dropped it onto the ground. The shine from it emanated into his eyes, and hurt them. He then grabbed the banana, and put it into the holster. Sheriff Orangutan heard screams coming from his left, so he turned to see if it was from the goblins; which it was, so he followed the sound. The situation once Orangutan sheriff made it there was developing into a logistical nightmare: The Goblins had hold of the bank tellers – which were snakes, and were ready to maul them. Chimp-Chimp did what he could in regards to controlling the situation. But overtime the chance of having casualties increased. The four Goblins each were in the same position for efficiency: Hands on the ridge of the snake's head, and their feet planted into the back; pressing against the scales.

The townspeople were keeping their distance from the four; a distance of around 16 feet on all sides, except the front where there was 10 feet. Orangutan was unsure of what the four goblins wanted, because they never said anything, or made any attempt at communication; only gleefully laughing like a cat playing with its food. Orangutan walked up to Chimp-Chimp, and told him what someone like the deputy would not want to hear “You know some of the hostages will probably die right?” Chimp-Chimp responded with a face flushed of blood; Chimp-Chimp was a kind man, not due to religion but rather the simple fact that he felt good helping people, and hearing the facts from someone lacking that same principle bewildered him; but also grounded him into the real world.

Chimp-Chimp retrospectively ascertained what had happened over the course of the last 6 hours, and realized he could have stopped them then; but his principles made him selfish, and overall now raised the danger for everyone. Ironically Orangutan, while lacking empathy, was a better man for the job; solely, because he lacked it in the first place. Orangutan; in his head made a plan. One that if spoken would make people; especially Chimp-Chimp, distraught. He imagined from a top down view: the one closest to him was surely dead because of the fact they formed an arrow shape toward him, so his best action would be to take out the goblins in the back first. Then when the goblins in the front dispose of their hostages. Have chimp-Chimp take the one on the right, and himself take the one on the left. This if done optimally would lead to no casualties, and two injured. Orangutan knew this wouldn’t work for the deputy, as the deputy was looking for the best outcome; no suffering for the snakes, which did not exist.

Orangutan, knowing this; quickly said “On the signal aim for the one closest to you” Chimp-Chimp nodded after a second, still delayed due to internal troubles. Orangutan then unholstered his banana in a split second. It was perfectly ripe, not even having any spots. He aimed at the one he had the clearest shot of: The one on the left, And it landed. Causing the little creature to implode into a shower of goblins. Right as the remaining goblins; who had fast reaction times processed what occurred. The banana was already centered on its next target; the one to the right of the previous. The last thing goblin number two would see was monotone yellow followed by a blast: within hundreths of a second the second shot arrived at its destination, who knew a fruit so healthy could be so dangerous?

It sent the second goblin flying away, spinning counter clockwise into the bank window, breaking the shutters. At this moment, the goblins knew their situation was more dire than what they would’ve thought; usually this always worked as a way to get food, but now this orange thing was killing their brothers! The goblin beside the one furthest to the right, snarled “AHHHGGHGHGHESHED” then went in for a bite. Orangutan turned right to see chimp-chimp frozen and instantly thought “why are nice men picked for the law, but not good men?” Chimp-Chimp missed his mark, and it was too late. The first bite was taken by the one who snarled, going for the snake's artery.

Hostage three was lost at this point, and the last hostage remaining lost his chance right after, a second behind the first. Chimp-Chimp had failed Orangutan, and Orangutan now in the split second made a decision that he didn’t want to make; for the bystanders sake at least. Both of the goblins were on the faces of the respective hostages, trying to inflict damage, and they both lined up: able to be taken out in one banana pull. This provided the problem though of the hostages being there too, and the moral quandary of hurting a civilian; that while already lost, was still a civilian. Orangutan decided though rather quickly, because after all what will a bit of liquid snake do to a person? He lined up the banana; and pulled, BANG! The projectile whizzed through the air akin to a bee, the connotation being much much more severe though; at least for the recipient.

It hit the Goblin at the front and acted like a singularity. Pulling everything with it with utmost power. The last moments of the first snake were probably the best it could get in regards to the situation. The shock, and confusion of the moment would serve to be a surprise effectively making it painless. When the projectile exited. It carried with it a ball of snake, and goblin around one foot in diameter. By the time the 2nd goblin turned to look it was too late. The same thing occurred again but since the projectile was widened from hitting bone. It took more of each with it. Ultimately it splattered, over the spectators closest to the bank on the right, and a portion of the bank. It was a truly visceral experience; granted one was there to see it; even more be in the range of the amalgamated beings of the snakes and goblins.

The spectators stood quieter than the wind, which at the time was barely moving, and the Orangutan ate the banana he just used to commit what many people would call an atrocity, because he wanted to leave before people got mad at him, and formed a mob: Orangutan spirited away. While Orangutan was running, he tripped, hitting the warm ground; he then got up as everyone laughed at him, then dusted off his fur, and ran.

Later in the day after Orangutan hid for a while; Orangutan had seen people get mad, and join into a mob before, and he didn’t want that. He went to the fruit bar, and when he went into the building. He saw Chimp-Chimp sitting on a stool, and there was room beside him, so Orangutan sat down. There was a lot of noise coming from all of the people enjoying their time. Chimp-Chimp turned to Orangutan, and sighed. Chimp-Chimp then said in a sad tone, “I know what you did seemed wrong at the time, but I have done some thinking. I now know this was all my fault: I could have saved them!” A tear went down Chimp-Chimps cheek “ I won't make the same mistake again: I promise” Orangutan turned to look at Chimp-Chimp, and offered his thoughts “ even the best people can fail: A man following the sun can walk faster than it, and walk into the night. I believe next time you will make the correct decision.”

Suddenly the door behind him opened. Someone came in, and yelled something, but Orangutan couldn’t hear what the person said. It is now unnaturally quiet; so much so the Orangutan could hear himself blink. Orangutan was confused, and thought to himself. “Why is it so quiet?” He swiveled around, and saw everyone looking at someone; he saw the mayor. The mayor cried out what he said again; words nobody from this town would want to hear. “Goblin Joe is on his way! He heard what happened to the other goblins!” The mouse cried this out, and everyone seemed to be repulsed yet again by the sound of Goblin Joe's name; almost to the point of being pushed backwards. The mouse cried out “Sheriff: You must stop this creature!” The Orangutan responded with the obvious question “ How do you know?” The mayor blurted out again. “Our neighboring town saw him: AN HOUR AGO!” The neighboring town was 50 miles away and goblin joe could soar 40 miles per hour – Accounting for this Goblin joe was very near. Orangutan then said one thing, and one thing only “Bartender: I need a banana”
Chimp-chimp and orangutan got up from their seats; they then checked their weapons to make sure they were ready for the fight that would occur. Chimp-Chimps was old, but reliable, and Orangutan’s was perfectly ripe– not a single speck.

They left the fruit bar and entered the town square at 6:29 AM; Just at sunrise. Chimp-Chimp said calmly “What a perfect time to fight: I won't fail you this time!” Orangutan nodded back. They walked in unison to the town square, and looked around: they saw nothing. Then suddenly from behind them they heard a thud in the distance; They turned to look, and saw nothing. Chimp-Chimp screamed “UP!” suddenly, and within the time it would take to blink: Goblin Joe landed at terminal velocity on top of Chimp-Chimp, with his trident pointed down. The physics were quick and immense; The trident hit chimp-chimp, and its weight of 1000 pounds crushed Chimp-Chimp like a hydraulic press.

The mess covered Orangutans left side from head to toe; His hat was stained, and bits of high speed bone ripped over his face like a tiger's claws. The speed of the event proved slow for Orangutan, Time froze around him as the trident lit up slightly; it mesmerized Orangutan; who could still move at full speed in the warped time. Orangutan turned and aimed at Joe, with the face of death in his eyes. He pulled the trigger, and the bullet moved slowly? Orangutan responded like anyone else would “Woah!” Goblin Joe turned to face Orangutan just like Orangutan did; they both had the same stares, both of infinite ambition, and the same goal; only victims of circumstance. Goblin Joe responded by pulling his trident up from what remained of Chimp-Chimp, to his side. He grabbed the trident with his other arm, and gripped tightly.

The tridents blue was lost, and time sped up again, but something was different; Orangutan could sense the smallest movements, like time was still slowed; he still thought in slow motion. Goblin Joe flew towards him, and Orangutan side stepped. The speed from the lunge made what remained of Chimp-Chimp splatter over Goblin Joe; Blinding him. He jumped away, and tried to rub the blood out of his eyes, but Orangutan sprinted after him with bizarre speed. By the time Goblin Joe heard the thumping of the Orangutan he was in trouble. An uppercut from Orangutan soared through the air, and landed; There was no thump or feeling of hitting goblin Joe, Goblin Joe only followed with it like he was weightless. Goblin Joe Flew Back into the clouds, and landed thousands of feet away. Surprised by the encounter, Goblin Joe ran like the wind in the other direction.

The force of The blow had knocked the trident out of the goblins hands, and displaced the ground all around Orangutan, Shattering it like glass. Orangutan then picked up the trident, and his hands were engulfed in blue flame, like it was both coming from he trident, and his hand at the same time, He was getting enchanted by this weapon's power, whether he liked it or not. Enraged. Orangutan threw the trident at full force at goblin Joe who was already miles away, seconds after it was thrown. It was already 100 feet away from Goblin Joe, he saw it and performed the best dodge ever seen. He turned around to face the trident and leaned backwards, like it was a game of limbo; Once the trident reached him, he was so close to getting hit that it grazed his nose. Wanting to get away faster; Goblin Joe grabbed onto the trident, and it pulled him away faster than he could run.

Once the sound of fighting was over; the townspeople peeked out of their respective hiding places. Unsure of what was happening, they watched and listened intently, even hearing the sound of sand moving due to wind. One after another the people filtered out of their hiding places, and went to see what happened. The mayor left first, and commented on what he saw. “DEAR LORD WHAT HAPPENED!” Mayor mouse ran over, and swaddled the upper half of Chimp-Chimp, “What have they done to you my boy?” Mayor Mouse looked up at Orangutan, and then told him what he wanted Orangutan to do with cold hateful eyes. “Find Goblin Joe, I want him dead.”

Orangutan then responded with “I will set out to find him tomorrow; I picked up his trident, and now I feel weird.” Orangutan then then went to bed feeling pain in his joints; like they were a banana being peeled open. He assumed it was just the effect of whatever happened during the fight: Afterall; hitting someone a fifth of a mile is no easy task. Orangutan went to his bed in the mayor's building, and dozed off. The Orangutan awoke in a large room, so large that it broke his understanding of length. It was a massive throne room, and the throne was the size of a skyscraper. “Who could sit in that?” Orangutan thought to himself. He looked around, and saw even larger statues: The size of mountains. They were of an Orangutan who looked just like him, and he held the trident that Goblin Joe held. The orangutans hair was long compared to Sheriff Orangutans, almost like a robe.

Goblin Joe woke up in a cold sweat; enhanced by the coldness of being underground. His home, an abandoned mine had not been so kind when it came to temperature, but it won in all other things. The security of it was incredible; it spiraled down for miles before you would reach the bottom, and any noise from entering down here would be echoed to Goblin Joe. He had the perfect escape plan also, behind him was a steep dropoff, and he could drop down and exit through the actual caves. He knew there was an exit behind him because of how the wind in the cave blew that way. Goblin Joe was still worried though; he had just had a nightmare that he would lose his trident, and be replaced as trident bearer by an Orangutan.

Orangutan woke up; still tired he did not attempt to open his eyes, rather just feel what being awake was like. He felt that the blanket he was using did not cover his feet. Orangutan thought “It must have rolled upwards while I was sleeping” He opened his eyes to fix it, and saw something extremely bizarre. “AAAHHH MY LEGS ARE LONGER! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?” Orangutan looked down, and his legs were off of the foot of his bed. They used to fit but now they were two feet past the end of the bed: Orangutan had grown 3 feet taller. Orangutan grasped the end table in an effort to get up, and the end table shattered. Orangutan was upset. “Why is this happening to me?” He then gripped the headboard with a light grip. He then attempted to pull himself up. He did so effortlessly gripping onto the right side of his headboard and doing a one handed sideways flag to stand up. “I kinda like this!” Orangutan said mischievously. He hit his hands together, and shook the whole building.

Orangutan then said “Uh-oh” then looked at his hand like it was the victim. Mayor mouse showed up, and said “What's happening? Is Goblin Joe back?” Then the mayor realized he was looking at the orangutans chest. This was bizarre as his head was at chest level before, so he must have grown “Woah! What happened?” the mouse asked. Orangutan embarrassed; responded “ Oh I was just trying to hit my hands together an-” “No i mean your height; what did you do?” Orangutan responded with “ I don’t know: But I think the trident did this to me, because the joint pain is gone. Mouse said with a gleeful voice “This is great! Now you will have an easier time fighting goblin Joe!” Orangutan then said proudly “Yes; yes I will.”

Goblin Joe meditated calmly in his cave to regain his lost strength. His jaw had been broken, and had to be repaired. He held himself up with one hand; the one holding on to the bottom of the trident, and he was meditating like how those fake monks do. Except this was real, and it worked. Over the past few hours Goblin Joe's broken jaw was mending. While Goblin Joe's bones were stronger than steel; this Orangutan still shattered them. With the mending brought extreme pain; he could feel his shattered bones pull on ripped skin internally, and the bones themselves pulsated like a terrible toothache. But he was almost done.

An hour of waiting had led to the pain fully disappearing: now his jaw was fully repaired. “ This trident is incredible!” Goblin Joe then started his athletic preparations for a fight. Joe no longer felt the burn of exercise, as he passes out from exhaustion before he can get them to burn, so he did the best he could: 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, and 100 pullups every minute for 24 hours, then he could rest. He did them effortlessly, doubling his rate; 200 of each every minute, and then he tripled it. He kept going until he got tired, and faded into unconsciousness.
Orangutan was getting used to his newfound strength by punching a large boulder; about 40 foot tall, right outside of town. Even the lightest play punches cracked at the stone; being in town, you would feel the punches like they were an earthquake. This angered the townspeople, but after seeing the metamorphosed orangutan; they were too afraid to act. Orangutan in a 16 hour time frame had become what many would consider a god; he had completely changed form from the guise he once had. Now the Orangutan stood straight, and had muscles that were clearly apparent now. Orangutan in the flurry of punches thought of Goblin Joe, and thought one thing “I will be the end of him” as he was thinking this he blacked out with rage, and when he came to the boulder was no longer there; nothing was left but dust.

Orangutan thought for a while after this; he, at least what he used to be could be considered a fly to his current self “ what did that trident do to me?” Orangutan was having a crisis; if he wasn’t an Orangutan; then what was he? This made the Orangutan freeze with a feeling of loss; all of his old experiences over all of his years of life had been overshadowed by something as infinitesimal as being attacked by a chicken. His old self was dead; what killed it: fate? The Orangutan thought to himself for a while; trembling with the rage of loss and discontentment, then it came to him. “It does not matter what I was or who I am; what matters is what I will be: A useless piece of flesh, frozen like he is. Or a good man; who uses his grand powers for good. Why be selfish when I already have become what I wanted? Why was I ever selfish in the first place?”

One would expect a selfish man who had gained power would strive more, but for the Orangutan it was the opposite; Orangutan had achieved enlightenment. Orangutan made his first step; since this thought occurred, then stepped again. He stepped, and stepped again; faster and faster until he had reached a full sprint. He ran towards where he had seen Goblin Joe run away earlier. He picked up more and more speed until he jumped; if it could even be considered as that, he jumped so hard the ground that was underneath him sunk into the ground, and exploded. Within seconds Orangutan was above the clouds; he imagined how Goblin Joe must feel, and as soon as he imagined what Goblin Joe felt he understood why Goblin Joe was what he was. Goblin Joe simply did not care about anything; after all, why would you?

Orangutan kept jumping; the trail had disappeared, due to the natural movement of sand, but he felt the power that he now had; he felt the source. Though Orangutan did not yearn for the trident, it was as if he was magnetized to it; unescapable from its grasp. Orangutan tried to slow down, but he still kept jumping: the strength of his jumps making Goblin Joe's tracks look feeble. Eventually; after many tireless hours of jumping, Orangutan had arrived at the location of the trident. He felt it: it was right below him; in front of him he saw an abandoned mine.

Goblin Joe had awoken from his exercise feeling good; though it didn’t do nothing, it still felt nice to do something. He had awoken, because of a noise; though he was not sure what: Little did he know how Orangutan Joe was already inside the mine, and it was too late to run. Little did anyone know; that one of the most influential fights of all time was going to happen.

Orangutan Joe carefully climbed down the spiral staircase of the cave; walking down level by level. He ripped some of his hair, and taped it to his feet, so his footsteps could not be heard, and he also held his breath; one of his abilities that was heightened; him now being able to hold his breath all day if he wanted to. He slowly, and painstakingly avoided any noise made; as surely Goblin Joe also had heightened abilities. Orangutan after ten slow hours had finally reached the bottom; he looked up, and saw the entrance was as small as his outstretched pinky nail, so difficult a thing to traverse without sound. He turned the corner, and saw him: Joe had his eyes wide open, still unsure as to what he saw in front of him.

Goblin Joe had reacted faster than light itself; he grabbed the trident, and crept backwards. Knowing if he stayed back he had the advantage. Orangutan then bellowed “You will not leave here!” Goblin Joe saw Orangutan look up as he made the statement, so the Goblin took his chance. Goblin Joe lunged forward, so fast he made a sonic boom. As Goblin Joe sped through the air he spun, to remain stable; Joe aimed for the midsection: he was primed, and ready to kill.

As Goblin Joe arrived inch by inch; time slowed yet again; this time not a function of the trident, but rather by the orangutans own power. Orangutan in his time spent silently creeping into the cave; discovered something. The bananas couldn’t fire bullets, but he could. Something that seemed a fact of life was something of the Orangutan’s mental creation. It didn’t make a difference in reality, but now Orangutan discovered he had the power, so he flourished it.

Goblin Joe was 10 feet away; in slow motion Orangutan summoned a long banana, and aimed it directly at the bullet that Goblin Joe formed. In a millisecond once Goblin Joe’s perspective turned to see what was in front of him; Death incarnate. Orangutan fired at Goblin Joe, and a spray of razor sharp pellets formed from the weapon. Goblin Joe, though still changing trajectory, got clawed at by the projectiles. Blood splashed on the floor, allied with the high pitched ricochets of the projectiles.

Goblin Joe looked down, and saw hundreds of gashes on his right leg. His muscle was damaged, and would tear if used much more. Goblin Joe thought about stabbing himself with the trident; no longer having to deal with the pain of circumstance, but didn’t. Goblin Joe stood tall, because of the fact that he deserved the trident, and he still had a chance. Goblin Joe crumpled on his leg; Feigning weakness.

Orangutan watched as Goblin Joe fell to the ground, and felt glee. Orangutan approached Goblin Joe to end Goblin Joe’s reign of power. “But why am I doing this: Am I being selfish?” Orangutan kept walking until he loomed over Goblin Joe; Orangutan then picked up his foot, and prepared to stomp. As Orangutan brought his foot down; Goblin Joe took his chance. He got up from the ground, and spiraled right into orangutans stomach.
Blood gushed out like a faucet, And goblin Joe was happy “ The fights finally in my favor; see! You told yourself!” Orangutan looked down, and felt pain; Goblin Joe then responded “ The trident ends all beings it hits” with a smug expression. Suddenly, with enhanced rage, the Orangutan said “ I am not anyone: I am the Orangutan!” Orangutan then pulled out the trident from his stomach, and wielded it as he was the rightful owner. Goblin Joe cowered in fear as his fate was decided. Orangutan speared goblin Joe with the trident, and picked him up to the ceiling; then slammed The trident into the ground; further driving the trident into Goblin Joe. Goblin Joe couldn’t talk, as blood was filling his vocal cords.

Orangutan then grabbed the trident back up again, and kept slamming it into the ground until Goblin Joe’s soul left his body. Orangutan peeled Goblin Joe off of the trident, and left the mine. While walking up the spiral; Orangutan felt a weird feeling, it was as if he was addicted to the power the trident possessed. Orangutan felt amazing; he had finally achieved what he had wanted, and he was happy Goblin Joe would no longer unrightfully hold a thing of such power. It was as if the trident chose Orangutan, and Orangutan chose the trident. Now; there was only one thing to do, and that was to get revenge on the person who caused this

Mayor mouse was concerned: He was sure Orangutan had gone to find Goblin Joe, but Orangutan probably should’ve been back by now. The mayor asked advisor roach “Do you think Orangutan will return?” Advisor roach looked up, and said “ Orangutan will arrive when he wants; he is no longer himself, he has lost his sense of previous identity. Now he is a being of immense power, and nothing binds him, possibly not even time. He may murder even murder us! Did you think of that?”

Mayor mouse thought about this, and realized that Orangutan no longer had any reason to hold any empathy. The mayor sentenced the Orangutan for a life of servitude for harassing a now dead man. Orangutan didn’t care for anyone; he was a psychopath who only cared about people he could use or manipulate. Was that bad? Afterall Orangutan helped more than the emotional and caring Chimp-Chimp; considerably more actually.

Orangutan was almost back to Town, and he was excited. Orangutan could finally get revenge for the people that gave him immortality; now his time of servitude to life had changed from a few more years to forever– an immortal prison. Orangutan finally could see the town curve over the horizon, and the sun curve with it. Orangutan saw as the sunlight caused the townsfolk to exit their houses, and begin their routines; a regular day, but not for long.

Mayor mouse, and his advisor Roach now hid in the vault. It was a rather weird request to make to the vault guards. But it was his only chance to hide from the death that Orangutan would bring. Mouse and his advisor sat down on opposite corners of the vault, and didn’t talk. BOOM! A loud noise shook the vault so hard a thick cloud of dust covered the two. The noises kept continuing for hours: BOOM!, BAM!, AHHHHH!, DON’T HURT M-,” It was terrifying, and they were like little bugs to it all; they could do nothing. Advisor Roach started convulsing due to the dust, and the Mayor could do nothing but watch. Mouse watched Roach convulse for minutes, unable to process all that was happening; the infernal screams of agony outside, and the death inside; it was inescapable. Mayor Mouse could no longer take it, so he took his claws, and popped his eardrums.
Orangutan took a deep breath and looked at what he had wrought. He had destroyed the entire town. Fire was spreading through the rubble, and what was left of townsfolk were strewn about. He thought to himself “Why? Why did I do this?” and he responded to himself “ It doesn't matter; nothing does.” he wondered where the mouse had went, and after some time thinking he realized that the mouse was in the vault; the only structure left, so he walked to the vault and picked it up, and then proceeded to shake it as hard as he could.

Orangutan proceeded to rip open the vault door, and saw what was inside: What was left of Mayor Mouse and advisor roach was smeared all over the walls of the vault. Orangutan smiled – happy that he had gotten revenge. Orangutan dropped the vault, and left the ruins of the town.

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