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My Pets

Jack R. Davenport

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I felt compelled to write "My Pets" after I began watching our cat. I noticed that she had certain habits that would automatically cause a certain response in my wife and me. We had never noticed that we were doing these things. It really made me wonder who was the pet.

My pride consists of two dogs, one smaller and thinner than the other, and three humans, two parents and one offspring. I have tried to train the humans, as they seem to be more intelligent then the dogs. The most easily trained was the female. I have had some luck with the large male, but I think the tall skinny one may be untrainable.

When I need to get outside at night, I have to tell the humans to let me out. I have noticed that they tend to be unpredictable when they are aroused from their slumber. I have become quite adept at landing on my feet when the larger one kicks me off of the bed. You would think that he would figure out that I would not give up. I am very persistent until I get my way. He seem to respond well when I sneak up and kiss him on the nose. He rolls over and shoves the female, who in turn rises and lets me outside. It is not the exact response I am looking for, but it does achieve the desired results.

Getting food can sometimes be a very trying experience. My humans always seem to be preoccupied with something other than me. This is a serious flaw in their training that I have been trying desperately to correct. I will look directly at the large male and tell him exactly what I want, but he seldom understands. The female, on the other hand, always seems to understand and responds immediately by filling my food dish with dry food. Sometimes I want the stuff that comes out of the can and the female doesn't always cater to my desires. When I can get the large male to respond, he does a great job. He always gives me the canned stuff, heated to body temperature, just the way I like it. However, I would not want to rely on him to feed me since he doesn't always get the message.

I think the fat dog is going to have to go. She always eats my dry food and sleeps in my favorite places. I don't like her carefree attitude toward me. She even thinks that the humans are her pets. She has been training the female to play a game of hide and seek. I am going to have to set her straight soon. I guess I can humor her. After all she isn't a cat. I am the only cat in this place. Maybe I just need to let her know once in a while with a swat to the nose.

There are lots of fun things to do here. I delight in leaving footprints in the tub right before the large male gets in to bathe. It's fun to watch him wash it out again. He always throws a towel or a slipper at me, but I know that is just his way of playing.

My humans bought me a wonderful gift. A new set of red cloth chairs. They placed them in the living room where I could find them easily. I just love to sharpen my claws on them. They make a great place to take out aggression and I always feel massive when I am done. This may be a great time to visit the fat dog.

Yes, being the only cat here is a good life. My humans think they own me and I will let them. I think they feel secure believing that. I wouldn't want to make them feel bad by telling them that they really belong to me.

Jack Davenport has been an aspiring writer since grade school. He has always enjoyed writing short stories and essays. He was born in 1957 in Portland, Oregon, USA. He has spent his whole life living in the state of Oregon and loves it there. Married in 1976, he and his wife Janice have had two wonderful children who have been inspirational in their lives. They have lived in the city of Portland for the last 15 years. Jack has worked as a Chemical Machinist since 1977 for an aerospace parts manufacturer. He would like to devote more time to writing. "Time is like money. You think you have enough to get by but when you look it seems to have slipped away. "

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