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For Isabel Bearman Bucher

Chicken Soup ala UPS
The Bench
The Crying Game
The Rites (Wrongs) Of Spring
The Boy Who Was Loved Back
Time Immemorial
Driving Irish
My Wild Irish Hike
Ireland My Ireland
The White Line
Fa, La, La, La, La
40,000 Miles
Wrong-Way Boat am Danube
El Cajon

The Stream
Zia Suzy's Fine Wine
Happy Birthday to Me
Caffe With Nonna
Ebony and Ivory
My Maisie
The Foot of Time
The Saga of Pretty Boy Floyd
No, Not. . .

Isabel Bearman Bucher has begun a new life.

In January of 2012, she lost her husband, Robert, to Lewy Body dementia after walking a long and tragic road. She is standing once again, remembering all their years together with love and the comfort of knowing she did her best.  She has reached down in her long-ago landscape, to pick up the loved treasures of the outdoors, skiing, backpacking and hiking the stunning landscapes of New Mexico, which make them hers. She is deeper, wiser and unfailingly grateful for those who touched her life with their humanity and goodness. And so, the stories begin new chapters, painted in richer hues.
Her tribute to Robert and their marriage is captured in her travel story, The Stream. Click here to read it.

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