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Ikyereve Denen
My Terrifying Encounter With a Black Cat at Night
Endangered Folks, Chimps, and Funa on the Brinks
My Terrifying Encounter with a Mamba Snake and some Herds of Cattle
Biography of Orya Korinio
The Life Changer

Photo by Alexander Nachev on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Nachev on Unsplash   

Ikyereve Denen is an upcoming writer from Nigeria who dwells more on real life non fictional stories that are educative and equally inspiring, Ikyereve Denen is very passonate about animal rights and their welfare,one health, climate and stories about our environment, he is also very passonate about stories that deals with humour and comedy. Ikyereve Denen is a graduate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Agriculture in Makurdi, Nigeria.

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