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"Meow, meow, meow!"

Translation: "Hi, I am Marble, and this is my story!"

Translation: "I'll just use English from now on!"

I am not sure where I was born, I think it was a farm. Anyway, I ended up in a pet store with two of my brothers. They are both all black. I am a tortoise-colored kitty. Most people don't want all black cats.

A little girl walked right past our cage, which was just the perfect height for me to reach out and grab her ponytail. I strained to reach her, almost pressing my shoulder out between the bars.

"Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow."

Oh! Sorry. I was saying, "Hey little girl, come over here and look at me, I am a really cute kitty. I am smart, too!"

The little girl laughed at me and began to pet me through the metal bars. Her mother also seemed impressed by my friendliness. My brothers continued to sleep in the back of the cage, only opening an eye to see what I was jabbering about. Those two rarely spoke.

"Oh, Mommy!" exclaimed the little girl. "She looks like my marbles! Can we get her? Can we? Please, please, please?"

"Honey, we don't know that she is a girl kitty. I really only want a girl kitty."

"But why, Mommy?"

"Because we are both girls, and we would not want a boy cat watching us when we are in the bathroom or anything like that. Right?"

Of course I am a girl kitty, I told them straight out. Everyone knows that tortoise-colored kitties are always female. Just ask that kid over there.

"Excuse me, sir," said the mother. "Could you tell us if this little one is a girl or a boy kitty?"

"We can only have a girl kitty," the little girl said as she crossed her fingers and legs for luck.

"Um. I'm not sure. Let me take it out and look at it," the young boy said as he opened the latch on the cage. My brothers just huddled closer together. I could not wait to get out of there!

I am a girl! I AM A GIRL! I kept repeating, but the kid held me up with two hands under my front arms and looked at my belly for a few moments. It was quite uncomfortable and a little embarrassing. The mice in the cages along the opposite wall were all laughing at me.

Look, kid, I am a girl. Take my word for it! I was becoming louder, and I began to wiggle in the hopes of breaking free.

"Boy, this little kitty sure does have a lot to say," the mother said as she looked over the boy's shoulder.

"She's saying she wants to go home with us," the little girl said, looking at her mother with pleading eyes.

That's right! That's what I am saying! This little girl speaks my language!

"Yeah. It's a girl," the boy said, not really having looked past my stomach.

"Are you positive?" the mother asked. "I don't want to take it home and find out it is a boy kitty and have to bring him back."

"Oh no, Mommy. It's a girl, I know it, and we won't have to bring her back. She'll be a good kitty, and I will love her and take care of her, and she will sleep with me," the little girl said without taking a breath. I talk like that sometimes, too!

The mother paid for me, and they shoved me in a pet taxi and off we went. I didn't even miss my brothers. They were no fun. They never wanted to talk or play with me.

The first few days in the apartment were kind of scary. There were so many new smells and things to investigate. Every day the mom and daughter would go somewhere in the morning. Sometimes, the mom would come back after an hour or so and do her homework on the computer or read a book. After a while, she would leave again. I liked it when they were gone, 'cause I could sleep on the pillows or on the shelf with all the knick-knacks. But I liked it more when they were there with me. When the daughter returned in the evening, she held me until it was time for dinner. I would talk to her and she would pet me. Sometimes, she would squeeze me a little too hard, but that's okay--it is nice to be loved.

During the week, the mother would get up in the middle of the night and work at her computer or sit at the kitchen table with books and paper and pens. One time, she crumbled up a piece of paper and threw it toward the trashcan. She missed, and I thought I would check it out. I batted the paper ball all around the kitchen. It was a lot of fun. On another day, the daughter took out her ponytail band, you know, the medium, colorful puffy kind. Well, she left it on the dresser, and I just happened to notice it, just lying there. I thought it might be fun to play with, so I knocked it off the dresser and began to chase the ponytail band down the hall. What fun! I rolled around with that little ring and tossed it up in the air and caught it!

The mother and daughter were so entertained by my actions, they laughed and laughed! I was so glad I could make them laugh! Then the little girl began to throw the ponytail band, and I would chase after it, just like I had seen the dog in the pet shop do! I would chase it down, then pick the ponytail band up with my teeth and carry it back to whoever threw it. I would drop it in front of them, and we would start over. One time, I heard the little girl say I had played catch over thirty times! I was tired, but I loved that game!

The mother has a boyfriend and when he first came over, I could tell he was not a "cat person." He mentioned something about rabbits and guinea pigs. OH YUCK! Well, I set out to change his mind about us felines. Or at least me. This guy was nice to the mother and daughter. Besides, he was very tall, and when he sat down, his legs looked like the perfect place to stretch out!

One day, the guy was there by himself, so I sat down to have a chat with him. We talked, well, I talked, and he said things like, "Really?" and "You don't say!" Once he said, "What's that, Lassie? Timmy fell down the well?" But I don't know any Lassie or Timmy. But then, he thought I was saying get me something to eat! What luck! I showed him where the mother keeps my treats and he gave me a whole handful! I then showed him all my best tricks. I think I scared him with the catching the ponytail band, 'cause he threw it in the corner, and I hit my head on the TV. I was okay, but I just wanted to rest a moment. The guy said a bad word and something about breaking his girlfriend's cat's neck. I let him sweat about that for a few minutes before I jumped up and told him I was fine. He laughed at that!

This guy told the mother that he didn't like cats, because they were more like meatloafs with a head, but he liked me, 'cause I acted more like a dog than a cat. "I am NO DOG," I said loudly. But I will agree that I am an unusual kitty.

Although my family are clean people, a rat the size of my food dish, managed to get in the apartment. I told the mother and daughter about it, but they couldn't understand me. They knew I was upset, but didn't know about what. The little girl thought I was telling them about a fire or a tornado. Well, after they went to bed, I went to work and caught the intruder! I laid it under the mother's bed so she would find it and not be too scared. I got extra treats for a week!

About a year after I came to live with the mom and daughter, the guy moved in with us. I was right! His lap is the best place to stretch out! Unfortunately, he has also learned that I only get treats once a day or every other day. The vet said I was a little on the plump side! The three humans love me anyway, and I love them.

The little girl mentioned something about a wedding and that I get to ride in a basket with her. I am so excited! I love to go for rides and sit outside on a blanket and watch the trees and birds, even if I am an inside kitty!

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