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Fredrick Hudgin
Coming Home
They Don't Have Christmas in Viet Nam
Get Them OFF!
When Is A Kiss Not A Kiss
Nice Day for a Ride
A Call in the Middle of the Night
After I Die

Photo by Alexander Nachev on Unsplash
 Photo by Alexander Nachev on Unsplash  

I have been writing poetry and short stories since I took a Creative Writing class at Purdue University in 1967. Unfortunately, that was the only class I passed, and I spent the next three years in the Army, including a tour in Vietnam. After leaving the Army, I earned a BS in Computer Science from Rutgers and a commission in the Army. I struck off on a career as a professional computer programmer and amateur poet.

 I find that my years of writing poetry have affected how I write prose. My wife keeps telling me to put more narrative into the story. My poetry side keeps trying to pare it down to the emotional bare bones. What I create is always a compromise between the two.

Author of:
The End of Children Trilogy
The Beginning of the End
The Three-Hour War
 The Emissary
Ghost Ride
The School of the Gods
Four Winds – A Collection of Poetry
A Rainy Night and Other Short Stories
Green Grass
Sulphur Springs
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My home is in Ariel, Washington, with my wife, two horses, two dogs, and four cats. I volunteer at my local Fire Department as an EMT/Firefighter.

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