The Harrowing Date 

Freda Wooten

© Copyright 2022 by Freda Wooten

Image by UnratedStudio from Pixabay
Image by UnratedStudio from Pixabay.

    Salty tears over chafed lips are never good signs. Not moments before a first date.  I stared fretfully into the bathroom mirror listening to Matt whine through the speaker of the phone. “Told you to piss off didn’t I?” I said into the I-Phone. 


     “No buts. Screw that. Goodbye!”

    I wanted the night to be magical. Not polluted by an arrogant pig. The nerve of Matt, upsetting me enough to get me crying before Sam arrived. He’d wanted to come over knowing I’d promised Sam a date. What a self-righteous prick! 

     “Later loser,” I smirked  tapping the end call key with a hard thumb.

     He had wrecked me – broke up in a six word text. Then decided he’d use my emotional status to sabotage my future dates. Mom, rest her soul, had warned me of his type. No way, was I going to allow his arrogance.

     Sam was radically sweet and unlike Matt, was never rude, or boring. A lanky dark body riddled with firm muscles, the classic six pack Abs, the silky black hair and sea blue eyes - a total package. A simple thought of him was burning torture. I was moist with desire as he rang the doorbell.

     “Just a minute.”

     I rushed toward the door to welcome him, nearly tripping when my six inch stilettos slid across  the highly polished wood floor. OMG! I told myself. Focus girl! He’s going to think you’re a retard. Straightening the tiny black dress I wore, I made my way through the entry room. 

     “Hi,” I whispered flirtatiously, peering up at him as the door peeled open. 

    “Damn,” he replied. His eyes measured me as if I was the dish he claimed a favorite; pepperoni pizza. “I didn’t realize dresses could look so good.” He said.

    I could sense admiration in both blistered cheeks. He was hot enough to make me speechless but I managed to respond. “You look pretty damn great yourself.”

     “What’s that?” I asked spotting a shiny black limousine parked by the curb. 

     “That’s our ride.”

     “Are you freaking kidding?” I shrilled, overly excited.

     “I told you, I like stylish rides.” 

     He winked and I threw my arms around him. “I don’t know what to say. It’s radical!”

     “Well, yes it is,” he agreed, slightly chuckling. “So, are you ready to go?”

     “Hell yeah. I’m ready,” I said while taking his arm. 

     It was exhilarating, for once being treated like royalty. To hell with the childish guys I’d hooked up with before, I thought. I convinced myself as I took a seat in the vehicle, there was good guys left to date. There was men who didn’t act like leeches, or children. Sam was the perfect example. I just needed to remain open minded. 

     I settled into the back seat while Sam rushed around the limousine’s rear toward the passenger’s side. As he opened the door to get in a hot blonde wearing a chauffeur’s hat and a freakish black outfit turned her head and smiled back at us. Right away I noticed there was something dark and exotic about her. I leaned into Sams ear. 

     “Who’s she?”

     “Why? Not jealous are you?”

     “Hell no!” I shrilled, I admitted silently as I glared at Sam. I was jealous. Who wouldn’t be? Sam looked flustered and broke

     “Dad rented her for the night. He rented the wheels too.”

     “Where the hell do you rent chicks?” I giggled. 

     “You’ll never know I’m here,” the woman informed in a forbidding tone. 

     As I attempted to apologize for possibly sounding rude she closed the shaded chauffeur window with an extra long black fingernail.Sam smiled over at me.

     “I think you offended her.”

     “I didn’t mean to.”

     “Don’t worry about it. My dad said he paid her well. We should arrive at the club soon.First I have a surprise for you.”

      “You do?”

     “ indeed I do.” 

     Smiling keenly Sam pecked the Chaucer’s window with his knuckles. The incredibly sexy driver cracked open the window and I watched Sam pass a hundred dollar bill to her. Curiosity gnawed at me as the sun disappeared from the sky and enclosed. 

     Buildings faded along the dark back road the driver turned onto. I began wondering where the hell Sam planned to take us. My over anxious belly tangled. 

     “You have goosebumps,” Sam informed as he caressed my arm with his fingers. 

     “I chill easily.”

     “Let me fix that.”

     He closed the crack in the side window and put his arm around me. 

     “Thanks for being a gentleman.”

     “No thanks necessary.”

    A bump in the roadway caused him to break the intense eye contact. The driver took a sharp turn to the left and graveled roadway tapped at the tires. I knew we were nowhere near any clubs because there were no graveled roads near town. The closest I knew of was right outside town. Same didn’t seem worried at all and I trusted his judgement. 

     “Where is the surprise you have for me?”

     “We’re not far now. You’ll find out very soon.” 

     Minutes later I felt and heard the tires spin and the vehicle sped up. My head bounced forward slightly bumping the chauffeur window. “WTF?”

     Before I could get another word out, Sam pushed open the door and quickly fled the vehicle. I panicked watching him disappear into the wood line at the right side of the vehicle. 

     “What’s going on?” I murmured glancing back in the driver’s direction.

     To my surprise the bombshell driver had miraculously vanished from the front seat. Dust settled against the limousine’s hood and windshield. My ears pulsed as the feeling of dread and uncertainty entered my bloodstream. 

     My door flung swiftly open and I screamed out in fear. The sexy blonde chauffeur stood uncannily over me. Her bosoms brushed with dusty air, she smiled eerily down at me. Still historic I glanced into the abominations swimming in her bloodshot eyes. 

     “Leave me alone. Get away!” I shrilled as she bent at the hip leaning inward to take hold of me. My arms went up in instant defense but an accidental glimpse into her eyes lead me to weakness. She was stronger and covered my lips and eyes. Firm nipples and silken locks raked across my forearm while ruby lips skidded over my neck. 

     Her breath caressed my ear and cheek but I could only squirm helplessly beneath the soft black leather and exotic skin. 

     “Let go of me!” 

     Sam appeared suddenly behind the crazed chauffeur as I screamed out for help. The carnal gleam in his eyes horrified me as he attempted to take my wrists. Fight, I told myself. Sam brought his lips close to mine and whispered. 

    “I told you I had a surprise for you. Didn’t I?”

    “What are you going to do to me?”

     “We’re going to party.” He said chillingly. 

     Angered and afraid, I spat at him and he threw an instant fit of rage.

     He yelled out as if he was mimicking a bear. With his strong tugging at my arm I fell to the graveled road beside the vehicle. He took a handful of my hair into his fist. I could feel the sharp stones splice at my knees and belly as he drug me toward the edge of the nearby woods. I kicked, twisted and begged, hoping someone would rescue me. 

     The harrowing chauffeur followed. As I glanced erratically around, I noticed the dagger she pulled from her waist. OMG! They’re going to kill me, I thought. And there was no one to hear. No one to help me. 

     Suddenly, Sam slammed my head into the hard earth. I felt myself slip in and out of consciousness but I managed to push through the extreme dizziness. Sam and his hell bound driver stood over me. They’re voices grew vague as I could only blink attempting to peer up at them. 

     “Are you surprised?” Sam asked evilly, following with wicked laughter. 

     He took the dagger from his chauffeur and straddled me. This is it, I thought. It’s my last moment on this beautiful earth. 

     Then in a twist of fate, a high school bus topped the hill slowly. I exhaled deeply as my ears picked up the distant hum of the engine.  The diabolical grin plummeted from Sam’s face that instance. Worry filled his eyes and the chauffeur began to panic. 

     “Let’s go!”

     “No!” He argued.

     “Stay here then,” she told him. “No skirt is worth freedom.” She bolted toward the limousine as the bus approached. 

     “This isn’t finished,” he promised. 

     Withdrawing himself, he chased after the vehicle and I watched the two of them flee.  I could only pant because the knock to the back of my skull had weakened me. But I managed to pull myself desperately back to the roadway where I sprawled out in the gravel. 

     I Sighed in relief and gratefulness when the driver spotted me, stopped and immediately phoned police. Investigators are still searching for my assailants today but the pair haven’t yet been found. 

     As for me; I moved southward and have undergone name change and several years of therapy. I’m simply thankful to be alive and for all the wonderful roadway traffic that I hear beyond the safety of my apartment…

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