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Frank J. Montoya
© Copyright 1999 by Frank J. Montoya
I got the idea for this story due to the fact that I live in one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. People seem to becoming out of the woodwork, from under rocks or from... where else? Outer Space.


Star Date 3X3612: Mission 1, 3rd Planet, System 7333. Successful landing. Contact made with natives. Instruction in technology virtually impossible. Native culture extremely primitive. Mission Commander reports violent demonstrations. Talk of sacrifices to Native Sun God. Radio contact lost. Flyover by Recon Ship reveals Landing Ship burnt and no evidence of survivors. Mission aborted.

 Star Date 3X3895: Mission 2 and 3, 3rd Planet, System 7333. Successful landings. Limited contact with indigenous personnel. Primitive cultures. Landers received cautiously, almost reverently at first, with ceremonies and festivities, but welcomes turned to mistrust and violence resulting in death or injury to Landers in most cases. Missions aborted. Recommend subsequent missions be made in opposite hemisphere of planet. Recon Ships reveal possible advanced technology in colder climates.

 Star Date 3X4490: Mission 4, 3rd Planet, System 7333. Semi-desert enviironment. Landing disastrous. Landing Ship destroyed. 3 Landers dead, Mission Commander badly injured. Last report states native party approaching in motorized vehicles and described as bearing arms and uniformly clad. Obviously of higher technological advancement than any prior contact. Mission Commander's last transmission reports destruction of all equipment to avoid seizure and possible use by natives. Commander does not expect to survive. Recon Ship reports bodies of landing party and parts of Landing Ship loaded onto vehicles and taken by natives to colony known to them as Roswell.

 Star Date 3X4673: Mission 5, 3rd Planet, System 7333. Landing successful. Desert environment. Upper hemisphere, near large technologically developed body of water and very close to highly developed and densely populated colony of natives. Location chosen due to extreme light emanating from colony throughout periods of darkness. Landing area known to natives as Restricted Area No. 51. Colony called Las Vegas. Last report from Mission Commander indicates native party opening fire with explosive weapons. Radio contact lost. Recon Ship reports Landing Ship towed to large heavily guarded building behind wire fences. Landing party assumed dead or captured. Recommend no further attempts at contact with natives, due to violent and unfriendly attitude experienced by all landing expeditions. Recommend Contingency Plan B be adopted with special emphasis on Sub-Code E - Massive assimilation of Sleeper personnel and venture into social and economic climates.

 Star Date 3X6113: 3rd Planet, System 7333. Mission 6 - New York, Mission 7 -Los Angeles, Mission 8 - Las Vegas, Mission 9 -London, Mission 10 - Paris, Mission 11 - Rome. All missions successful. Mission personnel entirely assimilated into local mainstream social and economic environments. Analysis of local time tracking systems indicate several in use, however that called Gregorian Calender most prominent and todays date established as being June 1, 1992. Operations underway to establish corporations and small businesses primarily in Electronics, Computer, Information Systems and Building industries to legitimize sources of employment and housing for our personnel. To date 3 million Sleepers integrated into these large colonies and several hundred other smaller communities such as Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Salt Lake City, and Tulsa. Complete list included in latest Mission Report to Supreme Council. Earthlings (as they call themselves) are far too busy enjoying the fruits of a "great economy" to concern themselves with unexpected rapid growth within their colonies. Our Sleepers portray themselves as new arrivals from California, New York, Detroit, Texas and other locations from which Earthlings tend to dislocate themselves from time to time, for reasons we have yet to comprehend.

Latest memo from Supreme Council indicates Earth Date January 2000 as tentative TAKEOVER Date.

Star Date 3X6140, Earth Date: April 1, 1994 - 3rd Planet System 7333. Missions 12 - New Delhi, 13 - Beijing, 14 - Capetown, 15 - Belgrade, 16 - Cairo and 17 - Belfast: Localities deemed not quite suitable for corporate development at this time due to government and social problems and political unrest. However these are considered excellent sites for Sleepers to infiltrate, join the masses and live as they do until TAKEOVER.

Several hundred thousand Sleepers presently in each of thise colonies with thousands more in outlying areas. Mission 18 - Moscow aborted. Natives extremely distrustful and suspicious of each other even if only from nearby villages. Social climate not considered safe for integration by Sleeper personnel.

Recommend study and evaluation of Earth Date January 2000, locally being referred to as Y2K. This date being described by many as one that may produce significant unpredictable and serious problems due to planetary dependence on computers. Large numbers of Earthlings celebrate Earth Date 2000 as the Millenium, obviously an occurrence of great religious significance. Considerable debate over whether Millenium is Earth Date 2000 or 2001, however threat of disruption by computer dependency applies only to Earth Date 2000, apparently due to inept planning and engineering in early stages of computer research and development.

Majority of Earthlings do not consider Earth Date 2000 as significant due to that date having been adopted by a minority religion, however all developed economies and all Earth technology is based on this method of time tracking, thus giving rise to fears of breakdowns in what they consider vital life support systems.

 Star Date 3X6190 - Earth Date August 15, 1998, 3rd Planet Update: Sleeper Commands report all operations proceeding as planned. However, feedback from larger colonies indicate that change in operating procedures may be in order. Recommend that Air Travelers, Highway Travelers and Mall Shoppers be rotated in large groups in order to minimize possibility of repeated recognition. Remarks being heard consistently, such as: " Where are all these people coming from, outer space?" and more frequently: "Where does the money come from to buy these expensive houses?" "Traffic on the highways is terrible, where are all these people going all the time?" "Airports are crammed with travelers day and night, doesn't anybody work anymore?" Every effort being made to downplay area growth in population as natural consequence of today's mobile society, however, best to take steps now to avoid possible confrontations. Further recommend no further Sleeper infiltration until TAKEOVER.

Earth Date 2000 becoming more and more a subject of daily discussion and debate. Unanswered questions and concerns over failures in systems pertaining to energy and fuel distribution, food and water resupply and financial and medical support constantly being brought to attention of public by activists and the media.

 Star Date 3x6203 - Earth Date November 20, 1998, 3rd Planet Update. Planet's preoccupation with Earth Year 2000 becoming more and more intense. Natives assailed with Newspaper articles and Television programs proclaiming certainty of chaotic conditions at midnight, Earth Date December 31, 1999 due to failure of computer systems. Local government efforts to allay concerns falling on deaf ears due to native's distrust of most government officials and functions. Government announcements dismissed as ambiguous doubletalk. Activist and consumer groups calling for definite proof that essential services are really and truly "Y2K Ready".

 Star Date 3X6221 - Earth Date December 14, 1999, 3rd Planet Update. Recommend reconsideration of Earth Date January 2000 TAKOVER date. Natives preparing for worst. Store shelves becoming bare. Food, water, gasoline, energy cells (called batteries), and other solid and liquid fuels being hoarded by those who can afford to purchase, as prices for staples continue to skyrocket. Self-contained heating, cooking and lighting appliances sold out Record sales of weapons and ammunition being reported and bank funds are being depleted by hordes of patrons demanding cash withdrawals. As end of year approaches populace becoming envious, suspicious and distrustful of everyone. Colonies in virtual state of siege as stocks of available food and other emergency supplies dwindle. Great possibility of neighborhoods or even entire cities becoming armed camps with resultant danger to Sleepers.

Star Date 3X6223 - Earth Date December 24, 1999 - Special announcement from Supreme Council:

Disseminate to all echelons: Implement Contingency Plan C, Sub-codes A thru G, effective immediately.

TAKEOVER has been finally, definitely and irrevocably scheduled for Earth Date: January 1, 2001.

Frank J. Montoya was born in Trinidad, Colorado. He and his wife Luciana, a native of Trieste, Italy live in the Fountain Valley very near Pikes Peak. Now retired, he served in The US Army for 21 years, over 14 of which were tours in Italy, Germany, Japan and Morocco. In 1967-1968 he served with the 9th Infantry Division during the war in Vietnam. Today his activities include writing an occasional poem, traveling, visiting friends and relatives and now and then a trek to the mountains to "prospect" for gold in the casinos at Cripple Creek, Colorado. A collection of his poems may be found on the internet at: HTTP://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Bistro/3998/

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