Bunny Ville

Fran Dameron

© Copyright 2007 by Fran Dameron


This story is the answer to the question, “What does a bunny have to do with eggs for Easter?”

A long long time ago in a small town called "BUNNYVILLE" lived a EVIL KING named Herman Bunny and EVIL QUEEN named Evita Bunny. They were the rulers of Bunny Ville, they had loads and loads of children mostly girls and only one boy named Hector.

 Hector was not like the others because he was a nice bunny he was so polite and nice it was amazing.  He was a bit different from his sisters he would sing and dance as he hopped around bunny Ville.

One day Hector was singing and hopping around bunny ville when from across the pasture he spotted the wonderful, beautiful girl named Delilah Buford they fell in love. Delilah was the prettiest chicken in all of the land, the most beautiful thing Hector had ever seen.

All the other bunnies would make fun of Hector because he loves a chicken, but that didn't bother him at all, he didn't care. He loved his little Delilah very very much and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

The evil king and evil queen were very very upset that their only son would be with a chicken.

Hector didn't care he was in love and wanted nothing to do with his parents evil ways. Hector wanted to be nice and happy and live in harmony.

One day Hector and Delilah got married. The evil king & queen tried everything to ruin the wedding, but it didn't matter to Hector and Delilah they were so much in love that the evil ways of the king and queen didn't bother they much.

The evil king and queen went as far as to burn down the place where Delilah choose to say their vows.

It didn't bother Hector and Delilah they decided to still get married despite what the king and queen had done. So they wed in the ash remnance of the once beautiful barn they already planned to have the wedding.

This made the evil king and evil queen very very mad, now more than ever.

The king and queen were determined to make Hector and Delilah suffer.  A few months had passed and Delilah became pregnant and she gave birth to 15 wonderful little white eggs. Hector and Delilah were so happy. as they were sleeping one evening the evil king & queen snuck into Hectors hole and stole their baby eggs and took them back to the evil castle and put dye all over them and decorations once this dye was applied it sealed the fate of the babies to death.

Then evil king and queen hide the eggs high and low through out the land, so Hector and Delilah could never find there children. as Hector and Delilah woke up they realized their eggs were missing and as sad as it made them they searched high and low  for their white eggs and they were no where to be found.

They even asked the local humans of bunny ville to help. But the only thing the humans found was colored and decorated eggs. The humans showed what they had found to Hector and Delilah but they said “those eggs were not our children”.

The following spring Hector and Delilah tried again for children and what do you know the same thing happened year after year. It was a sad life, Hector thought until he had a plan. A secret plan. It was a cool spring when hector and Delilah tried again and to there surprise the same thing happened. However Hector was able to keep one egg close to him because the egg was not felling well it felt cold and wet so it slept with hector.

As this was the only egg hector and Delilah had left they decided to take their baby and run. They moved out of bunny ville to a far away land with their one baby. They were determined to protect this egg. They figured as long as the king & queen had no idea it would be safe. at the end of spring came the egg started to crack hector and Delilah watched with awwwwwwww to await the arrival of their baby, and OUT popped it was as white as snow and as precious  as a flower the cutest little creature you have ever seen

Hector and Delilah jumped and hugged in joy of their baby. The couple was so proud of it they had to think of a name  they sat on there bail of hay, holding there precious loved one when a knock appeared at the door of their hole. It was the evil police department mandated by the king & queen.

They asked to search the house. Hector had been smart and built a fall out shelter that would accommodate them for 30 years or so.  Hector had put Delilah and the baby in it before he opened the door. He let in the evil police to search they had nothing to report to the evil king & queen. They did ask hector where his chicken was he said he divorced her and he realized it was not worth it and he moved on.  Report that to the king and queen. So the evil police left. And when it was safe Hector joined his family in the fall out shelter.

While in the shelter Delilah and hector needed to name their baby so they thought long and hard what to call this special baby. And do you know what they named her????? Yes they named her Lisa. I bet your dying to see what she looks like aren't you? Well if you’re reading this get up and look in the mirror that is Hector's and Delilah's chickunny.

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