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Eva Bell
Of Divine Bondage
Dalarna - Valley of Toys
Song of the Mountains
Emotional Abuse
The Lure of Cults
The Days That Are No More
Trudy Hunzikar - Mother Courage
The Harz Mountians - Witch Country in Germany
The Courage To Press On
Journey Into Kurdistan

Eva Bell a retired gynaecologist is also a freelance writer. Her short stories are published in magazines, anthologies and on the Net. Books published are “Silver Amulet,” “When Shadows Flee,” “Halo of Deceit.””Runaway Widow.” “Power Surge in Eden.” “Knee Jerks and Gallop Rhythms.”

Winner of the Dubash Prize for 2008 conferred by Goethe Institute Chennai for the essay “Dancing Bulls.” Her book on “Womanism- The Adventure Of Being A Woman,” has been awarded the Rev.Lobban Indigenous Book Prize for 2012.

Ebooks: “Cactus Hill” “Storm in the Desert” “Survival Strategies In An Angry World,” “Back from Beyond.”(Amazon Kindle) “Singing Gondolier.”

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