Elephant Minus

Ethel Belle Taylor Faulkner

Copyright 2019 by Charles Faulkner

Photo of Ethel from the 1930's.

Elephant Minus

I have a checkered elephant

That goes to bed with me

I had no time to make his eyes

And so he cannot see

Although I hate to tell it
My darling never hears
I was in such a hurry
That I forgot his ears

His tusks were funny bits of cloth

Their use I could not see

So I sewed right past the place

Where they were sposd to be

Some folks think that hes a dog '

But hes got a trunk you know

Even that drags on the floor

Unless he stands just so

This poem was written in the 1930's while a Ethel was a student at Stephens College.  

Photo of the "Arts Group" in costume.  Ethel is in the middle row, far right.

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