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Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash
Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash
Everything seemed bright to Sandra, starting with her lying on a stage floating above the ocean of bright stars and contemplating the whales that float among the clouds, her laughing happiness, issuing her deep voice as usual. Water was seeping from that wood, and little by little her body began to flow in the ocean of shining stars, until she vanished and died.

On the second day... she felt her spirit return again, so she realized that God had given her another life, which made her feel happy, so she lay down again on that plank in the middle of the ocean contemplating the whales playing in the sky together and laughing happily. to sink again...
Here I realized that something was wrong...There was something that should be changed..But it was not worth answering, as her body sank again and she lost her soul...
On the third day, her spirit returned again, and astonishment began to rise in her features, how could her spirit return again?! Isn't it done?! However, that faded away as soon as she realized that she still had a chance to change what was happening..she would not give in to the fait accompli anymore..

She inspected that plank lying on the side of the beach, the same one she was lying on..I realized that it was in ruins and had to be replaced and she should not ignore it again..I looked for another plank and she finally found the desired plank and then she happily lay on it to get her smile back reassuringly. And you have realized that inner peace will not last long and you know that there are things that worry you, you have to search for your problems and not ignore them because they will keep chasing you and drowning you in anxiety and worries..The search for happiness begins with searching for a solution to your problems.

Hi! My name is Esraa, I'm about 19 years old, and I am a student in the uuniversity.  One of my hopies is writing stories! 


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