Caught It For My Father

Ellen Urowitz

Copyright 2021 by Ellen Urowitz

Photo of a white fish.

About twenty years ago. My father was still alive. I don't remember how old. He must have

been fifty five ish. Still working everyday. Never packing a lunch

Always going out for morning coffee afternoon coffee.

I'm sure he's been drinking regular. That's four dollars a day times five.

Wondering why he's short on money. Thank goodness I'm working so I can help out.

Three pays even under pay- can never have to much.

After about give years I couldn't take it. He started worked.

Until he got sick. One night we heard a scream.

We all woke up" daddy's sick"

My mother said.

"Go back to sleep I'll call you when I know more "

"O.k.feel better daddy. Should I call for ambulance? "

Daddy screamed,

"No Ellen, No Ellen!"

Mommy said,

"Ellen, go back to sleep. "

"O.k.keep me updated! "

They were already gone. I heard another screem.From the fifth floor.

O.k.. Must be daddy. He woke up the whole floor. I said to myself.

I tried going back to sleep it was on one in the morning.

Tired herbal tea at the time. Tried counting sheep. Well I never understood that one.

Ten minutes after the herbal tea. I was up.Three times.

After the third I said I'm never drinking that again. Is that false information.

Doesn't make you sleep. Keeps me out of bed longer.

Well I was dosing on and off. Finally the how rang. An update from mom.

"He's had a heart attack. He'll be here a few days or weeks.

The doctor said his blood pressure was through the roof.

He's been gaining and losing weight, like a yo yo.

He's getting to need heart surgery and dietion. "

"Oh no"

" He will be here atleast two weeks. "

"Oh no." I said again.

"When can I see him?"

" Ellen, a couple of days. He's been asking but he

should sleep. Daddy's not going to be happy once he sees the portions. "

"Oy" I replied.

It's a Yiddish word for oh no.

" Here's the phone, he heard your name.

He asked if ponie monie is on the phone. "

"Hi daddy, how are you?"

" A little better. Then yesterday. Are you coming home see me soon? "

I didn't no how to respond with my mother's instructions. So I told a white lie.

"I love to daddy but, today and tomorrow I have been big work assignment.

I have to write a story atleast 1000 words, on wildlife. Or I'll get fired."

" Ok ponie "

Sounded so sad.

"I'll see what I can do but not today."

" Ok, please come soon. These nurses are horrible. "

" I promise, probably tomorrow or the day after. "

"I'll be here. I don't no the room ask mommy."

Then before he passed me back.


" yes daddy"

"Can you bring me a couple of apples, any kind."

" I'll do my best. Please out mo!!y on! "

" Irene, Irene! She's taking to the nurse. "

" Ok,daddy. Get some sleep. "

Ten minutes later, the phone rang again.

It was my mother.

"I'm coming home, I need some sleep."

"Ok! Get something to eat!"

She almost hanged up.

"Mom, don't hang up! I said a white lie to daddy."

Oh she replied.

"He asked when I will see him. Sounded all depressed. You no daddy. So I said I had a big assignment. Five thousands words,

on wildlife. Or I'll get fired. I told him it was due tomorrow."

" Ellen, don't worry, he's on pain meds, he probably won't remember. "

"O.k.because you told me not today mommy."

"Yes I no, thank you."

A couple hour's later mom finally ca!e home.

Not even a shower, right to sleep.

"Wel see daddy, the day after tomorrow."

"Mom! What's wrong?"

" sweety I'm old! I had to stop for white fish! "

"White fish*

I replied.

" Yes daddy has to eat this twice a week. "I

" Oy"

"You got that right"

" The hospital, doesn't have that kind of fish.

They only had with batter and not kosher. "

"He's not going Just like that."

"Well cook it on 42 degrees. Maybe a half onion and squash."

"Will do! Get some rest mom."

by the time I cleaned the veggies and preheated the stove,

mom was fast asleep. She didn't wake up but late afternoon.

By that time everything was done. Dad must have called times.

Mom ordered delivery, healthy pizza.

That night I couldn't sleep again. I decided to go fishing in the back yard.

We lived on an ocean. There's fish! I remember daddy used to go once a month.

Only in a summer. Until the bbq broke.

I took the dosing pool. Waited calmly about a half hour. No luck. Getting a sun burn on my back.

That's going to hurt in a morning.

Out of no where, my fishing pool was heavy hard to lift.

Did my prayers co!e true? Please please! Something even small fish! Please!

Yes I said to myself it did. Finally brought it on to the grass. Thanked him for granting my wish.

Brought it in. Washed cleaned it. It wasn't to small or to big. Perfect daddy will love this.

I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario. Graduated from Seneca College of Applied Art and Technology
I'm 2001. Travel to Tourism, diploma or certificate. Been writing on an off for years. Since ten panda atleast and hour a day. Ellen, has over 500 poems published. All poetry, Poetizer, Haikuniverse, Haiku Expressions, Poetry Pea Podcast March and April 2021. Spillword magazines and many others.

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