Impressions Gravity Low: of Time Accord

Elias Mendoza Vieyra

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Elias Mendoza Vieyra

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash
Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

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Velvet rivets pansy when a world gets ance, I’ll there, committing a non-known endeavor warm weather activity, every phone booth scarcity books an index sense. Overseeing a bluff she’s something of a gremlin sighting. Tailor made a cuff of clarity. Per see of flowers of no added sour.


Elias Mendoza Vieyra self-designates as a philosopher. Born and raised in northern Illinois, Vieyra spent most of his time staring over Lake Michigan, though not knowing how to swim Vieyra set himself there in seek of comfort out of himself. His interest in writing started at an early age, inspired via nature, whether residing lake, residing river, among trees, Vieyra sketches visionary retreats.

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