The Pursuit of Unity in Time of Destruction

Elias Gebru

© Copyright 2018 by Elias Gebru 


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Currently our population is facing many worldwide challenges such as global warming causing ironical swiping flood for some and a blazing wildfire for others.  Eminent devastating nuclear war threats terrorize humanity. Nature and evil nurture; unveiling the worst out of them!

History tells us that there were numerous worldwide occasions that seem to be unbearable by mankind have passed with a scar, encountered by the human race throughout the ages.They could have been caused by the unorthodox act of mankind to nature or they could have been the wrath of God to our sins as many believe. Whatever the preceding reason be, it is undeniable fact that mankind has been facing these challenges of different forms at different times.

For instance, one among the many forms of these challenges is the occurrence of new types of diseases; with initially unjustified characters. To get a clear image of these challenges; let us go a few hundred years back ward to the 14th century and remember one of the deadly experiences of human beings throughout history.

In the 14th century the epidemic of bubonic plague disease which is better known by history as the <Black Death!> destroyed one fourth of the population of Europe. Later on the outbreak moved to china then to India, where the disease killed around 10 million people.

This disease which was caused by a bacterium called Yersinia Pestis was a really disturbing morbidity in deed. Difficult incidence for everyone around the world until physicians &scientists around the globe through a lot of research and effort discovered the curative antibacterial drug of the disease.

Actually, these challenges were not only a sign of bad luck and disaster. But they were also a sign of mankindís greatness through the struggle to survive and the ability to overcome problems. To support this fact we can look at the recent sever acute respiratory syndrome which is commonly known as SARS. Before few years this viral disease caused an outbreak in southern china and caused an eventual 8273 cases and 775 deaths; reported in multiple countries with the majority of cases in Hong Kong. By a collaborated hard work and medical assessment they were able to control this deadly challenge.

HIV/AIDS being one of the main current disasters of the entire world, it has become a disease that is being studied for decades now. It is a hazard of mankind which is apparent to this very day. Like some cancers & Diabetes Mellitus type 1, HIV is not 100% curable yet. Starting from the day of identifying and screening of the virus from the blood became possible the immense studies on HIV have continued intensely. The progress so far is slow but appreciable. For instance, we can take the good outcomes obtained regarding prevention of the transfer of the virus from a mother to child so that a new HIV free generation could be a reality.Furthermore the new up to date anti-retroviral drugs that extend the latent stage of the life cycle of the virus are being discovered. Regarding this fact, this latent stage of the life cycle of the virus is the period of time where the virus  stays dormant with a steady rate of replication inside the host cell.

During this period;if other circumstances are precisely the same a person with HIV in his/her blood will not be any less stronger and healthier than an individual who doesnít have the virus in his/her blood. One of the unique behaviors of this virus is that it mostly has very long latent stage duration, which could be more than 15 years and with the help of the correct anti-retroviral therapy and proper management the HIV positive person will have an even longer life span.

On the first couple of years in which HIV was identified and emerged as a new challenge to human race being HIV positive was considered to be an outcast. This in appropriate view to this new type of problem was created by lack of awareness and of course by the fear which was created by the manifestations of this strange kind of disease. This extreme fear and little knowledge in turn created stigma and discrimination against our own brothers and sisters. This stigma and discrimination was in fact one of the very reasons that accelerated the course of transmission and prevalence of the disease.

People living with HIV were stigmatized and discriminated by the society and refused the support they deserve. So some of them chose revenge on the society that ignored them by transmitting the virus intentionally to others. This helped the disease to distribute itself in many countries.This time was without a doubt a time that hosted one of the great mischiefís of mankind in the century.Alas, No living thing will stay in this world forever! Death is a debt that everybody has to pay. It is just a matter of time before everyone who walks on this earth leave it behind, what really matters is to make every moment of our life purposeful, to show compassion to each other and to leave a good name above our certain grave. For many reasons this generation seems to understand these truths. 

Unlike the dark time of ignorance now a dayís being HIV positive is getting new forms of definitions.Definitions which reflect need of concern for that individuals immunity instead of discriminating him/her. Today a person with HIV in his/her blood means a person who must care for his/her day to day activity more than others, rather than being a cursed individual.

He or she must have a healthier lifestyle than people who donít have HIV in their blood. HIV positive person should try to get a balanced diet, should avoid drugs, stay fit by exercising and minimize sexual activities plus keep his/her personal hygiene better than a sero-negative person.Moreover, he/she should start the anti-retroviral drug at the right time and should also have a close medical provision. There is nothing that will make him/her any less normal than HIV negative person.

Thus, unlike those dark times,now a day blood test for HIV status has become a crucial step in the planning of the future of an individual. As mentioned above positive living needs its own type of life style and a strong rooted optimist psychological state of mind. A person with this state of mind knows that he must take care of his/herself to see the future since he/she believes that he/she can live, learn, graduate, get a job, get money, own private property. He/ she can also get married with a partner with the same sero-status, can also build a family and of course with the right kind of follow up they can even get a child. These all means that He or she can live and experience, Above all enjoy a healthy and happy life!

If the HIV positive people understand and act in line with this, and the HIV negative people abstain from unsafe sex and use a condom during casual sex; moreover, if they know that they should support and encourage their HIV positive brothers and sisters, slowly but surely a new world situation will be a reality; a situation where HIV free world is inevitable!

In life, everyone may have his or her own challenges, in fact in those very challenges are the hopes that these challenges will be overcome. These hopes in turn give us reasons to live. As we mature and continue to re-member our oneness; the challenges of life become less painful, we will then begin to realize the so called challenges are rather blessings, opportunities to manifest our magnificent creativity and strength. Creativity that was in fact created by the almighty and that is being manifested in reality of life (the relative world). It is then that we can truly remember that, there are no losers and winners in this world. And there is no disaster that can defeat us if we stand together with faith. With God at our side, we see that we can get through it.

A perfect example for the above truth is the two <We Are the World>telethon campaigns performed 25 years apart; for the famine in East-Africa (1985)& natural disaster in Haiti respectively (2010). By a number of renowned Musicians including the Pop King Michael Jackson who also wrote the lyrics of the fundraiser music, ĎWe Are the World`

On those projects, compassion & empathy for others has proved to be the cure for the suffering victims. Like a painkiller which treats not only the body but also the broken soul of a society.

It was a negligent deed that the President of U.S.A, Donald Trump did by dropping the international sanction on global warming. Ignorance and feeling self-sufficient doesnít work when it comes to the intertwined law of Mother Nature. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not!We should know that thoughtless waste disposal system in China will affect the Aqua life in Atlantic Ocean. The toxic chemical emitted from a factory in Ohio will have an adverse effect on a polar bear living in Antarctica. There is no one who can stand independently.

So, Working for the good of all human beings is the true and undisputable way to bring a sustained peace for the great mother earth. Why we need to build this place? Because for every action there is a reaction, as Newton proved it well. In the negative sense, if we build our comfort on the suffering of others, or ignore our sister and brothers who are facing a disaster, we must be sure that there will be a negative reaction sooner or later. This is what Hinduís preach regarding ĎKarmaí and Jesusís analogy of harvesting what you reap meant. We may disagree in many points but we donít have to forget the immeasurable holy bond between us and ignore each other, just for short living materialistic benefits. Most of us realize this at the edge of our death or the hereafter. We must wake up now, hold hands to see the pursuit of unity in the time of destruction.

We should learn from our sad history and stand with repentance. Change our evil way of handling the earth or each other, and adhere to the Holy rules of nature. Pour water on the blazing fire of Californiaís forest by stopping the blazing bombs and missiles tormenting Yemen. Solidify the melting ice caps by freezing the scorching Nuclear weapon reactants.  

I say, as a society we should live like water, to kill the burning ego; because every atom of water is generous enough to share and open enough to accept othersí offers, for better stability. No single matter is neglected in the process. There is no survival of the fittest or extinction of the weak. Instead there is subsistence of all the components and above all the integrity of the river, ocean or glacier as a whole. This collaboration is what keeps the longest rivers of the world and astonishing waterfalls preserved. This collaboration is what packs the countless rain droplets intact so to reach the ground and deliver life, instead of being dispersed as an ash in the wind. And yes, this is the collaboration that gives water the honor of being the source of life, Unison.

In the very beginning, Earth was not created as a pyramid but it was architect-ed as a sphere. The spherical shape is the most settling structure of the universe! That is why the highest one selected it to create our earth and other planets, the living and the non-living, the light source stars including the sun, its solar system, the Milky Way, most of the final biological makeup of the images of the highest one, their cells, and the smallest particle of all matter, the atom, photons of energy and so forthÖ

The highest one chose the spherical shape so that all the energy and matter of creation could be transferred, exchanged, shared and recycled in the circles of life; rotate like pilgrims, circumnavigate like wanderers and evolve as a creations rather than being a bouncing deficit between the three corners of triangles. If they really want to see a sustained peace with unlimited insurance in the future, human beings must consider a system inclusive of every living thing in the circle; let their system roll like their wheels and sports balls.

Pyramidal civilizations had always failed, no matter how advanced and sophisticated they were.

A pyramidal hierarchy will never ever bring a true equilibrium. And disasters are sure to come if we still continue to live like this. But I believe we still have one more chance to make it right. Yes! Now is the time to change, time to unite, and time to believe!

                               ďThere comes a time, when we hear a certain call,

                                  When the world should come together as one

                                There are people dying, when it is time to lend a hand,

                              To life, the greatest gift of all!

                             We canít go on pretending day by day,

                            That someone somehow will soon make a change

                           We are all a part of Godís great big family

                         And the truth, you know love is what we need;

                         We are the world, we are the children

We are the ones to make a brighter day, so letís start giving,

     There a choice we are making, we are saving our own lives,

                        It is true we will make a better day, just you & me!Ē

Dr. Elias Gebru is a writer, painter, peace activist & poet who has published works, popular in his 
home country Ethiopia, before he made his decision to inspire people internationally with his spirituality English novel The Pursuit of Unity in Time of Separation.

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