Dr. Barlock and the Magical School of Lones

Eboh Solomon Ogbonnaya


© Copyright 2021 by
Eboh Solomon Ogbonnaya

Photo by Nav Rashmi Kalsi on Unsplash
                                     Photo by Nav Rashmi Kalsi on Unsplash

The book of divert was hidden. Because it was a rare book, all the magicians found it hard to destroy. Some partly hoped to get on it with a reckless longing that made it hard to be found.


And so it was agreed: Dr. Barlock a spiteful warming man in his late forties who seemed to perform magic more than others would be visiting the Magical School of Lones to help teach and supervise the students in the magical school. If the school professors who had been with the school have not heard of the hidden book’s prophecy that may occur if the book of divert was found, him have heard and wished for a solution to stop the evils trouble. He felt it was the least he could do for the students in the school who had called him to come and help teach in the school.

After having a disturbing trance that caused him much headache and disturbance he had enough time going through so many books he gathered from different offices and shelf searching for the book of divert. After a long search, without finding the book, though with some other clue about the books prophecy which also he laid open on his room reading table, he picked up the school invitation letter he had received and torn open the white sealed envelope and brought out the letter inside it and began to read.

After reading still thinking about the memories of his trance and dream he managed to put back the letter into the torn white envelope and placed it back on his reading table beside the edge of his sleeping bed which he dressed neatly and properly. It was nearly evening at the time, around 6:13pm, he hardly could sleep. However, after some moment wondering about the pictures in the trance, in some of his dreams, he later fell asleep after dismissing the idea of traveling immediately the same day he received the invitation to visit the Magical School of Lones. It was raining heavily that night. Heavy droplets pounded against his closed window pane as the murky clouds obscured his view on the bed. In his sleepexperienced insomniac, turning on his bed while his eyes were closed.On his bed he shakes feverishly his head. In his trance as he turned on his bed some people’s faces appears to him as he hears some tingling-softly-gentle-cuddling-children-diddle-sound from an unknown organ play. A man stands shouting at someone unknown in the trance.The person he is shouting at is unseen as Dr. Barlock watches him to know what he was complaining about. The man’s figure slides off like in dream. Dr. Barlock saw other pictures of different people he had not seen before. He shakes in reality and inhales rather loudly in the difficult sleep with sweat on his temple on his bed. He walked in gently into another room he had not being before in the trance and find a young lady on sick cloth who looks like she had been on a hospital bed for long without much improvement. She squatted on the ground and as she saw Dr. Barlock she quickly managed to get up to her feet and tried to complain to him. Dr. Barlock could not answer nor say a word to her as he observed her on the sick cloth. Her eyes were red of weeping. Suddenly she felt that Dr. Barlock maybe some traitor she had wondered about, shocked at him she covered her ears as the room became a bit shaky while Dr. Barlock tried to ask her if she will tell him anything she screamed at him to get lost and move away. Dr. Barlock woke up from the dream, became more worried of the faces in his dream.

A few weeks after the trance, he had another one, when it had been imagined he could not get the old ones off his mind. More like the old dreams the trance filled up a gap in his memory, with the deep insight of it. He was walking again, along the School of Loneslarge long passage painted with white colour and tiled, where the students at the school passes by whenever school dismisses. Dr. Barlock came into his office and went to his desk, he found a note inside his table drawer which a student had left. He read the note in his hand, the student saying he regrets to leave the school because Dr. Barlock was not suspended, but though had been a monster to him seeing him teach in his class. Dr. Barlock tried to let off the note in his hand but it stocked still on his palms and then turned into a book in his hand. As he turned with the book in his hand at his office exist door he noticed all his students had been looking at him through his office window and through the exist door outside the office. Then he began to hear their mooing voices not so audibly with their words about him been a monster. He threw off the book in his hand and covered his ears shouting No!!! andwoke up suddenly from the nightmare.

Dr. Barlock slept fitfully again that night nor was convinced that the hidden book of divert that laid to the beast treachery castle would make his students to be in safety. He didn’t need the book but felt he should search for it the following day.

He reported to the Magical School of Loneswith his magic box and magic stick. After sometime of rehearsal with his students, after some weeks with them, he began to experience the hard sleep of the trance again. He began to search again. He searched in the school library in the book shelf and in other teachers offices with a spare key of his own hoping to find the book of divert. He spent days forssicking through many books he gathered in his room. As he checked with a spare key in a small book shelf in another office he shivered and finds it hard to find. When school had dismissed and pupils had gone back to their cottages, he shut the office door unnoticed, on the large school passage, he turned and looked both right and left about his revolts about the memory of the trances he had seen and bent by its sudden burst and noises of people in his head. He bent down at the passage tortured by the habitually broke from the pictures in his memory. He managed to take control again of himself and ran out quickly out of the school passage outside the school building. He walked unsteadily down the long road shaken by the deep memory which involved him being contrary against the Magical School of Lones.


There was another, Dr. Spin a fine open-faced, good-natured man who looked of the same age with Dr. Barlock. He also taught the students at the Magical School of Lones, and also performed magic to the public sometimes with one of his eminent student, Brenda.

Tell me about magic”, a boy came to him and asked him as he was putting his things together into his magic box about to leave from the magicians-costume-dress- room with his magic box.

I would never have allowed you myself into this room”, Dr. Spin seriously said to the boy, “Well in magic as you have asked”, he said to boy “you would need as much as many heavy stones to get a ticket.Allof the wonders and secret you could know in the magical world”, Dr. Spin partitioned to the boy and closed his box prepared to leave from the dress room. The boy looked curious and desperate to hear from Dr. Spin and wondered about, what kind of stones?.

He asked Dr. Spin, “As much as many stones just to get a ticket; any kind of stones!,” the boy stunned and bewildered asked Dr. Spin.

If you are good and if you care not to trick people with their things it could fetch you a ticket with the strict heart rather than with the heaping and picking of stones. They are worst for help to unravel a puzzle,” Dr. Spin said to the boy. The boy was dressed on his casual cloth while Dr. Spin on his waist coat looked puzzled pre-requisited of having a stone instead of the idea for the ticket. As a magic school professor Dr. Spin sounded dramatic and warmly smiled to the boy.

So magic is not that simple?,” the boy asked.

Nothing is, unless you get to learn them with the good ideas to do them. So magic when you have the idea and can be so brilliant”, Dr. Spin viciously replied to the boy whether or not he could perform the magic.

In magic you could have many things to give away, but is it possible you could still make them return back to you?”, The boy still wondering asking Dr. Spin and he replied, “If you have the good heart and did not steal any; if they belong to you.”

Then can a magician make a lion appear?”,the sixteen years old looking boy asked childishly.

A lion with a big head should stay in the wild or in the zoo not in a magic wand hoping to be in show.” Dr. Spin said and pretended, “Yes, and that reminds me! Please I have been searching for my magic stick all over the room,”Dr. Spin said to the boy seeing that he thought childishly, ‘I cannot find it within anywhere in the room,”Dr. Spin said, “please can you help me get back to the performing stage and see if I have carelessly left it there and see if you help can get it for me?”.

The boy accepted and rushed immediately even before Dr. Spin finished with the request he rushed immediately to the performing stage. The boy felt powerfully engaged to find the magic stick that he may even use it for his own advantage. He talked aside and hoped to get away with the magic stick if he found it.

Once I have it I will whip with it, and make a wish of whatever I want.”

The boy felt the stick would empower him beyond his imagination looking from the lustre of his eyes while all the guest had left from the entertainment seats as he searched on the stage. He continued to search for the magic stick not knowing Dr. Spin had it with him. While he continued to search for it Dr. Spin carried his magic box with his magic stick and hummed whistling happily as he walked along gently and safely on the tiled road on the street to his apartment. The boy rushed back to the dressing room, Dr. Spin had left with his things.

Another day Dr. Spin performed more magic. Brenda, a lanky- smiling- black-haired -young boy of 17 waited by the corner as his attendant boy as Dr.Spin performed magic in the open broad street to the people,who gathered round them on the street. The people with their eyes watched Dr. Spin with interest while Brenda placed some empty green bottles on the ground as he had been instructed by Dr. Spin to do. After placing the bottle he cheerfully of Dr.Spin ready to perform began to clap his hands steadily to make people join him in clapping as he did as Dr. Spin would begin to perform magic. The people dropped their money in a pan set by Brenda for the show and continued with the clapping of hands as Dr. Spin started with putting out his empty trouser pocket to show them he had nothing in them. He turned round and joined them to clap a little while some wondered about what he was about doing. One man came closer to him to be sure of what he was doing. Dr. Spin didn’t try to break away from him as he scanned through his empty pocket on behalf of the people who gathered and watched. He found Dr. Spin had nothing in his pocket which all acclaimed of it steered with open eyes whatever possible of the magic he wanted to perform.

Dr. Spin asked them to look at his hands and they concentrated on his hands. Dr. Spin as they watched gently pulled off his long black hat on his head and turned it upside down shaking it a little to prove to them also that it had nothing inside it. He turned up the hat again and put his hand inside it feeling the inside with his palms as if he had come at something and must have to bring it out from the black hat before the people. Having turned his hand a while in the hat he brought it out with a white pigeon in his hand. The people marveled, how did he do it. Dr. Spin threw up the pigeon in the air and let it go its way. As the people astonished marveled at the show the same man who had checked Dr. Spin’s pocket still doubted the performance and insisted he must be sure of the magic. He asked Dr. Spin if he could wear his black hat while he performed another magic for them and Dr. Spin agreed.

Brenda knew well that he could perform well with magic who had taught them and watched as well with the people as the man took Dr. Spin’s long black hat and it put his head, the people laughed while some dropped some more money in the set pan for the magic show.

The man raised his hands and clutched them on the hat and asked Dr. Spin if he could make a bird to be inside the hat while he had it on his head like a soldier holding on his helmet from a loud bomb blast for it not to fall his head carelessly.

Dr. Spin told them he could do more. He brought out his magic stick to prove more seriously what he may do, he said some funny unknown words which the people had never heard before and smiled and apologized to them for the abracatabrawords he voiced out. He then turned to the man on his hat and instructed his magic stick at his hat on the man’s head. The man blared still stocked carefully with the hat. Dr. Spin counted one, two, threeand ready as he said go that the man should put off the hat. As the mandid as Dr. Spin instructed him there became a brown rabbit on the man’s head as he removed the hat from his head. All people gathered were amazed while some laughed, the man with the rabbit on his head gazed up at the rabbit as it jumped off his head to another way. The people wished they will see more magic and dropped some more money in the set pan on the ground close to the five empty green bottles set by Brenda, who gathered the money and joined the people to watch.

Dr. Spin called out another man and did quite well so far. He showed the man to the people.

Everyone watch,” he ordered and introduced the man he called out to the people,

Soon he will have some notes in his hands, but watch, he has none now.,”Dr.Spin said to them. The people craned their necks to see the vast expense of the show, how Dr. Spin would make some money note to appear in the man’s hand.

If it would be possible then Dr. Spin could make the people rich, but why is it thenhim and Brendawere demanding with the set pan; some wondered and waited patiently to see how he would do it. However, Dr. Spin again asked the man he called out to show the people his palms for them to see he had no note in them. It seemed everyone had seen the man’s empty hands as he laid them open and the folded them open and then folded them before the people as Dr. Spin instructed him to do.

Now open it”, Dr. Spin requested. The man opened his hand and surprisingly found a white paper rumpled in his hand. The people marveled althesame and lowered with murmuring. The magic show had been virtually unknown and some wondered that even magicians needs money stunned at the rumpled paper in the man’s hand on which they had excepted a paper money note to be in it.

After the day’s magic show, Dr. Spin gave Brenda a little part of the show money and he parted his own way. He glanced up the street, and down the street, and over the way:impressed with his performance in the magic show. On his way back to his own apartment he saw a man being molested by two armed robbers with sharp knivesby the street corner on the street in the afternoon as he was walking back to his apartment with his magic box. The two armed robbers pushed the man to the wall and harassed him with their sharp knives. The man shivered as they threatened to stab him with their knives if he does not give them some money from his pocket. Luckily for the man Dr. Spin was coming close by on the street corner .Dr.Spin with his magical powers was not a man who easily gave in to fright. He could do many things with his magical power. He could make a man disappear and even make a man appear in another place he or she never wanted or imagined to be. He pretended not to have seen the two robbers molest the man and approach towards them as he whistled a tone approaching before them. Though Dr.Spin’swhistling was heard, the two robbers still held the man by the wall and turned watching him approach with his magic box in his hand. As he became closer one of the armed robberhushed him.

Hey! Hold it right there”, the robber hushed Dr. Spin to a stop as he lowered his tone and cleared his throat the other one he with a knife also hushed him all together, ‘What do you have in the box?”

Inside my box?”, Dr. Spin guessed up at them and pretended he was afraid and frightened shaking.

Yes! What is inside the box or I will drive this knife inside your belly!”

Please don’t kill me”, Dr. Spin pretended and knelt down begging them, “I am a magician; is just my magic things inside the box”, Dr. Spin said to the armed robbers shaking like he was afraid. One with his knife on his hand hit Dr.Spinhard with the side of his soft palm as he laughed that they had caught a magician and what would they be needing his magic things for. The other one scolded Dr. Spin also.

Your money or your life”, as they felt like laughing more and repeated, “your money or!” Dr. Spin did more subtly as he knelt and begged quickly brought out his show money and handed it over to them. They hit Dr. Spin a little more and left him without any serious injury on him and made a way with the money. It didn’t take long after they left, Dr. Spin laughed at them that he could make his money return back to him within a twinkle of an eye with magical power. Although the armed robbers had gone so far away to share the money, Dr. Spin command the money to return back to him and immediately it disappeared from their pocket. The armed robbers who wanted to bring out the money searched his pocket but could not find it in his pocket. He looked at his fellow suspecting he had taken the money cunningly from his pocket. His thought disgust his fellow as he thought the same of him that he too was trying to trick him and wanted to take the money alone. So they began to quarrel with each other and got into fighting because of the money on the street. The police men passing saw them fighting on street and caught them and handcuffed them and took them away to the district police station and locked them up in the cell.


Dr. Barlock after some days of his arrival at the Magical School of Lones began to search for the book of divert, which it had been prophesied would bring an evil omen to the school if a scholar from the school or anyone else finds it without destroying it. As he was searching for the book in another teacher’s office Brenda caught him in an office in another teacher’s office with many scattered books he left on the floor in front of him, which by the moment he found one that has a picture and gives him a clue on how to find the hidden book of divert.

As he was going through the book in his hand when school had missed and everyone had been suspected to have left from the school class rooms and offices, Dr. Barlock opened the office with his spare key doing as he had done in many other offices.

Brenda who had an usual sense of knowing and notifying when things went wrong, sensed he was in the office quietly opened the office door by its handle and found him inside the office. Dr. Barlock shocked with a little fear looked upset to him and he said in a conciliatory tone to him, “Sir, indeed you must be acquainted with a lot books. I have been informed you will be in our class as our new magic teacher and are so dearly to see with all the books in Mr. Rotloy’s office”, Brenda’s voice was not harsh and grating, he spoke in such a gentle manner.

Yes”, replied Dr. Barlock as he tried to comport himself thinking that the boy maybe right. “And you are your professor!”

Brenda, Sir; you should have ordered for the books and they would be brought to you in your office. As a professor you may not be dealing with all the books. Perhaps there is something you wish to accomplish?”, Brenda not so afraid if he would hurt him asked him. Dr. Barlock rather absently closed the book in his hand a little relieved than he had been said to Brenda as he sat on the office wooden arm chair while Brenda stood a little close to him with all the books he left on the floor, “My students might be disappointed with this one.”, he raised the book and showed it to Brenda and asked, “And guess what it has inside?”

What is its content?” Brenda inquired to know.

Oh! nothing to read about, for jargons and wayward people. I’m not sure I should share that with you either since a professor cannot deal with many books.,” Dr. Barlock said knowing full well what the boy meant that he was in someone’s office without the person’s consent. He began to gather the books back into their proper places in the hope to cut short Brenda’s questions of his wrongs in the office. He rouse on his feet putting back the books on the faulty indulgence on which Brenda had caught him, that seem to him natural enough. Still there was just the chance, Brenda thought.

So”, Brenda started again, in heavily accented of his behavior but otherwise very sensible as a student asked Dr. Spin, “You are professor?”

Professor Barlock.” ProffessorBarlock turned and answered him as he put the last book in his hand back into the shelf.

Then I will be out of your way then,” Brenda looked nervously at him as he found his utterances difficult with the simple view of the book he found looked at him. He wondered at Brenda with a reckless determination to get as much of the joy in the book he held in his hand as he could, gladly asked Brenda, “Ready to say anything more!”, he asked looking down carefully at Brenda knowing he would report him to the school authority.He gave Brenda a weak smile and said, “Perhaps you have not noticed; I have found the best of my delight.” though not the hidden book he was searching for he showed to Brenda and was prepared to reveal nothing in it to him. Brenda pointed at the door like to show him said,” I am sorry I must leave now”. He left the office without any more questions. However, when he left he thought about it and the next day reported Dr. Barlock to the school authority the next morning.


There was the Court of Lones, where misdeeds of some magicians were being charged and dealt with. The Court of Lones coming out of the five storey white building had three figures mounted at the front of the fenced building. Coming out from the black railed gate, outside the building was over flowing with tourist, artisans, Goldsmith on rag cloth hammering.

In the Lones court district, the gentle lones had been committed within the district, the men struggling and hustling outside the court house still loitered with the panging, and rustling noise intrusively with the crowd for years.

There were faces of the great lones, many of them had vanished as well. Presently at the front of the white court building were the new faces that had long since concealed had not changed closely upon daily at the frontage, but stood and confronted the pubic unwanted into the fenced court. At the right hand side of the court building at the first floor frontage was the dominating figure of the great lones owing to his intelligence and his character as much as the circumstance of his life. He was dressed on a light brown tail coat and looked real with his arms folded by his chest. He looked instructive and warning with a mean face; never tapping his chin or waving his hand into the front’s reality when the real man is in or away from the stubborn loitering crowd, he still folded his arms and looked mean and handsome, average in height. At the middle, at the second floor frontage was another gentle man who bent, he wore a light white long sleeve shirt stocked in his trousers as he bent blowing out light spherical bubbles into the air with a bubble stick, of his statue too cannot move than he does from morning till evening bent steadily, perhaps had being a young man of unusual activity and talent.

He looked happy with himself, but still looked the more tortured with his own steady act. A the frontage third floor was the retiring one, also had been an old gentle fellow, but now had his own figure insatiating little by little with a part of his broken head before his eyes going up gently and softly with tiny broken particle of his head going up into the sky. He wore an old tail black coat as well parting looking the same, insatiating every day with the little like dot light particles going up gently from his head, never breaking fully but remained the same at the frontage. From outside the building in the evening a few people threw in gabages at the frontage. Artisans and many were loitering in the evening who were mostly magicians. There was also an austere business man on rogued cloth gazed at three boys, Darrel, Carl, and Roy, who looked of 16-18 years of the same age with Brenda. The three boys stood in front of the heavy built man turning his boiling big pot with a long cooking spoon.

You look weird, boy! hold on; I might have something for you.,” the huge tall man said to Carl who stood in front of him with Darrel and Roy beside him.

Okay sir.”, Carl replied standing between Darrel and Roy. The man with his long spoon scooped out a hot bow-tie and said to Carl, “You pay some. Something to bare your neck”. As Carl took it and paid him the tie became cold for him to wear. They had no good cloth worn but looked of ragged stubborn people. Carl put on the tie smoothly on his neck above the collar level on his bare neck. The many tourist like them still passed on front and back and pushing among some of the rushing people going for their own business as well.

Darrel demanded for his own and the man turned the pot and scooped out an old patched boot which was not Darrel’s size. Darrel looked weird at the boots and said to the man in a low anxious voice as briskly as need be, he had no choice; the man gives whatever he scoops out and no one rejects, “Is a man’s riding horse boot!”, his faith was upset.

And from the hedge rows and the hills with the horses, you guess! How far have they been? You must need them take them, boy!”, the cooking man ordered which for him had been turned bitter to hold it on. Darrel accepted it and put the patched boots on confiding on his bare feet as it inhabited small inside the big boots. Roy looked reluctantly was vague conscious of their whereabouts had wished their way to the magical school of Lones instead of demanding from the man’s pot. They have been wondering outside the court house. He put hand into his own pocket and brought a coin and gave to the man and asked the man as he felt the way had been hidden from them perhaps because of their old rudeness, instead of the things the man sold, he asked, “So had you seen the boy,” as if he had asked the man before. Roy described how the boy looked like as they stood a little out from the passing people before the man. The man cleared his voice sufficiently philosophical of Roy’s freely give, knowing he should not request more replied pointing by the right behind them, “One passed that way.”, though from the intent of his heart showing them the way, he also pointed to left, “The other passed that way”, he pointed really to show them the way the boys went, who looked like the boy Roy described to him.

They must fellow whatever the man says, Roy instead, with his friends at the same time like in circus on count they bent down gently at the same time towards the same direction by the left before the cooking man and pointed, “That way!” They said together bent and stirred underneath between the passing foots loitering they could see a magical way, not that the man tried to rob them of the idea. They turned and twist gently their necks as they bent toward the direction in between the people legs looking mute. Like in a dream they leaned forward and followed the way with a spinning round and round along with each other into the shallow spinning whole and rolled round and round by the depth with shouting falling to the sensation of the magical school environment. It was a deep spinning round with them as rolled on and landed on the ground.

Roy landed with his buttocks with the others near him. The environment became in the day light, a brighter environment in the cool weather morning.

A boy rode a spoilt bicycle without tyres on the air as Carl, Darrel, and Roy looked. The student rode on calling others to see a sudden burst of dynamite sounded and sparkled of the banger lit in the skies. The boys Roy, Darrel and Carl looked frightened held on to each other at the colorful dynamite burst and wondered if they have landed at the real place. As they turned gently at the same time towards the school lawn were groups of pupils at the school field learning with their magical school teachers. The boys wears magical changed with a crinkling magical sound showered on them by an invisible magical power, they appeared on fine school suits just as pretty looking as the other magical pupils learning at the school field. They walked gently towards the learning groups without the students notice to join them, but as they got close to the groups a girl who looked of the same age with them blocked Roy who was about to joining a group learning with their magical teacher.

I should think you were; what are you up to?”, the dressed girl on suit and shirt, Miss Glenda hushed them pointing that they should go back from whence they came. Roy looked timidly at her while his two friends stood behind him suppose she had been one of the good learned ones in the school. She was dressed well like them.

What could we ha’ done with you now? It isn’t as you say.”, Roy utterly said to the girl. There was a bit of reckoning against them for the matter of who would first do, Darrel rightly presented himself why she should threaten them. He looked more clever to answer more than Roy, “I would if I were you”, Darrel said to girl, miss Glenda, “you should be the one to get out of our way!”

And you are not him,” she said about Roy and put her hands by her waist still looking at Roy particularly and challenging them. As they argued who should by the first to step out of the way Dr. Spin had them as he was teaching his own group close by. He became a little distracted by the boys consideration. He took excuse from his students and approached them. He came close to them and they stopped arguing by his presence and looked at him with wonderment and expectation of what he would say to them. He looked prominent and warning and had been a professor in the Magical School of Lones. He asked everyone to let go for everyone to join the class and joined back with his own pupils.

Why! You are just the very first to challenge me.”, Roy turned as they walked to join the learning students asked miss Glenda who walked close beside him as Dr, Spin turned away back with his own class.

I am Roy. And you are?” he asked Miss Glenda with a changed look smiled at her while Darrel and Carl joined a different group.

I am Miss Glenda” she looked charming and beautiful perhaps of the same age with Roy and the other boys. She answered surprisingly in the manner to be morefriendly. They both walked together and joined a group in the field.

In the open school field, Dr. Spin with his own group taught them and illustrated to them what might happen on someone making a bad choice to break a magic stick.

He used his own magic stick biffed repeatedly on a wood log before them to show them what effect it may bring. His magic wand split the wood log into two and he warned them that one should not dare to break his own magic stick no matter how small it looked. The pupils others laughed as he warned about breaking the stick wondering why should one do so. They wondered why should one do so?

It was the once hope of the professor Barlock who also taught his own class that none of them would try it as it was often said as everyone believed much more strongly when they warned about it, there was one thing it may add: if one should carelessly break his own it may exhibit a strange call of dark and signs of shaking dislikes that may bring some more trouble. Better it had been done when in trouble or serious danger to cause some more magical effect to save one’slife ,or better still one could throw his own away than breaking it into two.

Dr. Spin patted on one of his student and asked everyone to watch. He put on his magical garment with stars and moons spots to show his students, the garment changed his wear and his face to a funny face if he wanted to disguise. He said his brackish word, “Flamov-go-traque”, and his face again changed back to him with his normal cloth with the magical wrapper in his hand.

Brenda who had reported Dr. Barlock and had caused his suspension before the day’s class was one side with another student in the wood fairly where they can be found easily looked unhappy with the fallen leaves and clustered trees within them. He felt pity for Dr. Barlock and feels regret and sad in heart as he stood with his fellow close to him. He sadly said to the fellow with his magic stick under the tree shade where they were in the morning as the other students were far off them learning, “Imagine what could happen if I break my magic stick now.,” Brenda said to the student while he looked afraid at him.

Imagine if I just break it now!” His fellow afraid of what it might cause tried to warn him in a friendly way while Brenda still repeated the word about breaking the stick. A sudden deep flush came over the boy’s face, and he was about to speak and impetuously as he looked more serious and afraid and knew Brenda was serious about breaking the stick. Brenda’s aguish was much of his feelings why he had caused Dr. Barlock’s suspension sadly broke the stick. Everywhere looked quiet as his fellow afraid turned and looked back at the students learning afar them on the school field and thought it was dangerous what Brenda had done. As he turned back at Brenda the bark of the tree trunk close to them began to open by itself unnoticed to Brenda only him noticed it, and tried to warn Brenda to come away, but he boldly stood annoyed by his our will and thought. The tree large root crept out and leaped under Brenda’s legs with a hiss and frizzled round his legs. He muttered a good many curses of breaking the stick at the interruption, which had thrown him in the rear of the tree hunt near the moment of the treachery darks. Brenda tried to resist the roots grip as it caught him by his legs while the student with him rushed and bent and tried to help him unloose rootsround his legs .Brenda shocked raised his feet and stamped on the ground to get loose of the roots grip on his legs. He would soon have been with the other students, it was not an accident; it was of his deliberate break of the magic stick and wish, quite aloof in the absence of them. The cloud began to change with a groaning wind sound and form a storm in the cloud. The roots dragged Brenda down drawing him to the open latch-dark-shallow hole in the open tree trunk. Brenda screamed and called out for help with a loud voice as the student who had seen what he had done pursued him by the root. It was partly to this vague and change that the learning students turned and became aware of what was happening and rushed to help them. Dr. Spin ran close faster than the other students who joined him behind towards the woods as the shooing wind flew at them and tossed things off. Brenda hit his hands on the ground crying for help. It was a few steps daring to drag him into the dark shallow spinning round and round inside the opened tree. Dr. Spin dived and caught his hand, but the tree more fiercely and forcefully dragged him off from his hand into the open tree spinning round inside Brenda disappeared.

Dr. Spin immediately removed his black tail coat. “Now”, he said to his students close to him as the whirl wind still blew at them tossing leaves off from the trees and shaking them a little, “Everyone step back”, Dr. Spin withdrew back a little from the open tree as the wind inside dragged more things inside the tree. He tossed his black coat oneside and folded his long sleeves white shirt. He looked at the shallow deep inflicted by the wind in his mind as it growled he fastened up and dived into the deep to ward off the evil. All the students yearned in fear and ran backtowards the school building. As Dr. Spin turned round and round falling down beneath the depth of the shallow-dark-deep the tree barks closed by itself. The dark cloud that formed within the moment left with some lightning flashes as everywhere became dark like it would rain.It began to rain while the students with their other school teachers gathered in front of the school building murmuring.

I wander at that now”, Miss Glenda cried to Roy who rode up with them and looked frightened also of the sudden dark. There might be several convinces attending the course: the boy who had been with Brenda confessed to them and cried that Brenda had carelessly broken his magic wand and they all turned and looked surprised at each other about the sudden weaver wind and tree broke.


Dr. Spin landed on the treachery castle ground. It was nearly evening as some black ravens and crows flew round the height of the pointed castle at the top of the valley. He looked around as flashes lightening flashed and made the place look frightening. He looked around and hit off dirt stains on his trouser from the mold ground. As he looked around outside the castle some of the black birds turned against him and flew above his head. He waved his hands at them hitting them off and dodges them and ran up quickly by the narrow path that laid to castle big wooden door as they flopped with their wings and sharp claw after him. As soon as he got to the castle heightened door he looked small at its height as the door creaked and gently opened by itself to let him in.

Dr. Spin walked in quietly inside the castle and as he stepped in the heightened door slammed and closed by itself. After the door closed a light shone and broke the dimness in castle. Dr Spin saw he was in a fine large decorated hall where some ape hairy looking men were working as servants in the castle. One carried a tray with a cup on it, like a tea cup walked into a door by the right in the hall before Dr. Spin in front of him. Dr. Spin felt a little at ease like a welcomed guest in the hall waved his hand and tried to talk to one of the servants, whose face looked like an ape like the other one entered into the door by the right.

Hello, please can you hear me?,’ Dr. Spin on his folded white long sleeve shirt called out to the Banter, the Ape- man, with a little fear and trust that they may be friendly seeing they were not so concerned about him when the door slammed. They saw him as he walked in gently into the castle they still concentrated on what they were doing without attacking him. The Banter Dr. Spin called growled at him and took another way quickly into a room by the right before the door the first banter entered into .Another one who looked seriously on duty stared at Dr. Spin and nodded his head that perhaps he may soon join them in service as a servant in the castle. Dr. Spin waved at him and walked closer to him to talk to him, but the banter furiously charged at him and pushed him to the ground and hanged on top him like a wild monkey growling and turning sharply right and left his face at his fellow servants in the castle as if Dr. spin had been the one maltreating them and torturing them into the services in the castle. Just then in the moment a footsteps struck the banter as he turned looking annoyed and still passed Dr. Spin down on top of him. He gazed rightly; it was their master in the castle, Lambster. A thick-set looking normal man perhaps in his early forties approached on his green frock coat warned the banter to let go of Dr. Spin and not to lay a hand on him. “What is that! Now get off him:”, he climbed down the curved stair case above them and stopped at the middle of the wooden rugged stairs that laid to some other rooms up in the castle. Lambster was the assistant to the main lord in the castle, who the barters feared and respected in the castle. At his voice the barter groaned and winced in fear and withdrew himself frightfully from Dr. Spin and bowed loyally in worship of Lambster as he shifted back to return to his service apologizing for intruding with Dr. Spin. Lambster majestically walked down the stair case and came up to Dr. Spin as he twist his neck about of the laboring banters grip on his neck. Lambster smiled and said to Dr.Spin,“I would gladly have displeased you, of being treated by him like a traitor, my gentle man. If I may ask what and whom do you seek?”Lambster respectfully in a manner exactly contrary to what should have been expected as the monster who had employed the banters in the castle asked Dr. Spin.

My servants,”Lambster waved at some of the working banters like forgotten of his position as an assistant to the Lord of castle,

I tell you they won’t do any more. So tell me, my gentle man, what brings you to our castle, my friend?,’ but now with a step and a pace seemed more unendurable and impatient to hear from Dr. Spin who looked around at the collectible in the castle. The walls were painted with white color paint with portrait of unknown faces, who looked prominent and well to do in the castle .A lady in one of the frame wore a fine bead with diamond on her neck. She wore the fine gown with a red rose clipped by the breast of her beautiful gown. A man in the other portrait wore a gallant like of the 1816 attire with a curved moustache after his nostrils. Perhaps they might have been the real owners of the castle before the evil powers that took over the castle. The fine decorated hall brightly shone by the dozen bright bulbs ceiling fixtures up the ceiling and by the walls. Dr. Spin looked around unaccustomed. This had been one hell of a place, one he would have been thrilled to own himself. Beautiful flower frames also were hanged by the painted walls. It was possible to tell the banters could work for Lambster if he was the lord of the castle for the taste of the castle.

My boy I dare say, was caught by the rooted tree”, Dr. Spin turned to Lambster and wished to explain to Lambster.

Your boy; and so you braved long?,”Lambster wondered and inquired from Dr. Spin

Oh glad, you can come along with me. I am bound to tell you?”. They both walked and entered inside a large room with fine brown leather seats for reading with a book shelf with a collection of books inside the shelf. Inside the reading room was a masculine banter who looked gentle and different from the other working banters in the first large hall who woreno clothes. The hairy looking banter wore a fine brown suit dressed like a man, like the owner of the room felt free to access the books in the shelf and all the readable in the room. He has a brown –red-hairy face like the other banters except that he was wearing a suit with a white long sleeve shirt inside. His name was Lucas. Lambster very placebly with Dr. Spin went into the room, he spoke to Lucas hearing,“ I was so continually occupied . So little, my own master!?”Lambster disquieted with all the books at the round table with the arm chairs said to Lucas, who noticed them and turned at them. Lucas, brightened up sheepishly like his fright of his search may be over, he smiled welcomely with the wide expectation of his names from Lambster looked uncertainly about his written poetry works. He felt as if there must be a little frightening from Lambster if he boasted much with the attributes to him. Nothing at the moment could be much more inviting to him as he uneasily looked a little distressed gently flipped through a book he was holding in his hand. Dr. Spin stared at him and looked suspicious with the regard of the master which Lambster had attributed to him.

Lucas, however, with a trembling hand on his forehead cried out desolately to them tapping his forehead softly trying to recollect where he had left his findings.

The lines and the bricks; they are gone!”, he said as he fixed his mind with a struggling effort wondering where and what he should do looking confused. Lambster affirmatively glanced at him, his eye twinkled knowingly that he had known well more than Lucas. He said to confused Lucas, “Well then, you can keep hold of them, if you are practicing well”.

Lucas although wise folk then nodded wakefully regained and recollected where he had read the lines. He held out the book from the other books on the round table close to him happily appalled to share with them, but Lambster waved him stop and said to him, “Very well like you would; that’s what we may like to hear.” Lambsters said to Lucas and added, in a muttering tone and left with Dr. Spin into another room leaving Lucas under the habitual sense that he was bond to keep in order the reading room.

Lambster with Dr. Spin who looked speechless at the presentation in the castle entered into the next room Lambsters in a dignified air which did him great credit of not scolding the working banters in the large extravagant furnished rooms in the castle. Unlike the other rooms it was a big furnished room with a high vaulted ceiling with fluorescent fixture that shone and made bright the room. Everyone looked well to do accustomed under the circumstance in which they were kept in the bright room. Brenda, Dr. Spin’s student, who had been caught by the hissing root, was found in the large room with some other serious working banter in the large room.

Dr. Spin suddenly took notice of him .He looked hypnotized feeling the painted wall with his hand looking mute and lost in his mind. He smiled at the large picture frames hanged on the wall and looked a little happy sliding with his palm on the painted wall.

Brenda”, Dr. Spin called out to him and went to him and shook him to help him recollect, but Brenda had no much remembrance of himself nor of him.

He kept his mind over since on the thick painted walls with slightest discernible difference of tone he gapped at Dr. Spin, “The painting”, he turned and glance at the one close to the one he mentioned, “they are beautiful”, he said among the other notable ones hanged on the wall. Dr. Spin felt his heart begin to beat violently, and for a few moment he looked at Brenda confused andhurried back to Lambster powerless to resist either the good or evil he had sensed in the castle.

Yer know, work’ us in this favorable place to be with my student,” he waved at Brenda highly recommendable about the walls, to know what had happened to him.

But is not Dr. Spin nor is he a banter. I don’t know –Do you want to join him?”Lambsterasked in anticipation of his own conscience to know of Dr. Spin mind about his boy. Suspicious of the dressed banter that he may have found something he liked he asked Dr. Spin to come with him to the formal reading room. As they moved out from the room Dr. Spin turned and felt pity for Brenda as Lambster led him out of the room. Brenda still walked gently and felt the texture of the painted walls with his palms sliding through softly on the wall .In the reading room with Lucas, Lambster despite his ingratitude said about Lucas introducing him again to Dr. Spin, “ My poet, Dr. Spin; my Lucas” he called his name’, “is more than any kind . He writes a lot and delivers from his long burden his speeches.” Lambster said cannot help being rather vexed with Lucas with any fault.

Why didn’t you tell me that you have found the book!”, he accused Lucas to make him surrender his findings.

I‘ve only done my day’s work”, Lucas meekly replied him.

Then let me see them!” Lambster requested and scratched a little his nose with the inconveniences of Dr. Spin who followed him about, though he asked him to, he hope to put him in a cage after all. He mournfully looked at the page Lucas thoughtfully showed him. It was not enough for him and he turned with a sharp bark at Lucas.

You said you’ve found them and is my belief that you may do.”

And you will be so kind and hearty. Isn’t he, the professor that asked for his boy; you have not afforded him yet as your lord?” Lucas said from his own mind about wondering Dr. Spin. “Are you an apprentice?,” he asked Dr. Spin.

Ah, if I could I must get used to it.” Dr. Spin answered jovially as patiently as everything else, like the Lucas a little for his composure. He was not whimpering nor was the least anymore with fright of his own mind. After hearing such an answer from Dr. Spin, Lambster purportedly said to him,

Well Dr. Spin, he gets all he wants, all the notes being my most request and guest! my Lucas.” Lambster took a deep breath and inhaled out reads Lucas as he turned angrily and threw away his book of Lambster’s poor remarks about him. He nervously covered his ears looking tormented and trembling at Lambster’s confession.

I can’t tell you anymore. No! They are gone. Let me alone! they are gone,” Lucas groaned and wept and hitted hard his head as if to injure himself.

Who isgone?,”Dr. Spin asked and turned at Lambster and had not at all improved with his own mind about him. At the point of Lucas discourses, just hearing him sound that inaudibly and weeping looking tormented of his notes Dr. Spin turned to him with a face cuddled him that he should not be afraid that his notes were not useless.

But you are wise one, Lucas, you can confide in me;”Dr. Spin tried to assure him.

They are gone” Lucas cried again ,“the rapid pace.’ he cried, and turns with an interrogation at Dr. Spin.

You had the keys?,” Lucas wiping his eyes he inquired from Dr. Spin crying really.

The keys!,” Dr. Spin looked weird and confused at Lambster who supported Lucas and nodded his head and asked, “Yes the keys?,” but it was clear Dr. Spin had no key and them were better without .

I have them. So can you tell me?’ Dr. Spin pretended he had them and insisted to hear from Lucas what he had in his mind.

Yes, can you tell us?” Lambster supported him.

About the book-” Dr. Spin farmished turned at the reading table with books on it to check if he would find an interesting one to read, but Lucas screamed out loud at him and warned him to stop. Lucas rather on his own goes for the books and checked on them on the table. The one he deserted on the floor magical returned back on top of the reading table with the other books on the table. Dr. Spin coincidentally turned to check on the one he deserted on the floor but couldn’t find it on the floor. Happily of the support from the magical power that returned the book back on the table Lucas of his handiworks confessed openly to Lambster and Dr. Spin noticing the book on the table.

I have it. I wasn’t able before. Now I can.” he raised more his hairy eye lids like a bears as a magical sound began to play softly in the large room, it proffered quietness and neatness of Lucas work and they listened wondering about the pleasant tone where it was coming from. the words of the tone:

Child where have you , like the butter fly who speaks to all;

who speaks to you and I, who readily reveals herself, and drags along the caterpillar softly gently by the nile; who goes that long way on the lone, where have you been! and what have you, little the butterfly on the lone,child where have you been?.

Lucas with them listened to the song silently like they were seeing the butterflies from an illumed bright room as they flopped with their soft wings in the air . He recalled some other interesting lines in his book while Dr. Spin and Lambster looked carried away by the imagination of the illumed room with flying butterflies and pointed at butterflies.Lucas read the line:

Oh !what have they got, changing pocket

caught in the bottom pocket;

that pleasant, that good;

caught in the weird, weird pocket,

that’s good!

that pleasant

that kitty-kit warm little

that deem

oh! what have you got?

Lucas called back their attention in the reading room and said there is magic in the sound: that good that pleasant. He danced and stroked his fingers with the tone: that good; that pleasant.

I would rather not be, if you ask me again?,”Lambster recollecting his senses interposed Lucas shouldering, “Everything you have wished unaware. The vivid imagination. Those young fellows threatening the wind!.They are gone and we are dread to halt; no spine no darm of it!” Lambster said impatiently to Lucas and repeated after him, dancing and stroking his fingers mimicking him.

That good: that pleasant, kitty-kit WHAT!” he shouted and ended with a warning and a frown and said to Lucas, “ I employed you.”

What I said”, Lucas tried to explain as he flipped and opened to another page and read from it with an emphatic and most earnest desire:if she will go on; someone must be close. for hers is goon, breed about her and fate about her who can distrust her wings. Not wear and that sound I can withhold: none is calm, and none is rising in the bare. There is that little you can bear. There is fullness of those bliss that lieth within yet I have not been.

Lucas somewhat of an impetuous genius spoke of peculiarities of what may happen in the future while Dr.Spin and Lambster paid attention as he find his delight in yet another page and read: I am very ill when at sleep, I am at home. He ended the line and drew a long breath with happiness and satisfaction at a point with his finger on the book he read:

No another love I than I and you.

He lashed at Lambster who shifted back little at the word feeling guilty of an unspoken crime. He had known of the page and had feared to be reminded of it.

The keys Lucas!,”he asked to cut Lucas short, “You boxed it and where is the box filled with all the books?”, he asked for the preferred books to see if he could find the book of diverts. Immediately by a magical power the treasure box appeared before them. Lambster looked at the box like is filled with precious treasure as it was golden shining and looked attractive to behold. He first took hold of the box and bent and unlocked it. He brought out the books inside it and began to flip through them though they had gazed Lucas had written them all. Lambster took a look at all the books inside the box, they were all in white blank unwritten pages so he angrily turned at Lucas while Lucas innocently opened wide his arms and said to him,

That wasn’t my fault”, Lucas laid open his arms and appealed to them.

You obstinate monkey!you bring again your empty flavoyant books!,” Lambster accused Lucas for the blank pages in the books and won’t give up about them. When he thought good of kind Dr. Spin close to him it became a little well for his thought that he could not discern what Lucas had in his mind about the books in the box.

Dr. Spin, isn’t naughty to have a kind creature, like Lucas?,”Lambster said about Lucas and still felt superior of himself conscious of the slight inferiority complex that hit him. He winked at the box and brought out his hand as if to tell Lucas to bet him, he warned Lucas “You think you are wise and intelligent .We shall see.” he warned him and left again with Dr. Spin for his preparing cage where he would put him without him knowing.


After Dr. Spin jumped into the groaning tree the other magical school teachers and their students at the magical school of Lones where left in grief.

Everyone at the student quarters, in the cottages talked about had happened, and wondered if Dr.Spin would succeed in returning back safe. Roy also looked forward for his return and looked worried about his absence. While other were in the cottages, in the morning, there was no classes because of the rumor of what happened. Roy without his friends worried came before the school building .He walked into the school building looking wondering and thinking alone inside the school building. Everywhere was quiet. He walked inside the school library room to search for a book to read. As he opened the library door and walked in there was a collection of books arranged in the shelf with a few left on a reading table with chairs inside library. Roy went close to the shelf and tried to take a book out from the shelf, as he dipped his hand to take a book out of the shelf he heard flapping sound like a bird winged about in the room and sharply turned towards the direction he heard the sound while the library door was closed. He saw nothing but the more books and the reading furniture in room. He heard the flapping sound again behind him and sharply turned and asked, ‘Who’s that?,” without noticing anyone inside the library. Again he heard the sound again and turned towards the direction of the sound. Then he saw a large booked winged about on the air. The book flopped gently and landed on one of the reading table before Roy and put back its wings and looked normal like a reading book on the table. Roy gently stepped close to the table and looked startled at the book on the table. It was made no sound anymore nor shook in any way. Gazing at the book he said to it with a little fear before touching it, “Oh! Do not hurt me; would you make me your friends?”

As he said so to the book, the book friendly opened by itself, it seemed like a signed that it wanted to show Roy something hidden in it. Roy looked into the book, on the page upon which he saw an old map .He placed his finger on the map and drew it by the curved lines to know where it laid. The book magical showed Roy’s recollection of the old as he placed and drew his finger by the line. It also showed him hidden things that may happen in the near future if he could change in the troubles in it. The book with the magical power reflections magically drew Roy, forth into a train suburb station. Roy found himself turning about no longer in the school library at the train station. He looked and walked gently at the platform. He heard a sound like a steaming train approaching with its loud horn coming towards the train station and looked steadily expectantly at the rail for the coming train. Soon a large slide big map came up by the rail instead of a real train. The large map clipped with its hinging iron roll hooked on the rail and came to a halt where Roy stood. Roy stretched his hand slide off the first map, another one showed up. He continued to slide more and more the phases of the map. The sliding map board increased in size and became like a large screen wall before Roy in front of him. There were large pictures of old scenes in black and white color and of the future in coloured by the right and of the future in coloured by the right. He looked closer at the scene and followed into the pictures in the scene. His present but could not be seen in the Lones court room. All the magical School of Lones professors with some of their good students were seated inside the court room. All well dressed. Inside the court room, the book of divert reflection was soon explained with everyone’s consent on what should be done with the book. Dr. Barlock as the head of the court within the threshold of its knowledge gazed at everyone and waited for their reply. All that he said threw greatly into the shade of the book, the other magical school professors imagination wondered with him; and made mention of a few places where the book could be kept. Professor Barlock stared, “Had you as I have done-” he said, “-really you would not be spending much.” It seemed everyone has returned back from the treachery castle as he sounded.

I ardently desire that it should be with me and not to be destroyed”, Dr. Barlock said. But rather it let them say such words of the fate of the book that it should not be left with him. That the diverts could be handled as when they felt it has been mismanaged and engaged elsewhere. The immensity of the prospect which it may illustrate seemly they said can be detained and can be improved upon, and surely nothing but the crooks among them would be found if it’s been kept hidden and properly than destroying it.

I could hardly believe so, I will seize from the course of holding the book”, exclaimed Dr. Barlock innocently as they argued about the book in the court room.

I hope all will get well with it?”Dr. Barlock said and gonged his wooden hammer and all arose to their feet in the court room. Him particularly with two other professors as Roy stood like a ghost spirit in their midst followed them unseen took over the book out of their resource to the hidden place where it would be kept.

It was announced all over the magical sphere as it was revealed in the future scene, many magicians as Roy could see in the future scene at the time who traveled on vintage heard the news about the court’s decision as they glide on, some in boats, ships, trains and some driving in their cars.

While looking and wondering on a sudden street returned at the train platform before the large map with the future and old scenes in the map. A little exulted he stretched and slides closely back by the left the old scene and slides off the phase more gently. He stopped at a phase and slide closer the old scene by the left and it slides off gently. He stopped at the phase and watched the pace and speed with which the people walked and slide a little back the screen to see more about them, of what happened in the old. He picked interest on the appeared screen that looked like an old forgotten dream with the walking people in the of the flashed back scene. Through his mind and memory within the moment of the reflection the people in the scene occupied the environment with Roy in their midst. No longer at the train station at the platform, but with the people in the black and white scene. The place became like a corridor stopped and paused with a few of the people figures as they looked in reality hanged like paused images with a remote control. They all hanged like statues but were real men and women well dressed. About 10 people at the corridor. Roy turned and looked confused at them. There were the faces of friends and unfriendly ones, many he had dreamt about before. He felt it may be right forhim to touch one of them to see what would happened. He touched one that had looked friendly before in his dream. It was Dr. Barlock’s image.As Roy touched him gently he falls back into the moments as he had been with him.

Roy and Dr. Barlock by the wood clustered with trees walked gently a little far away from the magical school guided boundaries. Dr. Barlock had been suspended from the magical school after Brenda reported him to the school authority .Dr. Barlock on his white long sleeve stocked in his trousers. In a more coherent manner, the exact circumstance as it had been before to Roy said to him by the woods, “ I was near dying with headromes with them, about the book do you know, I saw you killed the beast. “he said to Roy.

I don’t understand I killed the beast!”; Roy touched himself on his chest and asked.

Yes , do you know about your realself?,” Dr. Barlock looked frustrated asked Roy. The paths beneath them in the woods were smooth in contrast to the crunching of dead leaves and newly fallen ones. The leaves from the tree on the ground laid on forever into the woods horizon clustered with lively tall trees shades allowing a little sun light pass through the shade in the woods.

Who am I; I am Roy,” Roy replied with a poor assumption of himself.

You’ve answered well. But if that is mischief I must do; pardon me, I will take care of it later.” Dr. Barlcok said to Roy referring to the rules in the magical school that he may even be expelled the more if he told him .He asked Roy to take a more closer walk with him and he willingly followed him to some greeny grass corner. There with Dr. Barlock, Roy heard a sound of an unknown being hidden inside the green leaves, as the being peeped out its little head. It looked like a little dragon.

What is that?,” Roy afraid asked Dr. Barlock who smiled at him and bent and patted on the little being gently.

Is a little dragon; you might have forgotten they will not allow me to show them. The little dragon twist its neck gently and started at them with wondering eyes.

And his mother?,” Roy asked with pity for the little creature as he muffled with his little voice inside the green grass.

Oh! she had been captured since after his birth.,”Dr.Barlock said.

I hope he is not harmful?,’ Roy asked Dr. Barlock and he replied

He really understands.’’Dr.Barlock said like the little dragon heard them he tried to breath out fire from his mouth but puffed out a little smoke and muffled. Dr. Barlock smiled to covered him up,

He is just being friendly, he is just a little dragon you can see in the life, in the manner which he suggest;” he added and smile at the little dragon who equally stared and looked friendly at them turning his little head about looking with curious eyes at them.

I like him.,’ Roy said.

Shh! Be quit.’ Dr. Barlock heard sound of some men approaching and bent with Roy and the little dragon placing his finger by his lips ordering Roy to keep quiet.

He perceived the smell of some banters, and was sure they were searching for them beyond the magical school boundaries because of the little dragon. He swallowed his anger and asked Roy to carry the little dragon and run into the magical school boundary.

‘” Go quickly! I can’t come with you.”

Why professor?” Roy cried for him to come with him with the little dragon.

Just go, I will explain later.’ Dr. Barlcok promised and assured him. Roy carried the little dragon out of the green made for their escape. Lifting up his head he saw the Ape banters without them noticing them as they grizzly bent and pushed down some of the tress before them searching for them. Dr. Barlock bravely came out to prevent them from noticing Roy running away. He brought out his magic wand and waved it at one of the banter and it sent forth a shocking light and hit down the banter. As he lifted up his hand to wave the stick at another one, the banter rushed at him, and wildly jacked him up by the collar of his white shirt. The banter growled and dragged Dr. Barlock by his shirt and lifted him until he was dangling on the tips of his shoes. Dr. Barlock winced of the banters grip. The pain of his huge hands rippled across his face. The hairy banter threw him off and he went and crashed on the woods. Dr. Barlock fell on ground and looked weak and fainting. Roy covered his mouth with his hand within the magical boundary with the little dragon hid one side watching them. Soon the sharp wind storm of the beast was all round about them as the banters stamped their feet gyrating round Dr. Barlock who laid weak on the ground. As Roy watched and listened enthralled the sharp wind vanished with them from the bush. The storm seemed to have stopped, or perhaps they had out run at the distance Roy was with the dragon protected within the magical school boundary. He wrapped the little dragon with his hands and ran towards the school building with his school bag. At the back of the building he opened his school bag and said to the little dragon, “I doubt but this may be necessary.” He opened his school bag and put the little dragon inside his bag and zipped it. He then passed and rushed quickly to the students quarters, while others were preparing to have their meal and some preparing to sleep on their bunks.


Later in the evening, in the cottage while seated with a friend on a wooden double bunk bed with a foam mattress on it, Roy brought out the little dragon from his bag and showed him to his friend.

Please do not make me feel sorry for what Dr. Barlock has said; it was just to save him from the Ape- men.” Roy said to his friend. Just then they noticed two other students approaching with their folded pressed blankets going to their own bunks close to theirs. Roy and his friends lowered their voices and spoke quietly and pretended there was nothing with them. His friend looked at him with curious eyes that he might have done a deliberate wrong by carrying the little dragon all along and might be putting everyone into trouble.

And professor?,’ the roommate asked Roy in a lowered voice.

He took a stand at the Ape-men and said we should run away.”

Where did this happen?,” the roommate asked and Roy weakly replied,“ In the woods beyond the school boundary.”

Professor said you should come with him beyond the magical boundary, in the woods!”the roommate asked doubtedly and said to Roy, “Let me see.”, and took a look at the little dragon as it sticked out its head and winced a little and blinking his eyes inside Roy’s bag.

I wish we could keep him safe!” the room-mate said to Roy

Althesame, Professor, did not tell me everything. And you won’t believe it: the men vanished with him. They caught him as he wanted to use his wand against them. Is unbelievable what I saw.”

You are sure he won’t harm anyone?” The roommate asked afraid of the little dragon.

I don’t think he would.” Roy replied and watched the little dragon as he twist his head inside the bag looking strangely at them.

Professor told you everything and of his own dilemma, that he was not suppose to be with you beyond the school magical boundary; he didn’t tell you he was suspended this morning?,” The roommate asked Roy.

Suspended!” Roy exclaimed to hear from his room –mate why he was suspended.

He was making order of the hidden symbols. No doubt of that, but with an unknown student, how perfectly right of him. Brenda said he sensed he was showing the student the symbols, but when he entered Mr. Rotley’s office he asked the student to hide.,” the roommate told Roy. Roy of his indulgence bewilded looked at him reckoned he was the student who hid outside beside Mr. Rotley’s class room window. Dr. Barlock asked him to wait outside while searched for the book.

At the recollection of what happened in the morning Roy magically returned of the old scene and found himself with his school bag and the little dragon inside his bag at the corridor where the paused –people hanged in motion. Like before he looked at the images and now very well recognizes Professor Barlock’s image in the midst of the paused images. While the images remained as they were Professor Barlock’s image turned and took a sharp eye Roy. His image became alive to turn around in motion gradually and gently like controlled with a remote control he turned against Roy with his school bag and the little dragon and began to chase them knowing that Roy had little dragon inside his bag. Roy picked up race and ran with his bag for their lives feeling sure by Dr. Barlock’s face that he aims to kill them. He ran fast with his bag and the little dragon inside it quickly into a room by the left at the long corridor and bolted the down behind him with his eyes closed with the fear of Dr. Barlock image approaching. He back the door with his eyes closed in fear. He opened his eyes and it was apparel before the same old paused images hanging before him inside the room. Dr. Barlock’s image hanged too with them and no longer pursues him. Roy looked stranded at the images and Dr. Barlock and saw a lady among them, Miss Glenda, who had been a student in the magical school of Lones and had also been friendly. He looked frightfully and gently touched her image and magically disappeared and appeared at the magical school lawn with his school bag and the little dragon with him before the magical school building.

Everywhere looked deserted, while the students were not within, Miss Glenda and the little dragon’s mother were waiting for his return. The big dragon with Miss Glenda muffled and looked happily as they took notice of Roy returning back coming towards them with the little dragon. Roy looked incredulous than he knows, he walked up to them and gladly brought out the little dragon before his mother and Miss Glenda. They could not help feeling relieved as they saw the little dragon alive with the joy happily blinked his eyes at his mother. His mother looked happily the same at him and turned and winced like she meant for an excuse for them to permit her to take her baby to more reliable place. She took up her baby with her mouth and moved gently and wagged her long sharp tail and went up in the air. Roy held Miss Glenda warmly as he pointed up the while the dragon became out of sight. He turned and had a deep long kiss with Miss Glenda at the school field.


Dr. Spin had the honor of being admitted into another decorated sitting room in the big castle. Lambster with the utmost hidden grief of the books in the box which turned blank as he flipped through them asked him to take a seat equally sat close in front of him in another arm chair.

Do you have an idea of any word to say, Dr. Spin, I cannot be altogether disappointed? I am not at all pleased with your heartiness to be in the castle. I cannot see that your own principles has affected your students; the young fellow is happy as you can see. Happy and hearty. Don’t’ you feel to belong here, Dr. Spin?” Lambster unexpectedly asked Dr. Spin and still seemed uneasily with dislike about him in the castle. Dr. Spin’s thought which had been included in the expedition supposedly as Lambster amanuensis- he thought; really as he observed Lambster he felt he had been ill at ease.

Do they presume to think that I so far in generous-,”like he had been the real lord in the treachery castle,”-so far unkind; do the same humbly offer to you as well; if you wish.” Lambster waved open his arms for Dr. Spin answers. “Yes?’ A voice said almost immediately replying to Lambster; he stepped down the curved stair and stood at a point and looked a sharp axe hanged on the wall by the stair case. Lambster with Dr. Spin stood up from the chairs and gazed up at him, standing at middle of the stairs. It was Dr. Barlock . He looked homely and well dressed. He left the axe and stepped down more majestically and gazed at himself below the stair case.A different Dr. Barlock, well to do stared at them manly and predictably.

Enough ! ,”he ordered Lambster not to ask Dr. Spin any more. He asked Lambster to leave both of them alone in the large sitting room and Lambster bowed loyally with respect and leaves immediately from the room by his order.

Dr. Barlock.,”Dr. Spin exclaimed with surprise on seeing him as he stood before him well dressed as the Lord of the castle.

I am so presumed more absolute have lost my mind,Dr.Spin.,”he said looking at Dr.Spin, “Do I look magical to you, Dr. Spin ? I often perceived that your students have done badly in their lessons. Perceived all your nonsense.”

Dr. Spin gulped at him, “Nonsense, Dr. Barlock !,” with praise of magic.

Yes, nonsense! And don’t call me Dr. Barlcok ask in manner what is accomplished here, the rapacious, fury of people, who have their servitude, Dr. Spin-,”Dr. Barlock said and put his hand inside his coat pocket aiming at his magic stick to use at Dr. Spin thinking he would not know.

You better not, Dr. Barlock.,’ Dr. Spin boldly and instructively said to Dr. Barlock who sensed about him aiming to use the magical stick against him allowed it back in his coat pocket and said, “ Well! peace and kind; I have seen and suffered much. I am Dr. Barlock .,” as he put back the magical stick and wondered still that Dr. Spin had been a nymph for intruding into the castle.

Brave you are, a wise one professor. Traveller are not treated in the manner they want.” he said to Dr. Spin with his gaity ghastly eyes and nodded his head.

And yet it is in your power to recompense me, and deliver them from an unknown evil power in the castle;” referring to the people in castle who had turned to banters, “ which it only remains-,’ he continued, “-only remains for you to make so great, that only you and your student, but all of them, shall be swallowed up in the whirlwind of my rage.,” Dr. Barlock said forgetting that him too had been carried away into the castle by the whirlwind blow.

And in such pleasure, in the same you stated; I have come to spend with your carnival, with you school anniversaries! How come we meet again, Dr. Spin:,” he flared up at Dr. Spin,

You too must have your reward so, Dr Spin-,” he sharply brought out his magic stick from his pocket and waved it against Dr. Spin. It sent forth a shocking lightening and Dr. Spin dodged it and it hit on the walls behind him disappeared.

And you are more happy than a brother, Dr. Spin ,” Dr. Barlcok said and furiously waved again his magic stick with the shocking light at Dr. Spin while he dodges and brought out his own magic stick and spins back at Dr. Barlock.

I cannot say, Professor. I am sorry.” He waved his own magic stick back against Dr.Barlock with the shocking lightening and Dr. Barlcok bends as well and dodges his own.. Dr. Barlock spines returns back hit Dr. Spin to the ground. Dr. Barlock seeing Dr. Spin had fallen to the ground laughed,“Ho,ho!,ha, ha,ha!” like a wicked monster and walked up to weak Dr. Spin on the ground and spined again with his magic stick at him. A rope went up through his spin rounded up Dr. Spin and bond him to the ground. He laughed again, “Ho,ho! Ha, ha, ha,ha!,” very loudly raising up his two hand sideways as he laughed as Dr. Spin remained bond on the ground.


Miss Glenada and Roy watched the little dragon’s mother in continuous motion as she flopped her wings and returned back safely after putting safe her baby. She muffled gladly in the air and landed happily before Miss Glenda and Roy who had been waiting for her at the school lawn. She let them for a ride to some described hidden cave in the book Roy held in his hand as they flew together in the air. She flew while Roy pointed with Miss Glenda seated behind her at her back and directed them to the cave. They passed many mountains, woods, and sea. They were less than a mile from the cave before Roy saw it, briefly gleamed by the reflection of the sun beam on the rocky stone cave below. It was a long brown collection of rocks, with vegetation visible in the lightning flashes beneath. Roy looked more into the book and pointed to the cave and said, “That is it.,” and instructed that they should land. The dragon muffled and landed at the cave. As soon as Roy and Miss Glenda got down from the dragon’s back their wears magical changed to Royal wears. Roy found a bow in his hand with the arrows in the stealth hung at his back like a fine prince, while Miss Glenda marveled at her princess gown. The dragon too had a fine coral wad made round her neck with fine colorful bead as she muffled and waited patiently outside the cave while Roy and Miss Glenda stepped inside the cave.

They stepped inside the cave in search of another book which was said if they find will show them the secret on how to destroy the evil powers that possessed the treachery castle. The light from the daylight outside the cave as they stepped into the cave shone inside the cave. As they walked away more into cave the light began to fade, inside the cave became pitch dark, and they could not see very any more. Roy searched his waist-bag and brought out a match stick and lit the stick. As the light shone there was a bigger lit stick without light hanged by the wall close to them. Roy drew it out from the wall and lit it with the fire from his matchstick .As they looked they saw some rats scurrying out of their presence .A dead man’s skeleton lumped out with a chain seized by the wall and frightened them. Just after the skeleton before them were other many deserted human skeletons and dry bones. Bones of many people who had entered the cave and not being able to find their way out, they died.

They stepped back and forward and watched their pace, and walked on by the open spaces visible on ground. They walked over to a turn in the cave. There was a large giant spider cobweb that blocked the way with spider’s lineament. Roy stretched his right hand with his bow on his left with the fire light to uncovered the place, but as he put the fire stick to remove the cob web, the giant treacherous spider became aware of them and sparked with blue sparkling eyes and began to crawl out from the web sharply after them. Roy and Miss Glenda as the giant spider made an attack at them picked up race. They quickly ran as fast as they could with the fire lit. Roy critically turned right and left to find another way. The approaching spider stalk at them. As they ran was near charged more at them. Roy turned with a back fall shot his arrows twice at the giant spider. One of the arrows went straight into the spider’s eye. The giant spider with the shot winced and barked off, wincing and turned back from them sharply.

Roy still got up with his bow and took Miss Glenda by her hand as they subtly ran into another rout in the cave. Away from the treacherous spider they stopped and took some rest and took some deep breath and leaned more into the cave. They walked at a moderate pace passed the turns and eventually found on a side from above the rocky cave that allowed a bright ray of light into the cave on a carved rock with a large dark brown book on it.

Miss Glenda noted it may be the book they were searching for as the light ray softly filtered down on it. They gently walked close to the carved rock which had been perhaps specially designed for the book. Roy touched the book as Miss Glenda stood beside him and tried to flip open the book, but it could not open. They hung up and wondered why it should be so. As they stood around within there was nothing to convey to them in the place. Roy then took up the book and turned its back and saw a symbol like marks at the back of the book hard cover.

Roy pointed his finger at the undescribed marks and it magical changed for him to read: there is a stick to open the book beside the carved rock. Find it and place it on the book then it would open. Roy and Miss Glenda checked round the curved rock and there beside was a brown stick beside the rock. Roy took it up and placed on the book as it instructed them and the book opened by itself. They scanned through the book and at a page saw a picture of a tree said to be inside the beast inner room in the treachery castle. The book instructed them that they should search for the tree in the castle and cut it down to destroy the evil power in the castle. Roy closed the book and took it with him with the key stick and put them inside his waist bag. They headed back out from the cave. In front of the row stores, across the road from the cave some banters suddenly came out and surrounded them. Roy raised up his hands seeing they were outnumbered, about thirty of them. He surrender and quietly dropped his bow on the ground with the books in his waist bag, knowing if he tried to make any funny move that the banters may over shadow him and hurt Miss Glenda.

Miss Glenda with him did as he did and raised up her hands as the banters asked them move and took them away through another route to the beast treachery castle.


What a surprise! Roy and Miss Glenda. You kept to your promise to come to me a last; wonderful!”, Dr. Barlock said to the two as the two banters held of them from running away before him in the treachery castle. The banters brought them before Dr. Barlock in the castle.

Do you have the book; I want to see it. Do you have it?”, Dr. Barlock asked both of them as the two banters held them from running away.

We don’t have it”, Miss Glenda said knowing he had been possessed by the evil powers in the castle.

\”Oh! My good young lady, I asked my good gentle man and you have not known me lately.”, Dr. Barlock angrily but with a normal face said to Miss Glenda while Roy unnoticed beside touched her to keep quiet as the two banters held them.

Dr. Barlock stretched out his hand, “Now would you hand over the book to me. Now!”, he stretched his hand for the book which they had found in the cave. Roy gently brought it out from his bag and handed it over to him and shifted back with the two banters.

If you ever ever displease me again”, Dr. Barlock face turned into a monstrous beast with his cloth torn as he transformed into the beast with the book in his hand. His long huge hands like a gaint ugly gargoyle with long sharp finger nails.

Do whatever you can, whatever you wish to be, Proffesor! ”, Miss Glenda gypsied afraid though with respect as he had been professor Barlock said to the beast as he turned his back at them groaning and taking a look at the book like a precious book found in his hand.

He turned at Miss Glenda’s murmuring at him and roared at them and turned again sharply with interest looking at the book in his hand with his back at them.

He said in a low bass voice to them,. “You conform to your own lessons and perform new exploits with my senses!”, he said as he tried to open the book and it could not. He sharply turned at them and groaned with a loud voice and angrily flinged the book away and grievously stamped and matched back to Roy and Miss Glenda as the two banters caught hold of them. Closer to them lowered his voice with a most innocent face staring at their faces then suddenly turned away his face sharply with a bark with a loud groan he beat his chest and turned again unassured without faith in Roy and Miss Glenda he ordered in a loud angry voice to the two banters, “Put them in the cage.”, and in sorrows and turned with pain in his heart and ran like a giant gorilla up the curved stair case into his inner room where the tree shown in book Roy found in the cave was pitched. Inside the room the beast draws his cheek with his sharp nails.

You are surprise to me.”, with a bass gentle voice, “You hinder me with their prodigious steps.”, he spoke to another book he had found, “You’re very, very kind to me!”, he continued with the book and seems cordially with it in sorrow. But again changes wickedly, “You are going to roast in my hand.”, he makes to desert the book but Lambster enters in.

Yes, my Lord:”, Lambaster interposed him with a soft encouraging voice, “: the books may be useful. Perhaps we should not be discarding them.”,Lambster glanced with doubt and fear in his mind and tried to interfere with his mind of the books, but seems obstinate to the beast as an adviser that everything may turn out worst if he keeps destroying the books they found.

Oh! No, not at all,my friend; not exactly as you think.”, the beast said and turned at Lambster returning a little to his conscience. Every story he heard about the book in the past seem to torment him his mind.

I remember-”, said the beast to Lambster, “-the first time, the consideration as it seems the little thoughtful as it seems! I am more now than ever a beast. Well we have only to ask them to dine with us.”he said,

And you have not changed, Lambster?”,

The beast asked Lambster with a fault of standing before him as a human while him remained as the beast.

For your own reward, my lord”, he bows loyally to the beast.

The beast countenance returned back to his normal human form as Dr. Barlock, he transformed back into a human on fine suit. Lambster still bows to him with respect and fear and tries to apologies and bows loyally to him. However, when he heard from Lambster that the big dragon cannot be found any longer, he turned angrily at Lambster as if like a beast to devour him since he had been a supervisor in the castle.

Oh! Don’t even say it; don’t say again!”, Dr. Barlock cried out and turned towards Lambster approaching gently and bending his head both side mournfully and doubtful about the dragon that has escaped. He stared at Lambster,

You let her escape?”, he opened wide his eyes and asked Lambster though in the voice as the beast though a human being, being possessed by the evil powers.

If you will pardon me, my Lord, She-”, but Dr. Barlock interposed him.

She what!”

-she was released”, Lambster begged and appealed to him, “by your orders, my Lord; she was released to be fed in the field. You didn’t say we should bond her”, Lambster tried to remind him truly, “She had the four banters caught with her with the chain on her neck and feet; she cut loss of them and-” he wanted to say but Dr. Barlock possessed cut him short.

And she what? Flew away, Lambster!”, Dr. ,Barlock angrily asked him,

Do you have any idea of what that means, now she has gone?”, Dr. Barlock asked.

Sorry! My lord”, Lambster knelt down and pleaded.

Well, you have done well! At last you are asking for your reward; with a full understanding under my care to be effective without doing your work as you ought to. It amazes me, my friend, how much you could gaze: she perhaps might have blown them into the coal ash!”, very very annoyed with Lambster.

“”You noticed that too and wish the same to happen again?”.

No, my Lord.” Lambster replied and pleaded, “I-“, but Dr. Barlock interposed.

Yes, you would say that to have a say; in a sense she had given to you who will not become a banter nor a beast.”, Dr. Barlock being possessed said to Lambster with a hot angry hurting red eyes. He charmed Lambster and he screams as a human and transforms with headache pressing his two ears with his hands and changed into banter.

Now leave from my presence;” Dr. Barlock said to Lambster now a banter after he transformed by his spell. Lambster as a banter looks happily examining his hairy banter skin, and likes himself as banter and happily leaves examining his body as he moves away from Dr. Barlock’s presence.


What could I have done with him? I am not of the opinion that they should remain as they are, though they are no longer humans we must try and find a way to get out of this place.”, Dr. Spin said while together with Roy and Miss Grenda in an iron cage the banters put them in.

If he must treat us so then I will never forgive him”, Roy said about Dr. Barlock.

If he has done a despicable thing, I will never forgive him for it. It is not him”. Dr. Spin said amicably about Dr. Barlock.

But he have not stayed for so long in the castle; how come everyone obeys him?”, Miss Glenda worried with them in the cage asked.

Is one thing which I cannot bear to think about. Well, I think is not him.”, Dr. Spin repeated with them in the iron cage holding the iron bars with his two hands looking if someone would come across and help them out from the cage.

A banter came passing by the cage in the open passage and could hear them perhaps by the help of an invincible magical power that guides Dr. Spin and his folks. Only lucas, the always dressed poetic banter could speak well and understands a man’s language. However, the one passing cautiously heard them.

Hey! Banter”, Dr. Spin called the banter and he turned at them in the cage and said reluctantly to them, “I have heard your murmuring. I am not of your opinion.”

We will make you a noble creature if you can help us out of the cage.”, Dr.Spin said inside the cage and pleaded as the banter stood a little distance away from them outside the cave. The banter replied, “You need my help and you call me banter, good one!”

Then what is your name, please tell us. Don’t be offended?” Dr. Spin apologized and asked him.

My master if I tell you, will not find it funny with me.”, the banter replied.

That’s very kind of you.”, Dr. Spin tries to make him stay and reassures him, “We will make you our friend, why not help us before he turns us all into banters. Please help us out of the cage!”,Dr. Spin pleaded. The banter mindfully replied to him outside the cage, “Help him open the books or become the banters like us.”

But you said we should not call you a fairy banter!”, Dr. Spin beckoned to him.

I am sorry I can’t help you.”, the banter said and went his way.

Luckily for them Lucas, the poetic banter on his black tail coat with a white shirt inside came across them. He looked anxious with a large poetic book he was holding passing by the cage.

Lucas!” Dr. Spin called him, and he turned with a sad face and mopped at them and said, “Yes! What is it?” with the big book he was holding in his hand, “Yes have we met before?” He comes a little closer to them outside the cage.

Yes, you are poetic Lucas, the great one.”, Dr. Spin hopefully cheered him up a little.

Then I will wait and hear what you have to say.”

I know you are very intelligent and wise Lucas. I can help share your poetic works to my students, if possible, help employ you to teach in our school. If you can help get us out of the cage?”Dr. Spin pleaded while Roy and Miss Glenda nodded their heads in agreement with him. Lucas came a little closer standing outside the cage. He was determined not to get too excited about what Dr. Spin said still his heart wouldn’t stop wondering as he touched his forehead with his right hand and wondered a while with the book in his right hand.

All right, if you say so.”, Lucas doubts Dr. Spin a little and asked him, “Would it do any good having an ugly banter in the class with your students, I am just wondering?.”

That exactly as I have said and would even help you return back to a human; if you have been.”, Dr. Spin promises him, “If you can help bring the key and let us out from the cage we shall in turn make you our friend and help you with all I have promised”.

Better be true, Dr. Spin, or tomorrow we shall see how true we shall become. I will help get the keys and will hold on to your word.”, he moves away to get the keys.

Wondering about the promises Dr. Spin have made to Lucas, Roy cautiously asked Dr. Spin, “He’s right, now you have given your word can we really help them return back to a humans?”. And Dr. Spin replied, “Well, very probably, well beyond your imagination.” His magical skills were such as he had been a professor that he could promise them so having the hope to set them all free at last.

Lucas soon returned back with the bunch of keys. However he got it, they looked happily and surprised at him as he opened the iron cage to let them out.

He friendly opened the iron cage door and asked them to keep quiet for them to figure out a way of escape. However, Dr. Spin remembered Brenda and reminded them of him.

He is not himself. We must try and help him. They may not be keeping them for nothing.” They had identified him, and he had expected that they would before he became hypnotized. All they had was the vadecum books with the diverts and the description of the tree in the castle to cut it down and there were more outnumbered banters still working by the influence of the evil spell in the castle.

Lucas was about to say that they should go immediately and that he would go along with them with great readiness, when they turned back, they caught sight with another banter, who had got behind them through the door by the right before the cage. The banter looked shocked at them with a furious mind. He took hint that Lucas was in support of the men, Dr. Spin, Roy and Miss Glenda, and had been too impressed with them and wanted to escape with them. Wondering at the growling banter looking at them, Dr. Spin asked Lucas to see if he could talk to the angry banter looking at them before he over reacts.

Why not see if you can talk to him and tell him about what we have agreed on?”, Dr.Spin said to Lucas while the banter growled afar hoping to charge at them. Lucas agreed and moved down quickly to the growling banter. Both him and the fellow banter growled not speaking the language of men. Only Lucas spoke and understood the human language. They growled in such a way as they understand between themselves. It was as a relationship between two chattering growling monkeys wholly deaf to the language which others spoke. Lucas growled as if telling the fellow banter to stop doubting him that the men could be of help to them and could help them change back to humans.

As the banter who had never once spoken the men’s language agreed to join them their growling between him and Lucas softly changed and could be heard in man’s language. Lucas with the fellow considered as Dr. Spin, Roy and Miss Glenda nodded their heads at them as they discussed. The banter decided to join them, however, Dr. Spin pleaded that they must go back in search of Brenda in the castle. When there was no other place to find him they must go back into the castle to search for him.

The banter who joined them with Lucas told them he had always seen Dr. Barlock inside his inner room after the curved stair case going inside the tree pitched in his room, instead of seeking for a bed whenever he wants to rest. He said Dr.Barlock rests in the tree every night and comes out from the tree before getting properly dressed. The banter said perhaps if they should cut the tree down, perhaps Dr. Barlock will be set free from the evil spell on him, and perhaps every other person will recollect where they were.

As they talked about what to do a door by the left behind them creaked with a scary sound and they all frightfully turned towards the creaking door as it gently opened by itself. Dr. Spin well familiar with the signs of the dexterity asked Lucas and the other banter to help summon all the other banters in the castle and tell them secretly of their plan, to help return them back to their usually selves.

Lucas and the other banter went through the right door, while Dr. Spin, Roy and Miss Glenda walked through the open door that creaked behind them hardly knowing where it laid.


Lucas raised about the sudden awareness about their being and the increasing perilous situation that held them captives in the castle as early primates gathered together more growling banters, who agreed with their plan to work against Dr. Barlock. They gathered at the sitting room before the curved stair case leading to Dr. Barlock’s inner room where the evil tree was pitched. They groan and scattered things in the sitting room and removed some of Dr. Barlock’s portrait on the wall. They growled not extending into the inner room and hoped Dr. Barlock would come out at their groaning. Dr. Barlock heard them growl and came out of the inner room and stood at the upper corridor and was shocked at their growling at him. He didn’t know why; he placed his hand on the wooden garage above the curve stair case by the left at the corridor and was not at all impressed at them. A wicked grin spread over his face. He gave them gave them a wicked smile and opened wide his arms as a two growled more fiercely and charged more at him that they may attack him if he does not have a say about them. Dr. Barlock grinced as he imagined what he may do to them as he gently climbed down the rugged wooden stairs, some of the banters knowing how powerful he was looked a little afraid and shifted back as he walked down the stairs. Dr. Barlock below the staircase seemed really shocked at them and was vexed in spirit. A thundering headache was gathering behind his eyes, but oddly, distantly, a little away from the banters he sharply brought out his stick and waved it upon the wave and air covering the whole sitting room. His magic stick sent forth a shocking sparkling covering above all the banters heads and shocked them for a while. After the shocking, they all became hypnotized again and all bowed loyally to Dr. Barlock standing majestically before them.

It is, it seems, someone had reported them about his rule in the castle. Dr. Barlock walked gently and passed the banters like he had forgotten himself and was confused by the dietary of the unknown persons opinion. He saw with his evil sensual powers through his mind into the present from his magical frame that it had been Dr. Spin with his folks making for an escape out of the castle with the banters. Immediately provoked, he shrieked and moaned very loudly after Dr. Spin and his folks and transformed and changed into the very wild destructive beast in the castle. He winced and groaned with a loud angry voice and rushed after them with the madden senses as he moves faster, he hits off objects blocking his way while the banter growled and joined behind him against Dr. Spin, Roy, Miss Glenda and Brenda. A long fast race after them, they were getting close following the rout through the giant beast’s mind.

Roy, Miss Glenda and Brenda had climbed down a long ladder by the wall outside the castle. It was remaining Dr. Spin to get down the ladder. He was at middle of the ladder getting down, the beast and the banters furiously bursted the castle heightened door and came outside the castle. Dr. Spin at the sound of the door burst and scattered pieces fell off from the ladder and landed with his back and leaned back fast with fear towards Roy, Miss Glenda and Brenda, who were also frightened waiting for him. As they claps by each other’s back afraid, the beast rushed at them and came to halt and wickedly with burning eyes smelt their bodies and growled as he winced in sorrows and in pains walking round them.

Dr. Spin tried to bring out his magic stick with a shaky hand and it fell off his hand and fell on the ground. Miss Glenda closed her eyes and shivered with them as they sticked close to each other. For a second or two they heard a wailing sound and turned, afraid to see what it was in the air, and with speed comes the big dragon against the beast. She hit off the giant beast and both of them crashed to the ground into a deadly fight. The beast brushed the dragon with his sharp deadly claws and she winced and attacked him back with sharp speedy weighty bites on his back. The beast hit her off and she returns sharply with speed.

As they fight, Roy quickly opened the vadecum book which they found at the cave for help seeing that the beast was proving to be stronger and may kill the dragon. Dr. Spin glanced into the book with him and saw the picture of the fight between the beast and the dragon where they were engaged in a deadly fight. The book instructed them to search for the tree inside the castle and cut it down to destroy the evil powers and the spell in the castle. Roy closed the book but the banters in their numbers rushed after them. Miss Glenda turned bravely at the banters brought a magic powder in her small purse tied by her princess gown. She quickly poured the powder into her hand and spread into the air before the fast approaching banters and the falling powder made a magical cricking sound and made a blue transparent wedge against the approaching banters that were almost close to them. The banter fiercely growled and hit the gloomy transparent blue wedge and it stocked their hands and shocked them back. They growled with a fierce angry loud voice behind the blue frame that it was not over yet.

While the beast and the dragon engaged in the battle, Dr. Spin, Roy, Miss Grenda and Brenda rushed quickly into the castle and as they climbed up the rugged curved stair case that laid to the beast inner room where the evil tree was pitched, Dr. Spin saw a sharp iron axe with a wooden handle hung by the wall by the staircase going up close to the inner room. He took out the axe from the wall and hurried with it up into the beast inner room with Roy, Miss Grenda and Brenda. There they found the tree and quickly began to cut its trunk. Dr. Spin with all his strength cuts the tree than the hit and attack from the dragon, who now laid fainting waiting for the beast final attack on her outside the castle, the beast suddenly realized his face and body was burning and piling with the cuts by Dr. Spin at the tree inside the castle. The cuts on the tree weakened his powers and strength and lifted him up and hit him on the ground outside the castle.

He unconsciously raised and twisted his body of the sharp cuts. In all the splendid cut on the tree, he growled and fell down dead on the ground. A light illumed through his body and absorbed within him as laid dead on the ground. He changed to Dr. Barlock naked without cloths on the ground. He sneezed and then gently rose up surprisingly finding himself naked He covered his nakedness with his hands front and back before made Dr. Spin and his folks and made them laugh. He was quite portly from the big dragon that laid weakly on the ground. Roy ran to her as she winced and warmly bent and patted her close by her eye lids. She regained a little of Roy’s comfort and rose up gently to her feet and shaked her body proving a little strong, she wagged gently her long sharp tail. Roy warmly stocked close to her. Just then a jiggling tiny magical sparkling showered on Dr. Barlock and let him on new wears, on fine tail coat. Happily he smiled like old innocent Dr. Barlock before he was suspended from the magical school of Lones. He sighed a little, why it took them so much time to come for their rescue. He was already glad and happy to be alive at the thought of his return. The murky lowered dark sky, which had made the whole place look scary now changed and looked lively with the people running and rejoicing to meet their loved ones outside and inside the castle. The evil spell was soon over.

Dr. Barlock regained his composure, which seemed to have been somewhat impaired the night before. He was eager to be gone with Dr. Spin and his folks as they looked forward to a lively life time. They all seemed strikingly homely, in the evening light before the castle. Someone flashed a bright torch light on Brenda’s face outside the castle as everyone was rejoicing.

He smiled a bit and covered his face with his hand of the bright light flash and could not see clearly who was flashing the torch light on his face. The brightness on his face reduced and he removed his hands on his face and found himself before the rock music band group inside the Lones court room preparing to play with their guitar and band. The camera men snapped them some shot while he filming man with his two black stand filming umbrella was waiting for them to start. Notably and recognized among the group of three, Brenda making them four, gently crossed over and took up his electric guitar and crossed the belt over his shoulders. They softly began to play their rock music sounds with the drum beats and guitar sounds, while the Lones outside the court house frontage, the one by the right hand side who looks mean and instructive, the one at the second floor at the middle of the frontage with a bubble stick who keeps blowing out light bubbles into the air bent as he had being, and the other by the left at the third floor frontage who keeps insatiating gently with little particles of his gently breaking head parting going up gently into the sky, all remained as they have been as the rock music being played by the music band inside the court room was being heard coming out of the wide empty white passage in the court house, and also being heard outside the court house within the fenced white building as the great Lones remained as they were. The rock song continues with the steady mount of the images in front of the court house without much of the loitering people outside the building but with a few magicians passing and talking as the rock song keeps playing.

I am a Nigerian citizen.I am a Christian by religion.I am a graduate of Abia State Polytechnic Aba in Abia State Nigeria. I am a poet and folklorist.

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